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Climate Change Balancer
for Humans and Animals
by Machaelle Wright

Climate Change Balancer is a super Solution for all adults, children and animals. It addresses the daily impact and challenges caused by climate change, globally and locally, on our physical, emotional, mental and soul [PEMS] levels. This Balancer has been created especially for these times.

Every day, directly or indirectly, we are faced with environmental damage, deterioration and destruction. Life as we once knew it is disappearing and we are now tasked with the job of facing a new norm and rebuilding our lives to reflect this new norm. What used to be once in a lifetime events now occur frequently.

  • Massive heat domes causing sustained record-breaking high temperatures
  • Cold blasts causing blizzards and record low temperatures
  • Changing jet streams that bring us unusual damaging weather patterns
  • Fast-warming oceans and melting ice caps
  • Exceptionally strong hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes
  • Unrelenting droughts, wildfires and unhealthy levels of smoke
  • High levels of air pollution resulting in respiratory illness and allergies
  • Water shortage issues
  • Floods
  • Agricultural disruptions causing food shortages
  • Loss of property, land, viable soil and livestock
  • Sudden breakouts of old diseases that were once eradicated
  • Sudden breakouts of new diseases
  • Work or home issues requiring fast drastic adjustments
  • Financial issues and instability
  • Construction, farm work and other outdoor work during extreme weather conditions
  • Daily news coverage of the latest global environmental disasters
  • Personal issues: depression, lack of sleep, lack of energy, apathy, chronic sadness, lack of patience, anger . . . all resulting from the pressures of living with climate change


This Balancer is an oral solution containing 85 electric patterns that have been carefully combined to create one, new, wide-ranging pattern and super Solution. It strengthens, supports and stabilizes us as we face the fast-developing global challenges brought on by climate change. With this Balancer we are better able to implement the adjustments required as we build new lives that reflect the new times. In short, Climate Change Balancer provides the help we need to remain functional and move forward on all PEMS levels as we confront and navigate our way through this new era.


Using this super Solution is also super easy.

For best results, take 12 drops of Climate Change Balancer one time daily in the morning. During a crisis: When directly dealing with a crisis that is the result of climate change, take 12 drops twice daily (morning and evening) throughout the entire time of the crisis. Once you feel you have moved through that crisis, you may resume the one time daily morning dosage.

Children up to age 12 take 6 drops once daily in the morning. During a climate crisis: Take 6 drops twice daily (morning and evening). When the crisis has passed, resume just the once daily dosage.

Your animals need help to move through climate crises with you. While you are taking the twice daily crisis dosage: Give your animal(s) 6 drops orally, twice daily. After you are through the crisis and have returned to your regular once daily dosage, you can stop giving this Balancer to your animals—until the next crisis. As you take the normal daily Balancer for yourself, your animals will automatically pick up on and benefit from your supported and stabilized mind and body.

Dosage news many of you will be delighted to learn: Including your daily Climate Crisis Balancer doses into your already established routine will be a breeze. You won't need a stopwatch or a timer. All you need to do is not eat, drink or have anything in your mouth for a minute before and a minute after taking these drops.

Important Tip
Place a few bottles of Climate Change Balancer in your emergency go bag in case you experience a disaster or crisis and have to evacuate.

Bottle Sizes

Dram (1/8-oz.) = appr. 75 drops

1/2-oz. = approx. 300 drops

2-oz. = approx. 1200 drops

Perelandra Essences

    • A dram essences set usually lasts one person about one year.

    • A 1/2-oz. essences set often lasts many years (see notes about droppers below).

  • You may go through a few essences more quickly and can order 1/2-oz. individual replacement essences that will refill your dram bottle 4 times.


Perelandra Solutions

    • A 2-oz. MBP Balancing Solution lasts about 3 to 6 months (1/2-oz. about 3 to 6 weeks), depending on if you're taking the Solutions once or twice daily.

    • A 2-oz. Virus or Bacteria Solution is 10 drops per dose and lasts about 2 to 4 months (1/2-oz. about 2 to 4 weeks) depending on if you're taking the Solution once or twice daily.

    • A 2-oz. bottle of Natural Aging should last one person about 3 months.

  • A 2-oz. bottle of any of the other Perelandra Solutions usually last about 1 to 3 months.

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Preservative Options
If you are sensitive to brandy, you may order your essences, ETS Plus or MBP Solutions preserved in distilled white vinegar. The prices are the same.

Whether preserved in brandy or distilled white vinegar, the essences and Solutions are equally as potent and effective.

Essences and Solutions preserved in vinegar will freeze if left long enough in frigid temperatures. If frozen, they lose 20% of their efficacy and should be replaced.

† † †

Essences & Solutions Guarantee
The Perelandra Essences, MBP Solutions, Essence of Perelandra, Natural Aging and ETS Plus are natural and will not interfere with any medications you may be taking. However, they are not a substitute for needed medical care.

We guarantee the integrity and potency of the Perelandra Essences and Perelandra Solutions. They have an indefinite shelf-life and we preserve them in a brandy or vinegar base to ensure that shelf-life. Sometimes, after a period of time, the rubber bulb on the dropper may show signs of deterioration — softening, collapsing, cracking. When this occurs, we recommend you replace your droppers. To facilitate this, we offer packages of replacement droppers. Of course, we can't guarantee against mishaps that occur due to "user carelessness," such as replacing a dropper before washing it off after it has touched your mouth or having several bottles open at one time and forgetting which dropper went into which bottle. But we certainly back the integrity of the essences in the areas that we here at Perelandra can control.

SUGGESTION: We recommend storing your sets of essences with the bottles standing upright. This keeps the essence from coming in contact with the rubber dropper bulb and eliminates the rubber taste the essences can get over time. For convenient, easy essences testing and upright storage, use our new Essences Testing Box for dram-size (1/8-oz.) essences.


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