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Post: January 30, 2020

Don't panic. Stay informed and act responsibly.

Helpful advice in these infectious times.

If you're trying to follow what's happening with the latest outbreak and would like just one reliable source, we have a suggestion. Through CIDRAP you can stay informed on any infectious disease of concern and make smart, responsible personal decisions.

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy


This article defines those words we don't typically use that are cropping up in articles we're reading daily. Knowing these definitions helps us to correctly understand what we are reading and put it in a useful context.

Must-Know Vocab For Wuhan Coronavirus:
From Droplets To Zoonotic

And, we always encourage you to use good ol' common sense for yourself and your family. We've compiled many of the steps we take into one page for you.

Practical Tips for Staying Healthy