Processes & Nature
Energy Processes: A Cleaning Service for Professionals

What did I do before Perelandra? The processes and essences have become a way of life for me. Gratitude is simply too lean a word. I am deeply grateful for the service you provide to humanity. I am excited and eager to report some of my experiences with making the invisible world visible through MAP, the energy processes and the flower essences.

About a year ago, a friend asked me to join her on a visit to her chiropractor who lives in another state. It "felt" important and so I went. During my friend's session, which I was invited to sit in on, the chiropractor, who practices kinesiology, reported some negative energies she had been unable to get rid of. Bingo! I knew why I had come. I offered to cleanse her office using the Perelandra processes. My offer was readily accepted.

After the first cleansing which called for Energy Cleansing, the Battle Energy Release, and Soil Balancing, the chiropractor reported an immediate openness and airiness. And her receptionist quit the very next day! This was an initial shock, but ultimately necessary and positive. Patients have since reported not caring for the former receptionist. The new one is an asset and in harmony with the practice.

C. H., California