Soil-less Gardens

I have been using MAP since August. It has been alternately frustrating and exhilarating. I have resisted buying any essences for economic reasons, but this past week I got over my block and decided to take advantage of your generous October web discount.

I have finished MAP, Behaving, (and have begun reading) Flower Essences and Co-Creative Science. I usually read just before I go to bed, so that I can feel warm fuzzies with nature, my MAP team and the devas of just about everything. Last night, since I was at the end of Behaving, I read about working with the devas of objects.

Tonight, when I got home from chauffeuring my daughter to a play rehearsal, my son had gotten our computer frozen. It doesn't have a lot of memory left, and he left the Internet on while typing an essay.

He was quite upset because he had a lot of homework and didn't want to retype his work.

I thought to myself . . . What if I just connected with the overlighting deva of this computer and asked it for assistance? After all, this is a state of imbalance — so I did. I got quiet and asked to be connected with just that being. I asked very respectfully if we could do anything to save the document even though the computer was frozen. Nothing happened, everything remained frozen, but I didn't ask to be disconnected. I just quietly shut off the computer. I figured that was that.

In my most recent MAP sessions, I had been complaining that I felt like a crazy woman talking to the walls and that I needed some dramatic proof of the presence of everyone, but nothing much happened. So, with respect but no real hope, I turned the computer back on. Under typical circumstances, the computer would say, "Because the computer was not shut down properly, any unsaved files will be deleted." Then it would scan the C drive. To my astonishment, the computer turned on, went straight to the regular wallpaper, and in a flash was warmed up. No warning about anything lost — just a happy machine asking what I wanted. So, I clicked on the Word icon In another flash, it brought up these words: "Recovered Document." There in front of my eyes was my son's unsaved document. Nobody had hit "save" since the computer had been frozen. There was no way this could have happened without the intervention of a Deva!

It was just too cool! Now, maybe I can even get to the point where my kinesiology will work! Thanks so much for adding this to my journey.

— G.A., New Jersey