As part of our Virtual Open House, Machaelle was available to answer your questions about the Perelandra programs and processes!

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Christopher's Question: My partner and I would like to share the co-creative partnership with other people, via writing, music and other art forms. Do we need to establish a formal relationship with Perelandra in this regard?

Machaelle's Answer: The best thing to do is to contact us on the Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679, Wednesday, 10-8) and describe what you're hoping to do. We can take it together from there.

Rob's Question: Hi Machaelle, Can you speak of "enlightenment" (in the eastern sense) and it's relationship to our soul's evolution? Is that something all souls need to go through in order to avoid another lifetime on this earth? Asked another way: are there steps or actions one can take in order to "get to the cottage level" so to speak. I hope this question isn't too esoteric - I feel pretty clear on most of the products and processes, so I figured I'd ask about "soul" stuff considering your knowledge and journeys. Thanks for all your help! Rob

Machaelle's Answer: Let me refer you to the answer I gave for question #27. And then let me refer you to the dead nun's advice I repeated in Chapter 5 of Dancing. The thing is, you're thinking way too hard and putting way too much time into something that will just naturally evolve if you'll just get out of your own way. Our job is to just give each lifetime our best shot and see where it leads us. So my advice to you to pull your focus back to giving everything your best shot. And, as they say, let nature and gravity take its course.

Laighne's Question: No Question. Thank you to everyone at Perelandra For all you do to keep us healthy, balance and stable - especially in our current world! May you all have a wonderful season of Light and Joy and a warm and safe winter! Thank You!

Machaelle's Answer: Awwww... Thank you for your kind wishes. I'll be sure to pass them along to everyone. Our best wishes back to you!

Louisa's Question: First, thank you for everything! 2nd, at risk of getting clobbered, I have to ask about this PIC thing. I've used ALL the Perelandra products/processes for 10-15 years, LOVE them and they are usually very effective. So far, can't even think about learning this whole new thing (PIC) & wonder if it's really easier or quicker or more effective than what I'm doing already??? Also wonder if individual or boxed sets of essences will be on sale anytime soon? And just FYI, the combination of ETS and EoP is truly helpful for calming down after fear has gotten the better of me for a moment. Thanks so much and blessings to all of you who keep Perelandra functioning. You have my daily gratitude.

Machaelle's Answer: I'm not going to clobber you for your questions, but I am going to clobber you for your punctuation. For the sake of efficient communication, please look at your keyboard and discover where the cap key is (there are 2 of them, they say "Shift")! PIC is actually easier, quicker and more effective which is why I am recommending it so highly to everyone. So I recommend that you read the PIC Brochure, pick something simple to focus on, test the PIC List, take the bottles that test positive and see how well they work for you. Then decide if you want to continue with PIC. If not, you can always go back to old ways of doing the testing.

Sharon's Question: One of my most recently started PIC is for "Healing Developmental Trauma." I put it in quotes so it includes everything related to that (I think that is how the quotes were mentioned to be used on other charts). Something I deal with is emotional/mental triggers which usually leads me to emotional eat (like I did to get enough courage to post this). It dawned on me this may be best worked on with PIC as its own focus (?? or the other PIC needs more time). I've worked with MAP and calibration processes for it (even the weight balancing when it came out). The cycles of eating healthy then eating crap continues. How would you suggest to word my PIC for this so its all inclusive for what deeper issues are causing this? I really appreciated how you helped the other lady word her GMO focus. Thanks to you Machelle and the entire team support and all you do! By the way, how are things on the cottage level? Anything you can report on? Tell the guys hi!!

Machaelle's Answer: Do a separate PIC List test on the emotional/mental triggers that lead to unhealthy eating cycles. Reconsider the PIC List test you're doing for "healing developmental trauma." You may want to just drop that. I'm not sure that focus is giving you anything as it's too broad and non-descript. And any developmental trauma you need to address will be included when you address specific symptoms. I think you need to bring this whole thing back down to earth.

April's Question: Kind of a silly question but just want to confirm. When taking essences for a PIC focus (or for anything else I guess), does it matter that some I have are preserved in vinegar and some in brandy? So if I test for 5 essences, for example, some of those may be preserved one way, and some the other way.

Machaelle's Answer: It doesn't matter at all if you're taking both preservatives. One of my staffers assures me that when you mix the preservatives like that it makes for an interesting sweet flavor as you're taking them. But don't mix the preservatives in the same solution bottle as it tends to ferment.

