Essence of Perelandra Experiences

Posting interesting or unusual experiences folks have had when using Essence of Perelandra (also called "EoP") will give others new ideas for when and how to make the most of EoP. We welcome your story! Submit your story through the link at the bottom of this page.

Thank you Essence of Perelandra! I love you!

I have an 18 year old son who is getting very tired of his mom working with energy stuff and all her 'talks about God' (that's what he calls it). He has not been willing to take any kind of homeopathic remedies for the last 5 years and I thought he would never be interested in the Essence of Perelandra. But I told him about it anyway.

Without me knowing it he decided to take EoP for his theory test to get a drivers license. He passed the test with only one wrong answer! He did the same thing when doing his road test for the drivers license. And again he passed the exam with no mistakes at all (this is very difficult in The Netherlands). Now of course he is totally convinced of the power of EoP and he takes it whenever he faces a challenging situation. I never have to remind him.

I also applied EoP when we had to help my 90 year old mother move to an old people's home (she has Alzheimer's, which means one step forward and two steps back). Although it was a very complicated operation, both logistical as well as emotional, everything went perfectly smooth and beautiful.

Thank you so much for this magical help! We are very grateful for this! Blessings to all of you and joyful greetings from The Netherlands.

— W.Z., The Netherlands
Posted: 5/15/09

When I first heard of EoP, I wasn't sure about it. It seemed like cheating, to have the essence of the Perelandra garden home with you, instead of working on your own balance, etc. But today as I was working with the Deva of my tiny little townhouse garden, "she" pointed out that as we work with the soil this year (before putting in plants next year), EoP would be the most efficient way to start with a firm and balanced foundation, rather than spending the next few years achieving just that "on our own." So it looks like I'll be putting in an order very soon so that we will rapidly have a good starting place for our tropical garden here in Florida. Nothing like getting a big nudge from Nature itself that EoP is the way to go!

— S.S., Cocoa Beach, FL
Posted: 5/14/09

My first experience with EoP was on 4/27/09. I took it at 10 pm, just before I was going to meditate (believe me — halfheartedly). I was tired and thought, "Well, okay, TEN minutes, that's it." Let's get this over with. I sat down on the floor and instantly! my spine was straighter than it had ever been, my head felt like it was suspended by a string, there was no fidgeting, and no focus on tired back muscles trying to sit up straight. My mind was peaceful and I had the most wonderful meditation for a half hour. Actually, I think it was an hour — I lost track of the time. It's hard to describe the "shift" that occurred but it was very, very different: like my cells were, yup, balanced and in alignment! Aha, I just got it.

— J.G., Winchester, VA
Posted: 5/14/09

Started using EoP in "Gut Gardening." I was impatient and bought at the nursery all kinds of vegetable starts, and right away planted them in my vegetable garden.

The next morning I looked, and the roof in front of my house was white with frost. It was on the lawn as well. White all around. I cannot see my vegetable garden from living quarters, and I was afraid to look, envisioning dead plants. I was delaying the visit to the garden, just wasn't ready to face the carnage. But when I came down to the garden, everything was just as I left it — perky plants, untouched by cold.

Thank you EoP!

— D.R., Bellevue, WA
Posted: 4/10/09

I work with all the Perelandra products and almost all of the processes and my husband is in total support of me doing this. He even takes the flower essences I prepare for him with no bidding from me. So when the Essence of Perelandra brochure came I read to him about the 'miracle' stories. . . . He wasn't impressed. But I thought he would find EoP could come in handy from time to time, so I gave him a bottle to take to his office. I remind him every so often to remember to take a dose which, of course, he doesn't!! Then one day he was trying to get a brochure prepared and the copier wouldn't work . . . voila! He used EoP and it started right up and that brochure was done in no time flat! Then last week, the day after the big computer virus scare (4/1/09), he was in the middle of writing a contract that had to be delivered in a very timely manner and his computer crashed. He turned it off and back on 6-7 times and nothing! Panic was setting in and when he called to tell me about it I was thinking he should try EoP but we got on to another subject and I forget to mention it to him. Ten minutes later he called me again and said "You're going to love this! I used EoP (he took it himself not really knowing the protocol but with the intent that it get the computer going and TA-DA!!!) that computer turned right on; contract completed.

Thank you for Essence of Perelandra, the miracle in a bottle and the wonderment that comes along with it. I suspect we have a convert at this point and a happy one at that. Many blessings!

