Flower Essences Death Process

My mother died last August 28. Over the past few years she had gone downhill and was seeing doctors all the time. This last time she was in the hospital for five weeks, going in originally with a staph infection that she probably got when she was in the hospital in May. She hurt all over, had a pelvic break due to osteoporosis, was diabetic, had asthma, etc. She got well enough for them to put her in the rehab section of the hospital, where she stayed for less than a week. She started bleeding internally and had kidney problems, which caused her potassium to spike. This made her jerk uncontrollably and have problems communicating with us. When they put her back in the hospital side, she was in so much pain. They did not want to sedate her very much because they said it would suppress her breathing. A doctor did some exploratory work to see why she was bleeding internally, and she ended up with a feeding tube.

During the last two weeks of her hospitalization, she agreed for me to give her flower essences and she told me there were more angels there when I was with her. On Thursday August 26, my sister and I asked the doctors to take everything off of her except her oxygen and to put her on an intravenous pain machine. (She had nowhere for them to give her shots anymore.) My other brothers and sister agreed, and the doctors agreed. My mother had been pleading with me for two days to help her. This was the most difficult time in my life, but I feel that giving her the essences during this process made so much difference.

On Saturday morning at 2:30 a.m., I had been reading prayers to her from Mary Ann Williamson’s book Illuminati and decided to read the prayer for peaceful death. I had just given her the essences again when I finished the prayer; she gave a big sigh, her breathing immediately changed, and within 15 minutes she peacefully left her body. I gave her the essences again and kept them from moving her for three hours.

Thank you for all that you do. I have been using Perelandra Essences for years, have been to Perelandra two times and taken friends with me. When my granddaughter was born, she was breech and had a terrible time being born. I gave her the Cauliflower Essence and she is doing great at one year old.

I wanted you to know how much the work that is done at Perelandra is appreciated and how much of a difference it has made in my life and my family’s life. There has been so much healing between my mother and myself during her transition, and I know that this process helped her in ways I probably have no understanding of at this time. I only know I am glad Machaelle has the courage to do what she does, and that it is so important.

D.R., North Carolina