Betsy's Question: I've avidly followed your work for 20 years, but don't recall mention of honeybees. What is nature's take on the plight of these amazing little gals?

Machaelle's Answer: I have covered this question in past forums. If you do a search for bees you'll get the information that I've already stated.

Eve's Question: A year ago at age 53 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had two surgeries for a lumpectomy, followed by radiation. While the body recovered fairly quickly, the psyche was deeply rattled by the contemplation of the inevitable ending of my life. I realized I had received no education about death whatsoever in my culture (N. Europe, now N. America). MAP, PIC, SLG all are part of my healing journey, all the while death continues to feel like a black void. I plan to re-read "Dancing...". Are we all part of a "cottage dimension", and when the time comes, can we request our MAP team to help with the transition to wherever we are going?

Machaelle's Answer: This is the advice I've received around death and dying: The natural death process is triggered by the soul. Of course, that excludes accidents and crime situations where outside circumstances are imposing on our free will. It does include illness and disease. In short, the regular death process is triggered by the soul and cannot be interfered with. The next piece of advice is to relax as we move into the death process and let nature take its course. It's a bit like gravity. All you have to do is relax into it, and enjoy the ride. Most people, particularly those who die from illness, spend recuperation and recovery time as soon as death occurs. That time period lasts however long it takes to recover. At that point, ones perspective tends to be different and they are able to determine what their next steps are going to be. This is not a pre-packaged tourist trip. You just have to relax into it. Hope this helps.

Carol's Question: A friend cannot ingest alcohol or vinegar for health reasons. Is there another form by which he can benefit from Perelandra Essences? With essence in spoon and ask nature to support friend's healing? Many thanks!!!

Machaelle's Answer: No. The bottled products need to be taken orally. I'm sorry we can't help your friend with that. However, he can work with MAP. You can learn about MAP here.

Susan's Question: I have missed something somewhere! What is a "fill enabled chart" please? Am so pleased with progress with PIC. Best wishes and thank you to all.

Machaelle's Answer: It's a chart your can fill-in and save to your computer without ever having to print or file any paper. You can learn more here

Sarah's Question: Dear Machaelle, Thank you all so much for the wonderful Perelandra supports you have been providing us with. My questions are: when using PIC for an ongoing health issue, whilst also attending Craniosacral & Acupuncture, does PIC stand alone as a form of treatment, or is there a way to ‘link’ the treatments so they can all work together to resolve the issue more easily & quickly? Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: PIC stands alone, but when assessing the problem for the initial PIC set-up state that you are also including craniosacral and acupuncture. PIC automatically adjusts to support that.

Helka's Question: Hi Machaelle, and thank you for the revolutionary work you do and all the great products and methods you have developed with nature and taught us to use. The background of my question is this: my husband underwent his second angioplasty two days ago (his first angioplasty took place in 2000; since then he’s been using the Cardiac SBS on a daily basis, and MAP healing, of course, along with ETS. Anyway, on Dec. 3rd, one large vein on the right side of his chest was opened and a stent was installed in it to keep it open. He’s now recovering from this surgery and I’d like to have your recommendation as to what Perelandra products would help him most now. He’s taking the Cardiac solution daily. He is scheduled to have two more veins opened on the left side of his chest in a few months’ time, and the Dr. said on Dec. 3rd they will be more difficult to deal with. My husband will ask his MAP team to prepare those veins for the next surgery. What else could he do to prepare himself for it? Being impatient, he has never tested himself for essences and thinks PIC takes too much time. Microbial balancing is out of the question for him too. But which MB solutions would help him most?

Machaelle's Answer: Dear Helka, Here's what I recommend. My first choice in this situation was to recommend PIC. This would be by far the best way to go. But since he has a stubborn resistance to testing, we're going to have to work around that. So I'm going to recommend that you surrogate PIC test him (and charge him royally for each test that you do for him!). You'll need to address his cardiac health between now and the next scheduled surgery as one focus. This may or may not include his recovery from the current surgery. Test this question and see if he needs a separate PIC for that recovery. If he doesn't want to go in this direction, the very least he can do is take Immune and Lymphatic along with his daily Cardiovascular Solution. He'll need to take them twice daily, probably for the rest of his life just to avoid a back-sliding. Hope this helps.

Evie's Question: Hello Machaelle, I would like to know if flower essences are compatible with antidepressants - I'm on fluoxetine and unsure if flower essences testing for depression would have any benefit given that I am on antidepressants.

