Flower Essences Death Process
by Isabel Meisler

What a week! Sunday, a friend's mother died and asked me to call all our friends regarding the funeral, which was yesterday. Tuesday I phoned a beloved friend of 20 years whom I was planning to visit this fall in Brisbane (armed with essences). She had been suffering terribly due to no breath (lung cancer) and I feared she would not be well enough to receive a visit in late September. My oncology doctor/husband told me she seemed terminal.

I felt there was no way I could write about my mother's death. Grief was resurfacing in full force. I planned to phone you Wednesday and tell your answering machine it was a no go, til next newsletter. Then I remembered the Calibration Process. I read up on it and decided to have a MAP/Calibration session Wednesday morning as I was not only stuck with the article but with all other business and work. Voilà! Another miracle. (I'd say get this stuff bottled, but you already have!)

I found Wednesday, after the early-morning session, to be a day full of power and ease in all I did. I still cried a lot while writing, but that's normal. All moved forward and I felt quite wonderful all day into the evening. By Thursday I needed more help, but not a full session, just essences. So, in gratitude to all of you, here's the article.

This has been a year of confrontation, struggle and, finally, partnership with death. In late January, my sister, and closest friend, committed suicide. My mother and I were stricken with grief and guilt. We were the only ones left in what had always been a tiny nuclear family without relatives. It was during the weeks that followed that I discovered the full power and depth of flower essence aid. I actually began to feel a personal relationship with each healing plant, and in my growing gratitude would begin to visualize each flower as I used its essence. My mother, whose pain was enormous, allowed me on occasion to offer her essences. In early April, while staying with me, she suffered a massive stroke.

The two weeks that followed were at times a nightmare of solitary and lonely decision making. Suggestions were made by my supportive physician husband, and equally kind attending physicians. But, as next of kin, I had to make life support decisions ranging from nutrition to antibiotics. Many a morning I would rise feeling absolutely "in extremis"; and I need to share that, after testing and taking essences for myself, I experienced whatever calm and strength was needed for that day. It occurs to me now that I might have used help from kinesiology during the agony of that decision making, but it did not occur to me then. During the early stages of mother's illness I tested her for flower essences on a daily basis, but did not keep a chart. For one thing it was a hectic process. Lacking confidence in my muscle testing, I used the certainty of a pendulum for my surrogate testing; and the entire procedure had to be absolutely surreptitious. Pittsburgh is in the throes of an "overdose" scandal and now, by law, all bodies after death are tested for insulin surplus. This was one reason I knew that I could not ask any night nurse I might engage to aminister a third dosage: it could jeopardize her even if she agreed. In addition, with my twirling crystal and boxes of little bottles, I really did appear weird, if not downright suspect.

Actually this aspect of things provided me with some much needed comic relief. There were continuous roommates over a two week period and all were perky, curious and friendly. With apologies, I would close the curtain that nurses love to open wide, as I approached the time for pendulum swinging. There was also the constant attendance, it seemed, of solicitous nurses who would swish in, once catching me with essence bottles spread over the bed. "You in the fragrance business?", asked one, picking up White Lightnin. "Kind of," I replied. Finger testing would have been much superior under those circumstances, and would have eliminated my fear of being caught! I finally worked out a good method where I could see the door reflected in the roommates' TV. I then had ample time to clear the decks. The essence testing process went as follows. Unable to communicate directly, due to her comatose state, I used kinesiology and connected with mother's higher self. Speaking out loud, I told her about the help available and asked permission to use essences. I received a yes. I never spoke to her out loud about the death stabilization process until the last day of her life. By then she had been completely comatose for five days and death was imminent. Arriving early in the morning, I would test mother and administer drops to her forehead, taking care that nothing would run into her eyes as brandy would sting badly. Her throat was paralysed and she could take nothing by mouth. Just before the private nurse came on at six, I would test her once again for essences. This was the best I could do and it was a grand lesson in letting go of ideals, shoulds and oughts. But even with all the hassle of hiding my actions, the probable lack of focus on many occasions due to interruption, the lack of more than two dosage periods any given day, and my own often rampant doubts and insecurities, this whole thing worked, as became evident in the final death stabilization period.

