Update: February 28, 2022

ETS = Recuperation, Recovery, Support
. . . and a whole lot more!

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Of course you don't need one more email reminding you of what's triggering stress and wearing on you and most everyone you know right now. But maybe you could use a reminder of what you can do about it.

ETS for Humans is not just for emergencies and sudden "unplanned" events. It is also beneficial when you're bracing for whatever the next unexpected event might be, and when you are working your way through adversity.

ETS will help you regain your balance and keep your wits while figuring out how to deal with what's in front of you.


We recommend that you take one dose (10-12 drops) of ETS for Humans twice a day, every day, even if you think all is well.

If you find yourself overwhelmed or freaked-out, or if something strikes you personally, take one dose of ETS 3-5 times a day.

For a chuckle and a reminder of those times to take ETS, read this favorite article.


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Free ETS for Humans

Nearly three years ago, life's challenges prompted us to launch several offers to help those in need keep up with this vital support, and share it with others when they can.

The first offer we candidly (and pretty accurately if we do say so ourselves!) dubbed the "shitty times" policy. Needless to say, we're still keeping this offer going.


  • For every 8-oz. refill bottle of ETS for Humans you buy, you will get a free 2-oz. bottle.

  • For every 2-oz. bottle of ETS for Humans you buy, we'll send a free 1/2-oz. bottle with it.

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An Idea
Consider giving that free bottle to a friend or family member in the military or who is in harm's way or who is struggling with having other loved ones in harm's way.

We want to help those who wish to support themselves and/or their families with daily doses of ETS. This policy will be in place as long as it is helpful and we are able to sustain the offer. When we collectively start building momentum out of this mess, we will evaluate and adjust the offer accordingly.

About the Perelandra "$&!##% Times" Policy   |  Learn More and Order ETS for Humans


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When you just need that little somethin' extra.

Sometimes, in addition to those daily ETS doses, you could use a little something extra — what Machaelle has dubbed the "full immersion experience." It can make all the difference when you've just finished shoveling out your driveway (and the neighbor's), when you've made it through a hell of a day and you'd like a decent shot at a full night's sleep, when you're preparing for a day of unknown and difficult challenges, when . . .

Many of you already appreciate the support of an ETS Bath. But lots of you still don't know that you can choose a full-body spritz instead!

Learn more and order a spray nozzle for your 2-oz. bottle here.



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One 2-oz. bottle of ETS for Humans will give you about 100 oral doses or one bath. Some folks balk at using their ETS this way, but once they try it, they wonder why they waited.

An 8-oz. refill bottle will yield four baths.

Using a spray nozzle, you can get several ETS spritzes out of one 2-oz. bottle.