I wish you to know that MAP arrived "just in time." When I ordered it, I had no idea that I would need it. Yesterday I wondered when I would start the program. Today, I knew, and it was now.

Soon after entering into the session I became aware of an almost weightless sensation and remember thinking "This is amazing. I expected to be one of those people who wouldn't feel anything and would have to go on faith." Then I had a strange sense of being turned, but not completely over. Soon after that, I was aware of an energy taking over my right hand and working with it. I figured this had to do with the trauma and consequent condition of my hand ever since my wrist was broken in 1985.

I believe the next area my team worked on was my left hand. A month and a half ago, I told my chiropractor that I feared I was getting arthritis in my hand and she examined it and reported that a small bone was out of place. She corrected it and it improved at once. I hardly ever noticed anything with it anymore. My team worked on it for quite a while — longer than on any of the other areas.

At some point not too far into the session, I suddenly wondered what my symbol would be. Immediately "White Lightnin'" came to mind. That seemed inappropriate. "That can't be it," I thought. "I think that's one of the Rose Essences."

The areas I would have chosen for my team to work on they did not choose. At least, they didn't, to my knowledge. The second half of the session seemed uneventful, though I remained awake and alert. When the hour was up and I asked for my symbol, "White Lightnin'" came and nothing else. I was still doubtful, but said "OK."

When I was writing the report of the session in my journal, it occurred to me to look up White Lightnin''s definition. I was amazed and thankful, too. Suddenly, this symbol seemed perfect.

— H.H., Pennsylvania