Emergency MAP
DIAL 9-1-1

I am writing to tell you about my experience with the White Brotherhood Emergency Medical Assistance Team*. Last summer, I seriously cut three fingers on my right hand while mowing the lawn. One was cut off completely at the top joint. As soon as it happened, I called for assistance from the Emergency Medical Assistance Team. I experienced, "Everything will be all right," and a deep calming feeling. It was so reassuring that I had no problem driving myself to the hospital, and never went into shock. I knew it was going to be fine.

When the doctor in the emergency room began surgery, I called in the EMAT (Emergency Medical Assistance Team) again, and experienced the room flowing with a wonderful light energy. My friend holding my other hand and watching the surgery said a noticeable change came over the young and somewhat inexperienced doctor. His shaky hands became calm, and he smoothly stitched the finger tips of my three fingers back together. Throughout the surgery, I focused on bringing energy down through my crown to my heart. My friend was sending energy out into my right hand as it was being sutured. All the while, we both felt this tremendous loving presence which filled the room.

Now, seven months later, the fingers have healed nicely. I have had MAP sessions consistently throughout this period and have continued to ask for healing in these fingers. The doctor is extremely pleased at my progress. There are only a few things I can't do as well as I could before the injury, but these are also diminishing.

I am very grateful to the Medical Assistance Team and feel very blessed to have known about this magnificent assistance at that crucial time. I would like to see the word get out to all who are open to this valuable resource.

— P.D., Maryland

*Editor's Note: The Emergency MAP Process is now available in the third edition of MAP. It explains the process in detail, and I recommend you have a copy of the book if you are interested working with Emergency MAP. This article does not include enough of the steps for you to work from.