ETS Plus and Nature Healing Coning for Animals

About three weeks ago, my little kitten Nikky accidentally got poked in the eye by one of her housemates. It was a very serious injury as the hole went into the eye. When it happened, I took my ETS Plus and gave Nikky her ETS Plus for Animals until I could get her to the veterinary eye specialist. She had to have surgery, and they were worried about infection in the eye.

In addition to the antibiotics, I also gave her the MBP Lymphatic and Immune Systems Balancing Solutions throughout her recovery. The healing and recovery were, from what I saw, on a very high level. Nikky was quite peaceful during the recovery period, the first three weeks being very critical. I just know that continuing with the ETS for both of us was so important, such a blessing to have had. The Immune Solution also played a very important part in her healing as this Solution worked with the antibiotics to specifically target the areas in her body that needed the medicine. I also noticed that using the Immune Solution, her body was not depleted in the healing process but was instead supported in many different ways.

I have used essences a lot, but never for such a critical situation. I was in awe of everything that I saw and just how "magical" it was to work with Nature and its unconditional love for us.

Finally, Nikky needed to wear this plastic collar, and I used the ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens to balance it for her and for her wearing it in our home. What I saw was that she had no adjustment period with it, no problems with it in the house and I was guided to rearrange furniture and things to make it easier for her to move around.

Nikky has had a 100 percent plus recovery. She can see, and there is no damage to her eye! Thank you so much for these products. Many blessings for your path and your business.

S.L., Canada