A cautionary tale.

Editor's Note: We are sharing this letter as a great example of when and why you folks need to call our Question Hot Line. First, though, we'd like to thank the author for granting us permission to reprint his letter. The accusations here are off base, completely untrue and frankly, a little "out there." The casting of dark and vindictive curses is not something Perelandra would do or even bother thinking about (are we stating the obvious here, or what?). The issues with this gardener and his garden were a result of imposing expectations, a misperception of nature intelligence and Perelandra, and control. This is something we would have helped the author work through over the phone or by email. Tens of thousands of people have used these same processes successfully. And as many of you know, working in partnership with nature takes time, practice and at times a good lesson or two. When in doubt, please call us. We'll help you figure out the nature (pun intended) of the lesson.

Please be advised that our garden fried. I AM PISSED RIGHT OFF!

My wife and I started a co-creative garden this year in accordance with your instructions in Workbooks I & II. We had learned to muscle test to a degree of confidence some three months earlier using the flower essences. Our garden design excited us. Although not large (25 foot in diameter), something about it seemed special. It consisted of a total of eight rows, all Golden Mean spirals working their way to a central bird bath. It looks like a crop circle. Even the path is constructed in accordance to the Language of Light. When we started doing triangulations we figured something was up as we had 26 plant triangulations and 78 insect triangulations serving 37 insects. From almost the outset there were problems with plants dying. There are so few plants left that the heart of the Gobi Desert looked better. Even the weeds would not grow.

My wife and I have farmed and gardened here for 35 years. Alluvial soil and precipitation have made this area a true garden spot of Alberta. The rest of both our garden and 3,500 acres of cropland look like an oasis of bounty compared to the co-creative garden. My wife and I threw our heart and soul into the project. We have seen two other co-creative Perelandra process gardens in our part of the world and so we knew what to expect.

So what happened? Almost by accident the following was revealed: My wife and I were having soul readings at the Master's Conclave in Banff, July 23, 2002, sponsored by the Spiritual School of Ascension, when the garden was casually mentioned. Scrutiny revealed that at an unconscious level to us, Perelandra wanted us to hand over chi and ascension information from the garden in lieu of us using the process. My wife and I refused so Perelandra placed a curse on the garden.

Subsequent muscle testing by ourselves verified the following:

  1. The curse was actually placed on May 25, 2002.

  2. The nature intelligences were aware of the curse and finally had us execute a coup de grace on June 27 by applying 260 lbs. per acre of nitrogen, then watering it in. Shaking our heads in disbelief we put on almost 500 lbs. per acre of urea to achieve the result. The ground was so white from the application that it seemed like it had snowed.

  3. The entity from Perelandra placing the curse was dark side.

  4. Machaelle Small Wright, herself, is not consciously aware of this dark side problem.

  5. Should we let her know? Yes.

As a result of what has happened, here is what we have done:

  1. We removed the curse. It took three days.

  2. We retrieved our chi and missing information. It took 18 hours.

  3. We placed protection against the reinstatement of the curse.

  4. We had a garden meeting, stating our understanding of the situation and confirmed such communication. We made a strong statement that we would not waste our time on such endeavors unless all forces were lined up to support the ascension process of ourselves, all nature kingdoms and the mother earth. Unity, or the new consensus, is the only standard.

  5. We said we will now continue with the garden.

  6. We sent Perelandra to the Temple of Recasting. It took two and one-half days.*

  7. We confirmed that with the help of Mother Earth, Perelandra is being dismantled in the past, present and future and in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious.**

  8. We asked if new users will have our problem. No. In closing, Machaelle, thank you for your work. We love and use your essences, love and use the MAP, love the concept of the garden and are trying to use it. Your book Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon was a delight to read. My wife and I are both seeded for biological ascension and intend such every day. We feel that the information you have brought forward, in spite of our curse, is important to our endeavors.

— B.F., Canada

* Editor's Note: Let's get serious, folks. This can't be done without Machaelle's conscious permission, i.e., outsiders can not impose themselves on Perelandra.

** This malicious misperception is impossible. Need we say more?