— L.M., Durango, CO
Posted: 4/10/09

Like much of the world at this point, I have been concerned – even anxious – about the financial crisis. With all the relentless news coverage of impending (or current) doom, it's been really difficult not to get caught up in the fear of losing one's job, home, savings, etc. This is particularly frustrating because the last thing I want to do is actually contribute to this sense of fear and fatalism rather than be part of a solution. Essence of Perelandra provides an extraordinarily effective way to counteract the negativity and keep me moving in the right direction. After getting Machaelle's Bulletin on this, I have been taking EoP daily. Once for the impacts of the financial crisis and its impacts on me physically, emotionally and mentally, and a second dosage for "the need to create immediate financial stability for myself." If something specific happened at work (talk about restructurings, etc.) I have added another dose along with some ETS Plus for Humans. Through what has become a daily ritual, I feel strong and balanced, and able to counteract the myriad of negative messages.

— Anonymous, USA
Posted: 4/9/09

I've had a year full of "rock my world" experiences in which I was repeatedly knocked off my center. I was grateful to receive my first bottle of EoP when it was first offered and had a feeling of things starting to fall into place as I used it. Since I received Machaelle's instructions to put EoP in the bath (EoP Stress Breaks), I've muscle-tested that I need to do that. Well, I've gone through a whole bottle of the large size so far. I test everyday to see if I need an EoP bath. What I'm noticing is how solid I'm beginning to feel. I'm a yoga student and my body has become more flexible and more grounded in my poses. I had a burn that never blistered and after one bath, the pain was gone. My skin seems to be becoming more firm. I feel like I'm taking the wonderful balance that is Perelandra into all levels of my being. Thank you.

— T.H., Burke, VA
Posted: 3/19/09

Menopause symptoms seriously started for me at about age 50. At the same time an acute chronic respiratory condition arose in my husband which severely limited our sexual activity. Emotional and mental factors as well as inactivity caused libido to fade and sex to became painful for the first time in my life. I tried many things including Perelandra products to revive this, to me, important part of life on the planet. The Female Reproductive System, Endocrine, Immune and Lymphatic MBP Balancing Solutions, MAP, the Microbial Balancing Program and herbs. The programs and products helped and greatly improved many parts of the condition but the Final and ultimate healing came with EoP. I used it as Perelandra suggested: Three days before, I started taking it orally as well as NS shifting it to a "difficult meeting" between my husband and I (between the sheets). I was blown away to find that when we crawled into bed I felt like I was 30 years old again. I was totally relaxed, happy and totally present. Bingo! No frustration, no anxiety, no fear, no pain. Just love, sweet love!

EoP is a gigantic step which somehow refines and blends and makes into one everything which has come before from Perelandra's treasure. How can I thank you enough?

— M.B., Frederick, MD
Posted: 3/12/09

Me to EoP "See that MOUNTAIN!!!"
EoP to me "What mountain?"

— V.T., Torrance, CA
Posted: 3/9/09

A friend emailed me the Perelandra web site that spoke of the economic times we're in . Then I remembered that many years ago I had practiced MAP. I decided to order EoP because I felt my husband's business had frozen energetically (like the global world). It has now been almost a month and he has had 3 big contracts.

I was always a believer but he is now too . . . everything is energy! How quickly we forget, when we engage fear. Interestingly, his business is selling energy!

— S.I., Kennebunkport, ME
Posted: 3/9/09

I was having a horrific experience yesterday with work and the way I was treating myself, so I decided to take my first EoP bath. I've been taking EoP daily since I got it because it seems to "ease things up" for me and has helped me move forward on some health issues, though it's hard for me to ascertain exactly how. I decided to try the bath routine because I was not feeling up to getting through the rest of the day yesterday without my head exploding. During the bath, I seemed to move into somewhat of a meditative state, and I definitely felt better, but didn't really notice how powerful it had been until I met up with some people later yesterday evening who seemed very drawn to me, not so much in an admiring or weird way, but in a healthy, we want-to-be-around-what-you-got sort of way. I also made some great connections with people which helped me feel even better. And, today, I've somehow managed to get a lot more done without stressing out about it and even managed to cross some stuff off of one of my Environmental Troubleshooting lists that I thought I'd never get done. Thanks, Essence of Perelandra! I have to say that I got to thinking about where the EoP goes when I drain the tub, and I'm hoping that it will help the plumbing and help good things happen at the treatment plant, but maybe that's just a pipe dream! Ha, ha! Get it?!

