MBP Balancing Solutions

For several years now, I have been telegraph testing the MBP Solutions to deal with those minor but annoying issues that inevitably come up, and to deal with them quickly, easily and effectively. This is something that Machaelle mentioned in the MBP Guide booklet, but may have been overlooked by some people. After I have taken the MBP Solutions at night (I take them all in the p.m.), or in the morning after I've taken the Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory Solutions. And I've tested for any others I need. I think about the symptom or issue, and ask, "Am I fully connected to this symptom?" Then I test for which MBP Solutions are needed to address that symptom (usually about 4 Solutions for me). Then I test for how many days I should take them (for me, usually 3, but sometimes 2 or 4 days). I turn those MBP Solutions upside down in the box, and make a mental note as to which day I will be finished taking them. For that number of days, I take the correct number of drops of those MBP Solutions morning and night, but only after I've cleared myself by taking the regular MBP Solutions that I usually take.*

Here are some of the issues or symptoms I've addressed in this way:

  • Itchy spots or redness on the skin

  • Stiff or sore joints or muscles, a big toe that felt numb

  • A slight periodontal flare-up

  • Being exposed to, or feeling the onset of, a cold or flu

  • Exposure to environmental toxins, hotel room or airplane air

  • Possible onset of pink-eye or eye irritation

And lots more! Most of the time I feel a definite improvement as soon as I start taking the extra MBP Solutions. Usually by the time I finish, the symptom is gone and soon after I have totally forgotten about it. When I look back at my notes, I'm amazed at all the little things that have come up and then quickly passed. Sometimes, of course, the symptom is part of a larger issue that requires a Microbial Balancing Program Chart; often I'll get an intuitive thought about that and I'll also check with my MAP team.

I hope you'll give this a try and see how easy and fun it can be. After a short while, you will get a sense of the kinds of symptoms it is best used for. You can begin to help your microbes to help you right away, when you first notice something, even before you might have a chance to do a Phase 1 or regular Microbial Balancing Program Chart.

— P.M., Durham, NC

*Editor's Note: For complete testing steps, see the Perelandra MBP Balancing Solutions Guide, pp 37-39, "Telegraph Testing for Specific Situations."