ETS Plus for Humans

Thank you again for ETS Plus. This morning I woke up fearful — no idea why, just a clutching feeling in my chest as I kept the self-criticism and self-hatred at bay while I tried to function. And what's the use of functioning when you're terrified? Especially when I feel I'm the cause of all the problems.

I knew there were things I could do to help the situation and people I could reach out to (like my MAP team) for support, but I actually couldn't remember who and what they were. As I tried to make a list, I suddenly remembered ETS Plus. Well, but is this really an emergency? Am I indulgently wasting a precious resource I could save someone else's life with by taking it frivolously myself? Thank you, Machaelle, for saying that some chronic conditions like pollution, constant strain and stress, warrant taking ETS Plus every day. Because if I can take it daily for the pollution here in Los Angeles, I can darned well take it for terrors that clutch me by the throat in the morning! And so I did. Nothing. Vinegar in my mouth. So a minute or two later, another dropperful down the hatch. Nothing. And then, as I sat immobilized at my desk, light slowly dawned amid the miasmic reek of my fears. Oh, I can't thank you folks enough for making ETS Plus and it's friends. Now I can actually call in the troops for whatever this is I'm dealing with.

— M.M., Los Angeles, CA