ETS Plus for Humans

I was getting my blood drawn and I started having a seizure or vegal nerve response. My hands and feet curled in and went rigid, my pupils dilated and I lost my bladder. My face turned bright red and my jaw clenched tight. The nurse did not have any smelling salts available but my sister was there, she is an RN, and she sprung into action. She ran out to the nurses station, into empty rooms searching for smelling salts. Approximately three minutes passed and still no smelling salts. She saw the ETS Plus sitting next to my purse; I had planned to take it after my blood draw. My sister realized there was alcohol in it and decided to squirt ETS Plus into each nostril. The next thing I remember was feeling the chaotic state of my nervous system, like none of the impulses knew where to go. Then I was conscious again and apologizing for my runny nose, not knowing it was ETS Plus. It took a while to recover from this ordeal, but I continued taking ETS Plus regularly for days. And I credit it for pulling me out of that seizure.

— A.C., Longmont, CO