— T.B., Seattle, WA
Posted: 3/9/09

When I took this orally, I had lots of head congestion, throat swelling stuff begin to surface. After three weeks, that seems to be letting up.

On the coldest night of the year so far (-20), my electric thermo-storage heater which has worked faithfully for at least 10 years, suddenly went ice cold. The blower was still on, but the heating elements had stopped working. Thankfully, I also have a propane heater to fall back on. I shifted 10 drops of EoP for the heater and went to bed. Four hours later I got up, and it was back on again, cranking out BTU's like crazy!

"I have an 'aura mist lamp' on which the misting part still works fine, but the colors had stopped working 2 years ago. I put 10 drops of EoP in the water. A few hours later, I noticed that the colors had started working again!

I make air sprays with real essential oils. And even though I wash the bottles and sprayers after each emptying out, eventually, the sprayers get a little gummed up. So, I put 10 drops of EoP in the water/fragrance blend, mainly just to see what effect would be created if I sprayed EoP around, blended with essential oils. Well, I can't say what effect that gave, but pretty soon, the spray bottle started working much better!

Apparently, one of the things EoP does is 'unstick' stuck energies."

— M.B., Grantsburg, WI
Posted: 2/24/09

Recently I closed down a soil-less garden. I felt a great sense of loss. I had some difficulty with the timing. Since I closed it down I experienced depression, disappointment and had a lot of questions about how I could have improved my relationship in the soil-less garden. I thought about where the garden was taking me and what I was missing out on. Nothing was working to help me move forward.

Yesterday the EoP arrived. Within less then 24 hours I am more balanced, I have applied the essence to my home and work goods including laptop and car, etc. The most significant change I feel is overall improvement.

— Anonymous, Australia
Posted: 2/24/09

I am a sculptor in stone. I'm working with large pieces at present that simply take longer to execute than anything I've worked with before. Early on I started to open working conings with ETS, nature, my higher self, and my WB

[White Brotherhood] sculpting team. We mostly worked well.

When I read about EoP I was deeply attracted to its ability to organize and soothe processes. When I started using it for work, I suspected there was a smoother flow and at the end of the day, I had indeed gotten much more done than I'd realized.

Then one afternoon a most significant event occurred when there was a major equipment failure on a grinder I was using. The grinder guard came off the shaft, which put the grinder into an uncontrollable spin in my hands, and it was impossible to turn off. So I simply dropped it and ran to unplug it.

I sat down and remembered the last time this had happened a year ago. The last time I yanked the grinder out of the electricity, threw it away from me, was sent backwards, fell to the deck on my back and was a hair's breath from hitting my head on my engine lift. I was deeply shaken.

So this time I sat down and took stock of how I felt and it was very clear that I was in a different space, no drama.... I reacted well, no injuries, I maintained my balance in all ways ... and there was a stillness. I didn't rush to blame myself for anything... things happen... we deal... we move on. That is life changing.

So my work is benefitting from using EoP, my practice of meditation is enhanced...I seem to go deeper, to be able to listen better and to understand when processes are happening, my MAP sessions are more clearly felt and more understandable. EoP seems to be enhancing all my practices and uniting them into the single practice of life. Information is shared among the processes in a new way.

EoP is the next step in the evolutionary interface between life force and organization. This comes at a time when humanity needs it. When things happen and truly get out of hand, to be able to drop the drama and do something about it in the moment, then move on is a blessing.

Such a wonderful tool. Many and great thanks, and blessings to you all at Perelandra.
— C.M.M., Fort Valley, VA
Posted: 12/22/2008

For several days I and my painter had been trying to pick colors for the living room wall. I wanted something sophisticated and dramatic, but not overwhelming. We had several neutral browns and grays to choose from. The light here in Hawaii is brilliant and clear, so many choices turned pink, gray or greenish on the wall. After several tries, we still did not have a combination that worked.

After a frustrating session of paint samples on the walls, I decided to use Essence of Perelandra for assistance. I went into another room and shifted 10 drops to the color choice process. I returned to the living room, where my painter friend had had an inspiration. She suggested we use a small area of black to add contrast to our selections. We had the black paint, but had not applied it, thinking it was too much color. Lo and behold, when we applied the black all the other colors shifted. It became immediately obvious that we had a workable combination using the black as a contrasting section.

Jubilation! Celebration! Yeah Essence of Perelandra!!