Machaelle's Answer: The only thing you have to be careful about when combining any of our bottled products with medication is the preservative we use. Is our brandy preservative compatible with the antidepressant? And if not, is our vinegar preservative compatible. The essence itself is an electrical pattern that does not adversely impact medication. So think about the preservatives and then you have the answer to your question.

Donna's Question: In "Dancing" you write about putting fertilizer between the rows, and yet with the Soil Balancing kit, we just test which nutrients and ask PAN to distribute the right amount. How come? Perhaps you had not developed the Soil Balancing Kit at that time, or do you always use the actual fertilizers?

Machaelle's Answer: These are two different processes that require different approaches. Using the Soil Balancing Kit in support of processes from The Workbook is not the same as fertilizing your garden.

Trish's Question: Thank you Machaelle. I have not used PIC or the Microbial Balancing Program. Which would you recommend that I start first? I do often take microbials, have not taken flower essences in some years but own them all. Thank you for your help. Trish

Machaelle's Answer: I highly recommend you start with PIC. Here is the link: PIC: The Perelandra Information Center.

Donna's Question: Dear Machaelle: I read "Dancing" many years ago; lent the book and just bought a new one and finished it this week. I am in awe of your courage to undertake the work you did and share it with us. Thanks especially for the last two chapters. I am doing my best to make friends with mundane. I love: PIC, The streamlined processes in "The Perelandra Essences" (p.2140, third edition of MAP and the great updates, your new ordering and invoice style, all of the essences, EoP is my favourite — My dog tests for it also, rather than ETS for animals, all the girls who answer the phones . . . and I love you!

Machaelle's Answer: Thanks for your kind words. It's always nice to hear when one's work has a positive impact on others. I have passed along your message to the phone ladies. You made them smile.

Anne G's Question: Thank you so much for everything you are doing to make this planet a better place. Do you anticipate any updates to your MAP book now that PIC has such a huge place in our health care?

Machaelle's Answer: No updates anticipated. MAP and PIC work well together, and sometimes a MAP team will even recommend that PIC be tested so that they can work better in conjunction with one another. Glad you like PIC.

Susanne's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you for being my hero. My question is about CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, with which I was diagnosed many years ago, my fatigue was manageable with natural supplements then. The last 2 years it has gotten much worse. Researching on the internet I found Dr Tent speaking about the damaging effects of vaccinations reg. autoimmune diseases. 2 years ago I got hepatitis B shots! I live in Europe and have not found a doc yet who treats this disorder. Any recommendation? Thanks a million - Susanne

Machaelle's Answer: My recommendation is that you take your CFS to PIC. Let PIC put the pieces together for you, and address it with a platform of patterns that's designed specifically for your condition. This way you won't need to do a bunch of research to determine what's causing CFS. PIC automatically takes this into consideration. Once you find a doctor, continue with PIC and it will assist the whole process.

Jennifer's Question: I have been doing MAP for over 20 years. I have evolved a lot since then. How does the MAP team shift as I shift. Shall I do anything to make sure I have the right team now?

Machaelle's Answer: In general, you're not going to "out-evolve" your MAP team. They're way ahead of us. However, if you develop a problem that was not part of the picture when your team originally formed, they will automatically "call in the experts." You don't need to do anything. Just keep evolving.

Laura's Question: Hi Machaelle, I am a 62 year old post menopausal woman. A year ago during some testing it was found I have an ovarian cyst on my left ovary. MRI and cancer blood test showed it was benign and was an endomedrioma which typically is in pre menopausal women, but found in a very small percentage of post menopausal women. My GYN wanted to remove ovary but I have no symptoms and she agreed to continue to monitor. Recent sonogram showed it increased slightly in size and follow up blood test still shows negative on cancer. I really feel like I can help my body dissolve this growth but starting to feel like maybe I should have ovary removed. My GYN and I agreed to test in late January and decide. I have worked some with the MAP last year but fell off of it. I want to spend the next two months on a focused approach to help my body heal this. Please tell me your recommendation of healing support. Thanks so much!!

Machaelle's Answer: There are 10 possible answers on this, perhaps even more. I will warn you that you're barking up the wrong tree if you think that this is going to be a 2-month magic trick. We have our Question Hot Line open today and I suggest that you give her a call and talk this one through (1-540-937-3679).

Aurora's Question: Probably someone made the following question before regarding GMO food, is it harmful to humans or not, if it is, is there something that we can do to offset any harm. I do get all the organic products and those label non GMO that I'm able, but not all are label. I appreciate all what you do and your staff as well, thank you thank you!!

