Teaching Perelandra Information

If you wish to share information about Machaelle Small Wright, Perelandra, or any of the Perelandra processes in a public forum such as workshops and seminars, please contact us for guidelines.

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Copyrights and Permissions

All information published by Machaelle Small Wright and Perelandra, Ltd. is protected by copyright, including our website, all printed materials, videotapes and audiotapes. If you wish to copy, reprint, or translate any of our material, please send your request for permission to:

Permissions Dept.
Perelandra, Ltd.
P.O. Box 3603
Warrenton, VA 20188

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"Perelandra Workshops"

Perelandra is not affiliated with and does not endorse any classes, workshops or seminars other than those taught by Machaelle Small Wright. Workshops taught by Machaelle are available on Perelandra videos and audiotapes.

We frequently hear from customers who have heard about Perelandra through workshops and seminars given around the world. We sincerely appreciate all of the effort that our customers put into spreading the word about Machaelle's work, Perelandra, co-creative science, and the Perelandra processes. However, periodically there is some confusion about the affiliation between Perelandra/Machaelle Wright and those who have chosen to teach workshops about Perelandra information.

If you ever have questions about Perelandra information you have received from others, please contact us. We will be happy to refer you to the original information and answer any questions or concerns.

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"MAP Workshops" and MAP Practitioners?

Perelandra does not endorse or approve any MAP workshops, other than those given by Machaelle Small Wright. And, MAP does not require or involve a third party or practitioner. MAP is a personal health program for individuals. It is easy to learn on your own and requires only the book, MAP, by Machaelle Small Wright. If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

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An Important Announcement - 1998 (updated 2003)

In 1998, it was brought to our attention that Perelandra processes were reprinted and distributed without our knowledge or permission by workshop presenter, Christan Hummel and her business, Earth Transitions. In the material distributed at that time, the following Perelandra processes (in the Perelandra Garden Workbook II) were revised by Ms. Hummel: Geopathic Zone Balancing Process, Energy Cleansing Process, Battle Energy Release Process, Soil Balancing and Stabilizing Process, and Atmospheric Balancing Process. This Perelandra material was reprinted illegally and was in violation of international copyright law. The revisions made to the Perelandra processes changed the processes in a manner that is not supported by our research.

At that time, Machaelle Wright and Perelandra were mentioned by Christan Hummel in workshops, videotapes of workshops, articles, in written materials and on her web site. Because many of our customers are aware of this and continue to ask us about our relationship to this work, we feel it is important to let you know: We do not endorse, support, approve of, or associate ourselves with the work and teachings of Christan Hummel, Ann Meril, or Earth Transitions. They are acting independently of Perelandra.

If you have any questions about Perelandra, the work of Machaelle Small Wright, or how to correctly and ethically use the Perelandra processes for environmental balancing, please contact us directly.

An Important Announcement - 2005

A number of people have contacted us with questions about references to Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon in Lynn Grabhorn's book, Planet Two. We felt it was important to clarify that Machaelle and Perelandra have no affiliation with Lynn Grabhorn, and do not endorse statements made in the book, Planet Two.

If you have any questions about Perelandra or the work of Machaelle Small Wright, please contact us directly.

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