— M.T., Port Washington, NY
Posted: 12/10/2008

The new Essence of Perelandra is the hottest thing since sliced bread. Major health issues I've been trying to come to grips with are becoming available, mentally and emotionally, for me & my MAP team to deal with. And large career issues are lining up for my mental processing and decision-making, smoothly and almost effortlessly. And huge, hairy emotional-drama events are smoothly working out. I'm not just seeing that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel (not too close — I've got a lot to do!), but here in the dark tunnel I can see the work in my hands well enough to DO it. And, probably most important, the weight and fear are gone. From the first time I tried EoP, I felt a sense of lightness and ease. I've known I have buddies around anytime I need help. But now I feel aware of them. It's like hearing people in the next room or nearby; involved in their own stuff, not interfering with me, but close enough for help if needed. And that bizarre sense of flow the Perelandra staff member mentioned — too much getting done in too little time with so little fear, stress, and strain I almost doubt the work was done.

This stuff REALLY raises the bar on quality of life, in my short 20 day experience.

— M.M., North Hollywood, CA
Posted: 12/10/2008

After taking EoP daily for three days, I have felt stronger, and the very first day I felt a special sensation of calmness.
— J.V., Mexico
Posted: 12/10/2008

I have an EoP success story. I always put up a fresh 8ft tree for Christmas. I put all the lights on Wed PM knowing I could not decorate till Sat PM. It takes me 4 hours to complete. Sun morn all was decorated and I had thrown the "snow" all over it, only to discover none of the lights were working. This happened last year and I had to strip the tree completely." Please, not again, not this year of all years." I decided to wait to do something about it. So last night I attempted to find the problem before stripping the tree. I went to the tree and heard "wait, go take the EoP," and I went quickly and did what I heard. Went to the tree, checked the extension cord and it was fine as well as the outlet. Next, I unplugged one strand of lights and re-plugged and low and behold it LIT!!! It saved me many hours I believe.

Thanks so much. Am working with it daily.

— L.C., Loveland, OH
Posted: 12/10/2008

Our main copier had been frustrating everyone for over a week. Tech support hadn't been able to straighten out the problem yet. That Saturday afternoon, I had a variety of copier jobs to run, most of them two-sided. The choice was to use a smaller copier, manually flip small stacks of paper and prepare to do some stapling, or risk it with the big copier that was made to easily do those things. Then Essence of Perelandra came to mind. I asked nature to shift ten drops of EoP to the copier and then got started. Almost two hours later, every copy job (and one unexpected 450-page print job that had been stuck in the copier's memory) was completed without a single hiccup.

— Anonymous
Posted: 12/10/2008

I took EoP today as I faced a final exam with only an hour and a half to study in. The exam was comprehensive, covering the whole 4-month trimester and I had been studying for another exam and was now up against the wall with this one. I took EoP for passing the exam and class and then went through the motions of studying, not expecting much. What a pleasant surprise to find all the topics I had gravitated to there on the final! It took me a little while to put two and two together and remember the EoP I took. The support is so balanced that it feels like the easiest thing in the world, of course it all worked this way. But my other exams weren't this easy! (Nor was the same one easy for my friends who studied more than I did.) I think I want to take EoP to support my taking it every day, for all the things I'm working on. I sometimes forget that life can really flow this easily. What a thing to have to get used to! Thank you, everyone at Perelandra!

— M.N., North Hollywood, CA
Posted: 12/31/09

I am a very light sleeper and often I lie awake at 3 am ready to take on the day, but when morning comes I feel drowsy from lack of restful sleep. Which brings me to EoP. I conducted an experiment to test whether I was dealing with coincidental luck: the first evening I did a Nature Shift stating the sleeping problem and that I wished for a restorative night rest. I slept like a baby. The next night I went to bed without the EoP shift and sure enough I was restless and awake during the night. Then last night I became even more explicit: I wished for regeneration for the body, refreshment for the mind and inspiration for the spirit. I slept through the night, and in the morning the onset of a cold was gone, I was clear headed, and during the night (I dreamt?) one of my former dance teachers had given me a private lesson on a particular tricky dance sequence. I love it!

— E.T., White Rock, BC
Posted: 12/31/09

I don't have a specific story to tell you because I use so many of the Perelandra processes in conjunction with each other that I can't trace results to only one thing. I use personal MAP, Professional MAP, EoP, ETS+, MBP, regular essence testing, plus my business is set up as a soil-less garden, and I use all of these nearly every day!

What I can say is my work with the White Brotherhood and nature has been life changing for me, and continues to change me ongoing. I just had a breakthrough yesterday in amending my business DDP that I am TOTALLY excited about.