Machaelle's Answer: The science is still out on the impact of GMO food on the human body. My personal feeling, which is not based in science, is that when you dink around with nature you get into all sorts of trouble. If you're not sure about your food and this is a concern, you could set up a PIC test with the focus: Neutralizing any harm to my health from eating GMO food. This should cover your health concerns.

Lila's Question: I started PIC with two issues and had great results until I ran out of a couple of essences which I thought I had extras of and didn't. I started over, ran out again. I ordered multiples now, but I'm testing for many months. Then while re-reading the Essences book I came across the Daily Essences Sweep and that sounds like something I should be doing. Any plans in the future to offer essences by the tanker truck or can we build a pipeline? Kidding aside I am thinking about doing some of the other processes to see if I can approach these issues another way and two processes did test positive. Does that sound okay or should I just stick with PIC since I have had success and notice a huge difference while waiting for my replacement essences. I will need to call the hotline on BTT as it is the only process I've not been able to grasp easily. Thank you to all at Perelandra and especially to "Geek Girl" for the fill enabled charts. Also thank you Nature for this long and beautiful fall we are having in the "North Country." Lila

Machaelle's Answer: I strongly suggest, in light of your stated success, that you stick with PIC. And check your bottles more frequently so that you can replace them before they run out! As for the pipeline and the tanker truck idea — you're going to have to speak directly to our production team. I suggest you wear armor when you do! I have already thanked Geek Girl a million times for those fill enabled charts. They're brilliant. But I'll pass your message along as well. Glad you're having a nice fall.

Scott's Question: What do you have to offset the use of airborne 'solar radiation management' spraying (ie chemtrails, with an assortment of chemicals) that seem to be ever increasing.

Machaelle's Answer: I have PIC. Activate PIC and let them know your location and the extent of the problem you would like to address, and what your goals are around this problem. Then test the PIC List. The answer is going to be different for each person's environment.

Trudy Pals's Question: Hello Machaelle, Thanks a lot for all the essences and especially the ETS and EoP. We live in a chaos in Europe at this moment. A lot of people on the run from the agressive world in the Middle East. Hope we will give them a place in our middle with the freedom in our minds. The ETS and EoP is very helpfull. Thanks a lot, Trudy

Machaelle's Answer: Trudy, My thoughts are with you. I agree this is a chaotic time that we have to face. My hope is that we can all not panic, and maintain a distinction between "refugees / people in need of help" and "terrorists / people who wish to do harm." Perhaps each of us taking ETS and EoP will help us to not make the same mistakes we made in World War II.

Janine's Question: Many thanks for all your great products. I've just got a kitten and will be using the Animal Healing Coning as part of her health program. 1) Does she need to be on my knee/in her travel case or can she roam around when the Coning is open? 2) Surrogate testing her for essences, do I clear myself first? She won't sit still much so there's little chance I can have contact with her so do I just hold my focus on her and test? 3) Is there a reduced ets plus for animals dosage for kittens as there is for MBP solutions? Thanks a lot Machaelle for answering.

Machaelle's Answer: Congratulations on your new friend! She does not need to be on your knee, but it is better if she's not roaming around. Try opening the coning when she's asleep. (Do you know about the updated process? Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals)
Surrogate testing: Yes, clear yourself first. As long as you keep a strong focus for her she'll be fine with the testing.
ETS for Animals is a one-size-fits only dose, including kittens.

Ruth's Question: Hi Machaelle - Thank you for PIC! What a great tool you have shared with us. I am working on a couple of lists that are helping me through some physical difficulties with great ease. Oh, and happy birth anniversary pretty soon!

Machaelle's Answer: Hey Ruth! Good to hear from you. You've been on my mind a lot lately. Glad to hear PIC is still helping. And thanks for the birthday message. It's my big 7-0. I'm very impressed with myself that I reached it! Who knew a 70 year old could cuss as much as I do?!

Teresa's Question: Hi Machaelle. Happy holidays! I have received feedback from both my acupuncturist and my chiropractor that certain health issues seem to be related to the state of my liver. Can I have MAP work on 'the overall health of my liver' or do I need to know more specifically what is wrong with it in order for MAP to work on it? Thank you!!!

