Flower Essences Death Process
by Jacqueline Burns

Four and a half years ago I helped my mom through her sudden illness, operation, hospitalization and transition process with the flower essences. (Naturally, I helped myself, too! I watched myself “sneak up” on accepting my mom’s pending death with the directness or indirectness of the questions I asked when testing myself.) Using the flower essences during those six weeks was extraordinary in so many ways.

First, it was my “coming out” around using the essences, especially in a totally allopathic environment. Well beyond that, using the essences during the almost two weeks when death seemed imminent, I knew that she wasn’t going to die until it was time for me to test and clear her for the transition process.

Many nights my brother would comment that he thought she would not make it through the night. But I could say to him, with certainty, “Yes she will,” because it was not yet time to test her for that. Once, I sat beside her feeling there was something unfinished to test for and I thought “childhood.” “Am I to test my mom for her childhood?” “No.” “Am I to test ME for my childhood?” “Yes.” WOW! Talk about clearing!

What was most important and wonderful was that after I had tested my mom and cleared her for the transition process, she continued to hang on for days after she was clear, and I eventually came to the realization (confirmed by testing) that she did not wish me to be there beside her when she died. I left the hospital with a clear conscience. Just before the phone rang the following morning with news that she was going, my heartbeat became erratic and I knew. I feel I had connected with her electrical system so much to use the essences, that I felt connected at the moment of her transition.

Words cannot express my gratitude for these flower essences and what they meant to my family during this time on all levels.