ETS Plus

I'd been waiting and waiting and waiting, more or less patiently (I needed the ETS Plus to keep me from being so impatient) for my ETS Plus to arrive. Two days ago I was again yearning for it and wondering if I should call you guys to see if (sniff) maybe you had forgotten to send mine. But I told myself to buck up, get real and get on with my life, sans ETS Plus pining. UPS from the East Coast takes a long time occasionally.

But then, in a fit of manic housecleaning after lunch, The Stupids started helping me. You know The Stupids, don't you? It's a wonderful kids' book? Before I knew it, I dropped a heavy, sharp wooden folding tray onto my big toe. It really hurt, much worse than the usual dropped-object owee. When I could walk, or hobble again, still yelling in pain, I opened a MAP coning and started searching for emergency stuff to take.

Of course I thought of the new ETS Plus but it wasn't here yet. So I did the next best thing, which was to take all of the following:

  • My old, outdated ETS
  • My husband's current ETS (well, I was desperate)
  • Bach Rescue Remedy
  • Another company's emergency formula
  • Arnica (homeopathic)

Then I sat down in the comfy chair with my foot up, still with zinging pains shooting through my foot.

I just knew I needed your ETS Plus, so in desperation I also asked to be connected with the Overlighting Deva of the new ETS Plus and Pan and for them to "send" me the energy of it, please, if possible. Then I wrote "ETS Plus" in green letters onto my toe and concentrated on relaxing and healing and letting my MAP team do their thing.

I also wimped out and phoned your order line and talked to the very nice Maria, who must have sensed my pathos and desperation, and tried to find out if my order had gone out, which it had, but she didn't know when. I babbled on about things for a while, and she listened patiently and sympathetically. A couple of hours later I had to get up and teach a class, though the pain was still pretty strong. I also went to a short rehearsal, then came home and found — ta da — that the package of ETS Plus had arrived!

Well, I had sent out a plea to Pan and the nature spirits to speed it along, so maybe they somehow managed to get it from wherever it was to my house through co-creative sleight-of-hand. Hey, anything's possible, right? I had another two hour chunk of time to rest before my last rehearsal of the day, so I took the precious ETS Plus and lay back in the comfy chair.

The cool part is that, even though this was now more than six hours after the initial injury, once I took the ETS Plus, the pain, which had continued to be pretty strong, almost immediately went away. Not only that, I was able to let go of my exaggerated fears (Oh no, what if I broke my toe? Should I go to the ER? MAP team said "no," but what if they're wrong?! What if I get gangrene? What if I . . ., etc.) and move into a very positive mental/emotional space where I could at last begin to clearly visualize positive outcome and very tangibly feel my own powerful healing energies "come online" and begin moving throughout my body. So, I am most impressed and grateful for this wonderful new healing tool. Of course what I was most looking for when I took it, being a total pain wimp, was pain relief and relief from the shock and trauma. What I hadn't really planned on was the almost instant inner movement from total negativity and fear, into a calm place where I could finally access the kinds of positive mental processes I have learned about. I will be ordering bunches more, for myself and friends. It's what everyone I know is getting for Christmas this year!

— K.G., Bend, OR