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Update: August 2020

To our friends in the West contending with multiple wildfires:

  • If you have ETS for Humans with you, take it daily.

  • If you may be evacuated, have your ETS Disaster Bag hanging on your front door, ready to go.

  • If you need ETS right away and can receive deliveries, give us a call at 1-800-960-8806. We'll send free Crisis ETS.

  • If you have questions about using any of your Perelandra tools to help you through this difficult time, give us a call on the Question Line: 1-540-937-3679 (Wednesdays, 10 – 8 ET).

Smoke Exposure

Take the MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory Solutions twice daily (first thing in the morning and last thing at night) when breathing that smoky, thick air. Continue taking them daily for at least a few months after the danger has passed and the air has cleared. Note: In light of the combined challenges this season, plan to take these three MBP Solutions along with the Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution twice daily through the coming winter.

If you live in the path of the next two tropical storms building momentum through the Gulf of Mexico, you know first-hand that wildfires are not the only environmental disaster occurring right now.

Hurricane. Flood. Tornado. Wildfire. Earthquake. . . .
For Anyone In The Thick Of It

Whether you live in an area that has been hit and are dealing with the aftermath, or you've traveled there to help with recovery and disaster response: Take ETS for Humans 3 to 5 times daily.

An adult dose is a dropperful. Children 10 years old and younger get 6 drops per dose.

For animal victims and rescue dogs: Give them one dose (10-12 drops) of ETS for Animals once daily.

About ETS Support During and After Disaster

Crisis ETS

The Crisis ETS Service

This service enables us to provide ETS for Humans to anyone who needs it but may not be able to afford it right now. If you are in an environmental, health, family or economic crisis and feel stuck at the idea of putting out money for ETS, just ask us for a bottle of Crisis ETS, or add it to your online order.

About the Crisis ETS Service

Perelandra Responds

Those directly affected may not be reading this message, but you may know them. Or you may know those hard-working fire, rescue and emergency service personnel. Or maybe you know someone working in aid and relief efforts.

If you would like to keep them supplied with the essentials during crises (such as ETS), we remind you of the Perelandra Responds discount available to those directly affected by the disaster, as well as to emergency personnel working in affected areas. It's 25% to 40% off Perelandra Solutions and 25% off Perelandra Essences.



If you can assist with a donation, here are two options to get you started:

American Red Cross

Global Giving