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Post: October 21, 2018
Update: May 2021

What you can do with EoP, a spoon and just 5 minutes.

A Series on the Environment from the Question Line Duo


Today's 5-Minute Mission

During a time when many folks feel the occasional pang of questioning whether anything you're doing is making a difference, we want you to know that your simple actions can and do have an impact.

We originally made this suggestion in honor of Earth Day waaaaay back in 2012 (here). Seems like a lifetime ago. It's something we still do. And it can have a positive ripple effect — helping to tip the environmental scales toward balance.

All you'll need to complete this mission is Essence of Perelandra (EoP), a clean spoon, 5 minutes to focus and the willingness to follow simple directions.

Here at Perelandra, we are lucky to experience balance every day when we arrive to work. We know first hand how powerful that balance is. EoP helps you give the strong balance of the Perelandra garden directly to whatever you want to support and strengthen in your life. When you administer EoP to your environment, you provide an exceptional foundation of health and balance to that area.

Every time you use EoP, you are working right along with nature to add balance to your part of the world. You don't have to have a farm or garden. You don't have to own acres of land, or any land. You don't have to own a home. You can live in a studio apartment in a high rise building in NYC or Tokyo or in a houseboat on the Mississippi River or in a tent or a thatched-roof cottage in a tropical rainforest . . . All you have to do to provide exceptional strength, support and balance to the place you call home is follow the few, very simple steps below.

Balance attracts balance. Balance supports balance. Now, imagine if everyone reading this shifted EoP to their home today. Imagine how all of those ripples expand out, some of them connecting and growing stronger.

Administer Essence of Perelandra to Your Home / Land

You will need to work with nature to administer the strong, balancing pattern of EoP to your home and/or land.

1. Focus your attention on the area you wish to address, and state: "I wish to set up with nature to shift Essence of Perelandra." Wait 10 seconds.

2. Describe the area succinctly. Write it down or say it aloud. (For instance, you can use your home address, focus on a sketch of your apartment, home, garden or land or use a copy of your plat.)

3. Place 10 drops of Essence of Perelandra in a clean spoon. Hold the spoon out in front of you and say, "I wish to shift these Essence of Perelandra drops to _____ (the location) that I've described." Continue to hold the spoon out in front of you for 10 seconds. The shift occurs automatically.

4. After 10 seconds, the shift is complete and you are finished. Nature did the shift for you, so you may wish to say thank you!

5. Wipe the spoon clean and you're done. It really is that easy. (Do not reuse the drops.)

Note: If you wish to administer EoP to your home and property, focus on the land first. Administer the 10 drops to your land, then focus on your house and administer the next 10 drops. Do this for any other individual buildings that are on your property.

A Seriously Important Note On Environmental Ethics

You must either own, rent or be officially in charge of a specific environment, property, farm or garden, etc., in order to have the right to administer EoP to it.

WE MEAN THIS! DO NOT shift EoP for your whole neighborhood, your office building (unless you own it or you pay the rent for it), your grumpy neighbor's house, your town, your country or the planet. We don't have the right to make that decision for anyone except ourselves, and our own home and land.

Gary with EoP

What is EoP?

Essence of Perelandra or "EoP" is a carefully constructed, complex electrical pattern that captures all of the elements within each of the levels in the full Perelandra garden biosphere that interconnect to create its unique balance. When you apply that balance to a specific focus — yourself, an environment, your cat, a project or goal — you enable it to move forward with better, more balanced support. Learn More