From The Perelandra Garden Workbook by Machaelle Wright:
"The Perelandra garden thrives because of a new approach taught to me by nature. What I'm going to describe to you does not fit comfortably into the recognized notions of tradition, logic or even sanity. In fact, it tends to thumb its nose at all three, especially sanity. Be that as it may, it works. And that's what drives conventional gardeners a little nuts. It's also what will drive you a little nuts. Everything you know that has gone into establishing your sense of order, stability and balance, namely logic — in gardening, farming, ranching, landscaping, forestry, lawn management, pond management and in every other area of your life — will be challenged. For you see, even though The Perelandra Garden Workbook is presented through the prism of the Perelandra garden, this gardening is a metaphor for the whole of life. As you change how you approach your garden, you will, in turn, change the very fabric of how you approach everything else in your life."

"At the end, we want to be able to say to ourselves and our children: We were on the right side of history. We took responsibility for changing our patterns and rhythms which resulted in a life that added balance to the larger picture rather than perpetuating the problem." Be A Change Maker with Nature, Your Partner in Life's Garden

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Perelandra Garden Workbook The Perelandra Garden Workbook
(Published 2012, replaces all previous editions.)

Start your adventure with reading this book! It lays a clear foundation of what a co-creative partnership with nature is all about. And it provides a perfect classroom for establishing that partnership for yourself.

The Garden Workbook also includes the foundation of understanding for all of the Perelandra material, plus all the processes, steps and supporting information for working with any outdoor or indoor environment (garden, lawn, woods, ponds, farms, houseplants, terrariums, aquariums, atriums . . . ).

For an introduction to nature intelligence, the complete Table of Contents giving an overview of what Machaelle covers in this ground-breaking and unique book, as well as information about an easy way to get begin working with nature in your garden and environment with Gut Gardening, read this excerpt from the Workbook.

Note: If you have been applying Machaelle's gardening techniques since she published the first Perelandra Garden Workbooks in 1987 and 1990, and you've been working with nature intelligence in your garden, soil-less gardens and life — you are about to take your partnership with nature to a whole new level. Get ready for the ride of your life!

ETS Garden Collection ETS Garden Collection
A set of five liquid solutions that were developed at Perelandra. They contain electric patterns to be used in any environment for repairing damage experienced by soil, plants, water, atmosphere and/or animals.


Co-Creative Gardeners Kit Co-Creative Gardener's Kit
Each co-creative gardener puts together his or her gardening kit to have on hand to use with nature when needed. These are all important and helpful items for your kit.



Soil Balancing Kit Soil Balancing Kit 2.1
When doing the "Troubleshooting 2.1" processes explained in The Perelandra Garden Workbook, you'll need to have additional soil balancing options.



DVD Perelandra Garden DVD: The Perelandra Garden
Machaelle's tour of the Perelandra garden. Includes the garden history and development, the Workbook processes and a demonstration of kinesiology (the testing tool). A visual companion to The Workbook.


Essence of Perelandra
Essence of Perelandra
Use Essence of Perelandra anytime and anywhere you wish to provide a unique foundation of balance, stability, strength and support.


ETS for Plants
ETS for Plants
General balancing and strengthening for plants.



ETS for Soil  
ETS for Soil
General balancing and strengthening for soil.