Five days before her death, the doctors assured me that nothing short of a miracle would keep mother here more than a few days. At this point, I felt an inner shift. My whole focus strengthened. I could not rescue my mother from death, but with her permission, I could give her a final gift of love. And she, allowing me to do that, could "gift" me immeasurably. It was not without a certain amount of awe and a deep reverence for this journey with mother, that on Wednesday, April 17th, with permission from her higher self, we began the death process.

I first made up a chart with four categories: Basic/Heart/Brain/Death Process. After testing and clearing myself and her, I would telegraph to the heart (The first cause of illness it turned out was a heart attack.) and then the brain (site of stroke caused by a clot thrown from the heart). I put the necessary number of drops on her forehead after each test and finished with drops for the death stabilization. As mentioned, I did this twice a day, beginning anew each time, with as many hours in between as possible. Had she been at home, I could have worked on a longer term dosage basis, been more consistent and saved a lot of testing, no doubt.

As we worked, I could see patterns evolving. She required all the Rose Essences in the beginning, sometimes in two categories on the same day. The brain area required more Garden Essences than Rose, and as infection increased, Tomato Essence became a constant. The miracle was that I could begin to see clearing occur! By Saturday morning, the day before her death, her heart was clear, no essences required, and the brain required only Tomato and Yellow Yarrow Essences; this in contrast to as many as twelve essences required in different categories just three days earlier. By 4:30 PM Saturday, after a basic test which required Rose Essences, all three other categories were clear! I couldn't believe this was really happening. I felt my own spirit begin to soar.

On Sunday morning, she still needed all eight Rose Essences for basic, but heart and death process were clear. Her brain infection, now increased, fever raging, continued to require Tomato Essence and four Rose Essences. At 5:20 PM I tested her for the last time before she died. Again, all Roses for basic. Brain no longer tested for Garden Essence, only Eclipse and Royal Highness. Death process required Eclipse and Orange Ruffles.

The heart was still gloriously clear. I felt deep within myself that her broken heart had been healed this side of things and she wouldn't have to deal at all with that after death. By this time in the process I was feeling totally stable, strong, confident and astounded by the gift I was receiving. Through working in partnership with the flower essences and mother's spirit, I was watching her heal on a spiritual level right before my eyes. All those empty spaces on a once full chart were concrete proof, and I could feel my own anguished heart begin to heal.

At six I left for dinner, instructing the kind private nurse to call me as soon as any change occurred. On Wednesday, I had begun requesting a private room and the three hours of complete, undisturbed quiet (as suggested in the death process) that I wished to spend with mother after death. I was extremely fortunate in being in a compassionate Catholic setting where such requests were not unusual.

I also learned that without such a request, the body would be removed within an hour, placed immediately in a body bag, and left for the coroner to do the insulin test mentioned earlier. I really needed the private room only for the day of death; and, in the flow of things, one opened up Sunday morning, just in time. I received a call that she was going and before I returned, she had died. I felt no regret over missing the moment of death for we were so bonded, one of us might have held her here. As it was, a priest was passing exactly as she was dying, and read the beautiful 23rd Psalm that was her favorite.

When I returned and found her gone, I still felt completely calm and full of my own inner peace. The nurse said that she felt there was something special about my mother; that she had seen so many deaths and her's was unusually peaceful. During this time, the priest returned only to tell me the same thing, that somehow it was an unusually peaceful passing.

Within fifteen minutes after mother's death I had arranged to be alone with her and undisturbed for the three hour period of necessary quiet. Alone, I tested myself first, cleared, and then tested her. She needed all eight Rose Essences. I put them as usual on her forehead, telling her I would be with her as long as needed. By now, it was 8:30 PM. Turning off all lights but one, I sat quietly, in a state of total inner peace. At approximately 9:50 PM, I was so startled by a change in the room that I sat up straight. I believe that that was the moment of her soul's departure. Going to her, I bent over, wished her safe journey, and offered my gratitude for the gifts we had exchanged. A final good-bye. One final test. All clear.