I use EoP every day, for myself and others. I often ask nature to shift it to my clients (who I mostly work with over the phone) so I may use 10 to 20 doses or more of EoP in one day.

Thank You!!

— J.D., Sandpoint, ID
Posted: 12/31/09

I want to say that I LOVE the EoP. I used it last year on my house refinancing, and thought it was a great success. Also, when I take it regularly (I don't think I've ever gotten a no when testing for it) I don't need near as many of my other essences. Where normally I might test every day for a few various essences, while I'm working with the EoP I may goes days without needing any others. EoP and ETS Plus are my favorite duo for safe and happy passage through life. Thank you Machaelle, Thank you Perelandra, and Thank you to all of you who make it possible for us to receive.

— S.H., Bozeman, MT
Posted: 12/31/09

At wit's increasing demands — which made her (and me) miserable. It looked like firing her would be the only way she'd move on. Yet, this seemed harsh. So, I reached for my bottle of EoP and opened a session with the devas and nature spirits I thought were needed, and basically asked for the greatest good to be the result (rather than my immediate relief!) That morning I had a meeting with Human Resources to proceed with her termination — when out of the blue came door number three — a voluntary resignation — which made everyone happy! This worked so well that I used EoP again during the process of hiring process my new employee — and the result was no less amazing. The new person is a perfect fit for the job, my job got instantly easier (and more fun) and my new employee could not be happier with her lot in life! What more can I say?! I think EoP should be in every office in the world!!

— Anonymous
Posted: 12/31/09

We had recently moved into our 3 year old home which came with appliances. I loved our new high efficiency washer and dryer, but had heard that with all of the electronics involved, they often go caploooey! Two days before leaving for vacation, I was doing laundry when the washer started acting up. I couldn't get it to finish the cycle, nor would it unlock the door to let me get the clothes out. I tried resetting it 10 times. Nothing. I shifted 10 drops of EoP to the washer and walked away. My husband came home 5 hours later and pushed the reset button once. Problem solved. Everything began running smoothly even though my husband insisted it was his expert button pushing that cleared things up!

— S.L., Portland, OR
Posted: 12/31/09

It's more a question of what *can't* it do. So far EoP's balancing power has helped: Fix the computer. Make the printer print. Ensure optimum performance in exams. Calm public speaking nerves. Smooth the path for difficult phone calls. Improve concentration and focus.

Coming up next: EoP saves the world...

— H.W., Honolulu, HI
Posted: 12/31/09

I don't have a spectacular story but I wouldn't want to be without my whatever intent I happen to be working on, school, cleaning the house or work, before taking the drops. Amazing! when I look back on how the intent was accomplished especially when I get out of the way and don't have an agenda. It works so subtly, so beautifully. Thank you for offering EoP.

— F.W., Leesburg, VA
Posted: 12/31/09

I used to think that the ETS+ was just about the pinnacle of any flower essence I have ever used, until EoP came along.

I have so many stories about how this has helped me and my clients, I hardly know where to begin (or end.)

My first experience of taking EoP took me directly to the Perelandra garden itself. It was like being in direct contact with the gardens and land, an experience that is to this day difficult to describe. It's like I was instantly "transported" there — and then experienced the most profound calm and peace I think I have ever felt.

That sense of profound calm and peace is attendant to every time I use it, sometimes with attendant additional results (depending on my intention.)

I have shifted its vibration across thousands of miles in emergency situations, and it's like having a laser MAP tool when I do that.

In fact, EoP is like the manifesting tool for ANY intention, as far as I can tell, especially when what's missing is the "right connection."

There really aren't words to describe how it is serving me and my clients, because the language of EoP is of the soul of the Universe. And we are still learning how to understand that!

With more gratitude and appreciation than I know how to say, I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

— N.B., Briarcliff Manor, NY
Posted: 12/31/09

I have tried many of the Perelandra processes, but was totally blown away by EoP. When I take it, I can literally feel the changes taking place — my head jerks and twitches and I feel a buzzing for the 10 seconds I'm directed to wait. Incredible!!!

— T.M., Steamboat Springs, CO
Posted: 12/31/09

I began using EoP about six months ago. It took me a while to get the hang of it though I knew Nature Spirits are in my true reality.

I have a side to myself that I am working on. It is one in which I have zero confidence, and an extremely poor self-concept. No need to go into the reasons why. Spirit doesn't care.