Machaelle's Answer: Talk to your MAP team about your liver issue as it's being defined by your acupuncturist and chiropractor. Include the symptoms you are experiencing that may be related to this issue and let your MAP team determine how best to address it. Since you are already working with an acupuncturist and chiropractor, inform your team when your appointments are scheduled and after each appointment let your team know what occurred during the appointment and what your understanding is. Also include any lingering symptoms. If you aren't already using ETS for Humans in support of your MAP sessions, I encourage you to include it. It can also be used in support of your acupuncture and chiropractor visits — one dose after each treatment.

Holland's Question: I'm actually new to much of what you have, but I have a health issue I'd like to research. I think I can trace a number of my issues to some kind of gut dysbiosis and I need to restore a natural balance there. Where would I go in your materials to learn about this? Thanks so much!

Machaelle's Answer: For something like this, I recommend that you use PIC: The Perelandra Information Center.

Yvonne's Question: I have enjoyed everything that you have written over the years, and I have learned a lot from your experiences as well as your great products. My question is this: what is the practical (not theoretical) relationship between SLGs, MAP, co-creative science etc. and a human's personal evolution? Are these processes and tools - no matter how small, a part of the Aquarian shift that we are all individually engaged in? I think I know the answer but I would like yours.

Machaelle's Answer: This is a question you have to answer for yourself. My job is to put the tools out, your job is to figure out how they best apply to your life and what that means for you.

Susan's Question: Hi Machaelle, I'm still loving PIC! I started out with one, then two, then several PIC units, which eventually whittled down to two core units. I've seen emerging clarity on these elements in my life over the past few months. It's ever so cool and easy. Thanks for shelling your brilliance upon the world.

Machaelle's Answer: I'm really glad to see that PIC is working so well for you. It's one thing to know that I'm putting out an especially strong and efficient process, but it's quite another thing to hear how my understanding is being verified.

Shirley's Question: How do you handle Last Day (versus Retest Date) of a PIC focus? Do you routinely retest the PIC one week later?

Machaelle's Answer: When I get to the last day and I'm still experiencing symptoms, I will ask right then and there (on the last day), "Do I extend the testing and change this to a retest date?" Waiting a week is another option, sometimes the symptoms just take a little time to settle out over that week and you can see that it really was the last day.

Sherry's Question: A couple of years ago my home was minimally affected by a flood yet my community was deeply impacted. Since that time I have been allergic to it and cannot live in it. There does not seem to be any mold issues in the home and my desire is to be able to live in it again. Using PIC, what could my focus be? Home clearing, my reaction, allergies, trauma? Can I work with it as one big issue? Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: Mold isn't the only flood issue. Flood waters can be really toxic. You need to find out from whoever did that testing after the flood to discover what actually was in that water. If it's super toxic, you may make the decision not to live there again. Or there may be clean-up processes you can do to make your house live-able again. In the meantime, do PIC for your allergies. If you are experiencing trauma, take ETS for Humans five times daily until you move through the trauma. Regarding the Perelandra processes: You're jumping the gun here. You need to determine what was in that water that has been soaked up by your house, and what is recommended to neutralize said toxin(s). At that point, call our Question Hot Line and find out when to apply the Perelandra processes to your situation.

Shirley 's Question: Hi, Machaelle. I have an established PIC unit for a foot issue. A second issue has newly popped up; may be related, but maybe not. How do I figure out whether to combine the two issues as 1 new PIC unit or have 2 separate PICs? Ask MAP? Ask PIC?

Machaelle's Answer: Activate PIC, describe the second issue and then ask your question. Is it to be combined? Are they to be kept separate?

Pam's Question: I’ve been browsing the Visitor Posts section of your Facebook page and notice several posts asking if there are people in a particular area that would like to get together to compare notes re working with your products. It seems to me this Visitor Post section could do this virtually. This section of your page seems ideal for us to talk to each other re PIC or MAP or co-creative gardening, etc. and your crack team could monitor it to keep us from running off the rails. It just doesn’t seem to be well used or noticed though. Would you advertise and promote this feature on your FB page so we would all know to join a conversation that way?

Machaelle's Answer: This is already being done "virtually." Folks start by making a visitor post and then others respond to them directly with information about different Facebook groups that talk about Perelandra programs or processes. These are often "closed" groups, and they are all managed by the individuals participating. Perelandra doesn't facilitate or monitor these groups. But we're always available to answer a question if one comes up!

Okay, folks! It's a brisk, sunny day here but we're inside with our
holiday bells on and ready to answer your questions. — Machaelle



PIC = Perelandra Information Center
PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels