May 21, 2022

Dram-Size Essences Are Back!

This size offers the broadest range of patterns at the lowest price.

As part of our adjustments during the pandemic, we had to temporarily stop producing the dram-size bottles. They are labor intensive and with fewer staff it just wasn't feasible to produce both size options.

All Essences Dram

The pandemic isn't over and things are not back to "normal." But we are happy to report that our kick-butt production staff has been able to begin producing dram-size Perelandra Essences Sets again!

The smaller dram-size bottles give you the broadest range of balancing patterns at the lowest initial cost.

The dram size is available when purchasing the following sets or discounted combination kits.

* These options are great if you're new to essences and want to start with one box, but a broader range than a 1/2-oz. set.


dram essences testing

The "PROs" of Dram Bottles


The Solutions Do Not Replace Using Essences

The Perelandra Essences balance, stabilize and repair a person's electrical system in a targeted way. (Learn about your body's electric circuits here.)

2oz Solutions

The Perelandra Solutions function as a comprehensive "tonic" for a defined purpose. For instance, each MBP Balancing Solution supports a particular body system and the microbes connected with that system. The Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution each provide supportive balancing patterns that address where things go "off the rails" microbially speaking. The Joint Health Solution balances and supports the patterns involved in maintaining joint health. And so on. Because it's focused on the purpose and not the person, each Solution can be used by anyone and the dosage guidelines are the same for all adults.

By using the Perelandra Essences, you can address a health issue as it is uniquely manifesting in you. And by taking the Solutions, you will find that you test for fewer essences.

All of the Essences and Solutions are included in comprehensive PIC List Testing.