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Update: May 6, 2020

Perelandra Tip

The Basic Essence Test

A Valuable Option

by The QL Duo


Machaelle, with nature's input, recently pointed out to us that viruses can use electrical pathways to move through the body. That makes it vitally important to maintain our electric circuits during this time.

We have been reminding you to take your ETS and the most important Perelandra Solutions twice a day. But if you mainly rely on the daily support of those Solutions, you may have dropped the habit of testing your Perelandra Essences at times when they offer significant, useful support. Now is one of those times.

Don't let those essences sit in a drawer! You have them, so let them work for you!

Basic Essence Test

Test daily to monitor and
repair your circuits.

A daily Basic Essence Test will repair and stabilize the body's electric system and its circuits. It will help you maintain overall strength and balance during those times you are asking more of yourself and your body. It's simple, takes just a few minutes and can make the difference between forging ahead, feeling strong, or heading down the rabbit hole.


Perelandra Essences Brochure

Machaelle gives the simple steps for a Basic Essence Test on pages 9 - 11 of the Perelandra Essences Brochure.

And on page 13 of the Brochure, you'll find more helpful information about Daily Essence Testing.

If you have come down with something.

Do a Daily Basic Telegraph Test with the focus:

"For moving __________ [name of pathogen] out of my system and for shoring up my body and health from any adverse impact caused by the illness."

  • Test the number of times to take the combination for that day only.
  • Do not test how many drops, just take 1 drop of each needed essence.
  • Do a new test each day.

When you have come out the other end, switch back to your once daily essence test routine.

Note: If you've been hit hard and are unable to do any testing, use ETS for Humans and Essence of Perelandra for daily support. Learn more here.

Here are examples of other times to do a Basic Essence Test, in addition to your daily test:

  • You suddenly feel very tired, or you're having difficulty thinking straight.

  • You start to wonder if you may have "picked something up" during that grocery trip or stop at the pharmacy.

  • You gave a friend or family member a ride to the doctor, clinic or hospital.

  • Your MAP session was particularly challenging, stirred up a lot up, and you could use extra support, over and above ETS for Humans. Your MAP session was particularly challenging or stirred a lot up, and you could use some extra support, over and above ETS for Humans.

  • You already have two PIC units going for specific focuses and don't want to begin a third, but something just came up that needs to be addressed.

  • You can feel those internal dominoes beginning to fall and you'd like to stop an all-too-familiar downward spiral.

  • Your work has intensified: you're a doctor or nurse, you're a receptionist at an elder care facility, you're a postal worker or delivery driver, you run a stand at your local farmer's market . . .

  • You've taken a sudden financial hit, aren't able to work because of shutdowns or your job has drastically changed.

  • Besides adjusting to the pandemic, you are in a major life shift: moving, grieving a loss, starting or ending a relationship, your kids have moved out or moved back in . . .

Test essences once or twice daily. You'll notice and appreciate the support.

The Perelandra Essences book

If Perelandra Essences and the concept of an "electric system" are completely new to you, but something about it just seems to make sense, you can learn more in this free excerpt from The Perelandra Essences: A Revolution in Our Understanding and Approach to Illness and Health by Machaelle Wright.