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I am a 39-year-old woman who discovered co-creative science a year ago. I was a "life scientist" thanks to never having been indoctrinated into any formal religion or philosophy, and when asked, usually replied "animist." The day after my 38th birthday I was laid off (hooray!) while enrolled in graduate studies. I decided to stay unemployed and go searching for answers.

The MAP book was my introduction to Machaelle Small Wright's pioneering work. The instant results (easily went off daily dosage of synthroid for hypothyroidism) spurred me to purchase all of her books, essences, etc.

My first learning hurdle was realizing that kinesiology actually has a kind of third answer, "no comment." At first I took this response for an active no, which led to some interesting wrong turns! I receive "no comment" when my questions are unclear, from asking the wrong deva, or asking about something that is my part of the partnership. I learned to check my "no" with "was that a 'no' (test) or 'no comment'? (test)." I also learned that sometimes "yes" to questions regarding "how much" can go on and on forever, usually because I did not supply enough information.

Wanting to achieve a high accuracy rate so I could begin working on the issues that were most important to me, I became a kinesiology addict. Most false answers were due to not waiting long enough before testing and most confusion from using the word "not" or "just." I learned to make simple declarative statements and ask, "is that correct?" I also asked my MAP team to clear up my kinesiology. They blitzed out my left arm for a few minutes; after, it was like getting a clutch adjusted — the responses were locked in. Rather than simply doing MAP sessions, I did the Organizing Process Chart and wrote a DDP for my life that included "radiant health." What I liked best about the OPC was learning about integration periods and knowing that a symptom was "clear." This taught me that although I may experience a symptom, it's simply part of the healing process, which takes as long as it takes.

I'd list 10 to 20 symptoms, plus factors X and Y, and be directed as to which symptoms went on which charts, tracking as many as nine charts. My "other" list was extensive, but even so, I'd get "other" again! One time I was told to drink a lot of water, another, to take a hot bath and get under the covers to stay warm for a couple hours. Since these recommendations were for "factor X" symptoms I still don't know why I was told to do them. I was just relieved that it took me much fewer than 20 questions to figure out what I was supposed to do.

I have also joined the Co-Creative Message Board on Yahoo and received much inspiration and support.* So the adventure is just beginning. I know now I have the tools to accomplish the expansion for which I feel I am ready. Thank you, Machaelle, Clarence and everyone at Perelandra for exponentially shortening the way to my goals and achievements!

Shelly DeLange


* Editor's Note: The Yahoo Co-Creative E-group is a result of independent networking and is not organized, monitored or endorsed by Perelandra.

As this article was submitted to our Voices Newsletter in 2003, this Message Board may or may not still be in use.