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This offer is for one free Perelandra Mini Tote per household with the purchase of ETS for Humans and/or Animals in 2-oz. size bottles at regular price ($24 each).

Already have your tote? Check out our different sizes of ETS for Humans here.

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In a disaster we need simplicity. That's where the ETS Disaster Bag comes in. (Scroll down for more about this from Machaelle.)

We will send a FREE Perelandra mini-tote bag along to become your "Disaster Bag" when you order one 2-oz. bottle of ETS for each person in your family. The free tote bag is Machaelle's way of doing something tangible to help you set up well before a major disaster hits.

Place the wrapping-free bottles in the tote bag and then hang the bag somewhere obvious or with your other survival/evacuation supplies.

As soon as possible before, during and after a disaster: Take one dropperful of ETS and then give a dropperful to anyone else who is with you — adult, child or animal. (There will be a card in your tote bag that gives the dosages for everyone.)

During disaster aftermath, take ETS 5 times daily. One time first thing in the mornings, one time in the evenings before going to sleep, and three more times throughout the day. By the way, one 2-oz. bottle of ETS when taking it 5 times daily should last about 3 weeks.


Notes for preparing your ETS Disaster Bag:

• Take the shrink bands off the bottles when they arrive. Shrink bands are annoying during the best of times. But it's going to be beyond annoying to deal with a damn shrink band while you're trying to survive a disaster.

• Also, it would be great if you could include a couple of extra bottles in your tote to give to your neighbors.

• Don't forget your animals. Add a bottle or two of ETS for Animals to your tote. Give them one dose (a dropperful) three times throughout each day until their lives settle back down.

• Your ETS Disaster Bag is hanging there in case of a disaster. You will need to replace any bottles you take out of the tote for "non-disaster problems" right away so you're not picking up an empty tote as you are running out the door. The best thing is to have on hand other bottles of ETS to use for the "normal" problems we deal with in life so you won't have to reach into your tote.

If you request ETS in vinegar for your Disaster Bag: The rubber dropper deteriorates more quickly with the vinegar preservative. Check the droppers periodically, and change out the ETS bottles in your Disaster Bag every 6 months.

If you use brandy preservative, your droppers should hold up longer. Change out the bottles in your Disaster Bag once a year.


From Machaelle: 

When I looked at [a series of natural disasters that took place over a single week] it hit me that we are trying to respond after the horse has left the barn, so to speak. So I'm thinking about the unthinkable in a different way and I'm hoping you'll join me. Instead of trying to do something from the back end of a disaster, I'd like to encourage everyone to respond from the front end instead.

When dealing with a disaster, here's the easiest, most important and helpful thing Perelandra has to immediately offer to you: ETS. Taking ETS keeps us up and functioning during these times. It enables us to think and respond in ways that are useful when it comes to protecting ourselves and our families. It enables us to deal with the post-disaster problems: finding food, water and shelter; looking for family photos and belongings; dealing with government agencies and insurance companies; death and funerals; and the challenges of reorganizing and restructuring our lives.


Bottle Sizes

Dram (1/8-oz.) = appr. 75 drops

1/2-oz. = approx. 300 drops

2-oz. = approx. 1200 drops

Perelandra Essences

    • A dram essences set usually lasts one person about one year.

    • A 1/2-oz. essences set often lasts many years (see notes about droppers below).

  • You may go through a few essences more quickly and can order 1/2-oz. individual replacement essences that will refill your dram bottle 4 times.


Perelandra Solutions

    • A 2-oz. MBP Balancing Solution lasts about 3 to 6 months (1/2-oz. about 3 to 6 weeks), depending on if you're taking the Solutions once or twice daily.

    • A 2-oz. Virus or Bacteria Solution is 10 drops per dose and lasts about 2 to 4 months (1/2-oz. about 2 to 4 weeks) depending on if you're taking the Solution once or twice daily.

    • A 2-oz. bottle of Natural Aging should last one person about 3 months.

  • A 2-oz. bottle of any of the other Perelandra Solutions usually last about 1 to 3 months.

† † †

Preservative Options
If you are sensitive to brandy, you may order your essences, ETS Plus or MBP Solutions preserved in distilled white vinegar. The prices are the same.

Whether preserved in brandy or distilled white vinegar, the essences and Solutions are equally as potent and effective.

Essences and Solutions preserved in vinegar will freeze if left long enough in frigid temperatures. If frozen, they lose 20% of their efficacy and should be replaced.

† † †

Essences & Solutions Guarantee
The Perelandra Essences, MBP Solutions, Essence of Perelandra, Natural Aging and ETS Plus are natural and will not interfere with any medications you may be taking. However, they are not a substitute for needed medical care.

We guarantee the integrity and potency of the Perelandra Essences and Perelandra Solutions. They have an indefinite shelf-life and we preserve them in a brandy or vinegar base to ensure that shelf-life. Sometimes, after a period of time, the rubber bulb on the dropper may show signs of deterioration — softening, collapsing, cracking. When this occurs, we recommend you replace your droppers. To facilitate this, we offer packages of replacement droppers. Of course, we can't guarantee against mishaps that occur due to "user carelessness," such as replacing a dropper before washing it off after it has touched your mouth or having several bottles open at one time and forgetting which dropper went into which bottle. But we certainly back the integrity of the essences in the areas that we here at Perelandra can control.

SUGGESTION: We recommend storing your sets of essences with the bottles standing upright. This keeps the essence from coming in contact with the rubber dropper bulb and eliminates the rubber taste the essences can get over time. For convenient, easy essences testing and upright storage, use our new Essences Testing Box for dram-size (1/8-oz.) essences.


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