ETS Plus for Humans

Once a year I have to visit my folks in South Africa and I dread it as its doubly traumatic. Firstly family dynamics and the fact that they are not well and mom has mood swings that put us all on edge. Secondly, the political situation there is very unstable and it has a high crime rate and there is huge tension and anxiety in the air. So November 2011, I flew out for my normal three-week trip, but this time I was armed with bottles of ETS Plus. I started taking it a week before I left and took it daily and sometimes twice a day while I was there. I was quite taken aback to find I was actually enjoying my trip, felt remarkably calm and actually went out and had some touristy fun. I did not feel the usual anxiety and fear of being there and handled the folks and mom's moods pretty well. Overall I had this feeling of calm which shocked me as I dread going back there as its brings up childhood stuff and terrors of the apartheid era. This time I was calm and had a lovely time and was just chilled!

Thanks ETS, Machaelle and you wonderful Perelandra staff!!!

— J.F., Great Britain