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Update: March 2023

Choosing the Right MBP Balancing Solutions

The articles, suggestions and personal stories from customers you'll find in the links below will help to broaden your understanding and get even more benefit from the MBP Balancing Solutions.

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MBP Solutions

The Basics

These Solutions are often the starting point for folks just learning about Perelandra products.

There's no learning curve, you just take the correct number of drops once daily for maintenance, or twice daily for building and strengthening a weakened or susceptible body system.

What is unique about these strengthening Solutions is that they address the microbes that are essential to the health of each body system as well as the organs, parts and pieces of that system. And they repair and support the overall balance of each particular system so it can better function as designed.

The MBP Balancing Solutions are safe and natural. They may be taken by adults, pregnant women, children and animals. One 2-oz. bottle when taken twice daily lasts one person around 2.5 to 4.5 months. (An 8-oz. refill bottle can last 8-16 months!)

When considering which Solutions are right for you, we recommend starting with both the Immune and Lymphatic Solutions or the Most Important Daily Solutions. Then, broaden your support by considering these three things:

1. Pay particular attention to the body systems that tend to be weaker for you. When you get sick, "catch something" or get rundown, where do you feel it first? What parts of your body are involved? Shore up those body systems first. (If you know the organ or area, but have no idea which body system that organ belongs to, here's a great resource. Sometimes systems overlap, so it's good to check even if you think you know.)

2. Next, think about the issues that "run in your family" and where you may be genetically disposed to weakness. You want to shore up these systems as well.

3. If you have a certain issue in mind and want to hold your own as best you can in light of exposure or already experiencing an illness, condition or issue, choose the MBP Balancing Solutions that address body systems known to be affected by that illness.


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Why consistency matters.

Like all of the Perelandra Solutions, the balancing patterns in each MBP Solution has a tonic effect that builds over time. Taking them every day builds up and strengthens your circuits, and helps those circuits to be more resilient over time. The longer and more consistently you maintain that support, the stronger your body systems will be.



Would you like to learn more?

For examples of when specific MBP and other Perelandra Solutions may be helpful to you, explore our Perelandra Spotlight articles.

What they are and detailed instructions on how to use them: MBP Balancing Solutions Brochure




There are very few places in nature where one can find populations as diverse and numerous as ones found in the human body. It is estimated that the number of microbes that colonize the body exceeds the number of cells in the body by tenfold to one-hundredfold.

— Blakeslee, From Birth, The New York Times 1996


MBP Workshop Intro CD

Listen and Learn

For an engaging and eye-opening introduction into the world of microbes, listen to Machaelle's introduction to the Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program. The audio recording is available as a free download here.

You will better understand why it's so important to support the microbes integral to each body system.

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Half-oz Cardiovascular Gift

A Tip About Cardiovascular Support

In addition to the Important Daily Solutions recommended for everyone in light of microbial activity these last three years — the cardiovascular system is the next most vital body system in need of daily support at this time. It's important not to overlook the MBP Cardiovascular Solution even if your cardiovascular system wasn't an area of concern for you prior to 2020.