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April 21, 2023



Have A
Earth Day

Saturday, April 22

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Build on the momentum and can-do attitude generated by Earth Day events around the world. And for more meaning and impact, take action with the support and input from your nature partner. We have oodles of ideas for you.


Do the Simplified Energy Cleansing Process for your office/home/land.

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Get ready to do the EoP Biodiversity Process on May 1st. You don't have to own land to do this! If you rent a room, you can do the process for your room. If you live in a caravan/RV, you can do the process for your camper and the site you're renting to park it. If you live in an apartment on the 8th floor, you can do this process for your apartment. Wherever you are, support biodiversity with us.

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Help a friend get ready to do the EoP Biodiversity Process for their home/land on the 1st of every month too.

With ETS for Soil, do the Nature Shift for Soil Balancing for your home and land.

Strengthen the overall balance and well-being of your home environment anytime with EoP for your home.

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Plant something with nature's help. Start by taking nature with you when you go to the nursery or go online to choose the plant(s).

Then take care of that plant with nature's help by continuing your new gut garden.

Or dive into The Perelandra Garden Workbook and take advantage of added help and tips by following along with our Gardening Series.

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Follow environmental and climate legislation in the U.S. Congress and share your support or opposition with one click at IssueVoter.org. Then write a personal email or letter to your representative and senators to voice your wishes for environmental protections and climate action. Strengthen your commitment to the issue with EoP to support your action. Take EoP orally for your personal follow-through.

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Dust off your Microbial Balancing Program Manual and do Phase 1 Testing for Environments for the microbes in your pond or on your land.

Follow it up with MBP Phase 1 Testing for general balancing of your microbes in your body!

Or do PIC List Testing for Environments to raise the level of balance and stability for land areas such as your yard, garden and fields.

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Select one idea from our Environment Series and run with it. There's a lot to choose from! Support your goal using ETS for Soil-less Gardens, ETS for Soil and/or EoP.

Plan a neighborhood clean-up event with nature or help your child's or grandchild's teacher or school with an Earth Day inspired activity. Support your event using ETS for Soil-less Gardens, ETS for Soil and/or EoP.

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Do the Gardener's Calibration Process from The Perelandra Garden Workbook (Chapter 19). Ask nature to help you take the next step in your partnership and expand your co-creative efforts on your land or in your garden. Or ask nature to help you overcome roadblocks you may be experiencing in your work together.

Or start simply by taking a focused dose of EoP to help you with your goals or roadblocks.

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