My story isn't one of 'greatness', it is one of 'simple every-day life.' I love to dance. Without EoP, sometimes I dance well and often I don't. It depends on how I am viewing myself at the time; at that very second. So, I was astonished when I took EoP, asked Nature Spirits to transfer it to my dance and explained in detail what I needed then went to perform with my very exacting partner! I danced every move effortlessly and correctly. I remembered moves I always screw up. I had a total feeling bordering on euphoria (not something which is usually a part of my reality). I can't tell you how many people commented to us. That is only one, small, every-day use of EoP. There are many more I could cite that cover deeper aspects of myself. I could go on and on.

As my life goes on, and I learn more, I find that more and more is expected of me for myself and this incarnation. EoP is a small blessing sent to us. Nature Spirits are there for us. We only have to experiment with trust and the inner knowing that is there.

I also have to credit EoP usage to leading me to The Mount Shasta Missionand a knowing that blows my mind.


— M.J., New River, AZ
Posted: 12/31/09

I had a car a accident recently where I backed up into someone, but as it turned out, it didn't do any damage to my car that wasn't already there, and the other driver just took off so we didn't exchange insurance and was cost that my insurance company had to pay. While I know I shouldn't start thinking that it's OK to get in car accidents because Essence of Perelandra will make sure I get off scot-free, I believe that the fact that that was the first day I used EoP "in light of the economic crisis" on my car had something to do with this accident not turning into a hassle of any sort.

— T.B., Seattle, WA
Posted: 12/31/09

I absolutely love every single Perelandra essence, process, book, solution, and product. Well, what more can I say? Yes, one more thing, I have found Essence of Perelandra to be a force of healing for the most ephemeral of experiences (dreams, contact with spirit energies, etc.) when I test "clear" for the basic essence test, and other Perelanda processes but still need balancing on some nonphysical level. Thank you to Machaelle and the Perelandra staff for this amazing product!!!

— M.T., Decatur, GA
Posted: 12/31/09

I use EoP at the start and close of every day. After stating my intention to do a Shift with Nature, I express all that I want to be balanced, stabilized and for my highest good, among a host of protections and salutations to all beneficial forces that have come into my experience in this dimension, all dimensions and all realities.

Though sometimes lengthy, this process lays a foundation that consistently brings my days into fruition in a manner that is ordered, organized and filled with vitality. I get voluminous amounts of healing and administrative work accomplished without resistance after investing in this co-creative session with Nature.

Interestingly, I noticed that I do not test positive for my MBS and Essences at the start and close of my days thereby freeing up time for me to engage others in the healing experiences that Perelandra has to offer.

— R.C., Washington, DC
Posted: 12/31/09

One day I was searching for a manual to loan to a friend. After about 20 minutes of searching inside the house, I began to wonder if I'd left the manual somewhere and somehow lost it.... I "shifted" some EoP to the situation of finding the manual. Following this, I did a kinesiology testing, asking if the manual was inside the house. I got a "yes" ... looked again about 10 minutes later, and found the manual there almost in the center of the shelves where I'd previously looked!

— E.R., Petaluma, CA
Posted: 12/31/09

I asked one of my SLGs this morning if there was anything I needed to do today to keep it moving forward. I got that I needed to finally read Chapter 5 of the MBP Manual. I sensed when I started reading it that I should read it out loud to stay focused, and it just so happens that there's a bit on "reading a focus out loud" versus just thinking it when you're tired. I did read some of it in my head while at a coffee shop (it's a long chapter) but did find that my focus was better if I read it out loud. Where does EoP come into play in all this? Well, my jaw sometimes spasms pretty violently when I'm anxious, tired or trying to concentrate (something I'll be working with the Organizing Process on at some point, no doubt) and while reading the last third of MBP Manual,Chapter 5 out loud this started to happen pretty badly. I took ETS Plus and then took EoP for whatever was causing the jaw spasming. It didn't go away completely but was reduced significantly and I was able to read the rest of the chapter out loud without much difficulty. Thanks EoP and Perelandra!


— T.B., Seattle, WA
Posted: 12/31/09

If I'm lying awake in the night and can't sleep because of whirling thoughts, EoP acts as a marvelous cure for insomnia.

— H.W., Honolulu, HI
Posted: 12/31/09

What I find terrifically practical about using EoP — it gets me out of the rut or sameness of my thinking/doing when I am approaching something. Often, I use the same "tried and true" methods, actions, or processes to start something, do something, or fix something etc. Rather than tell myself... 'well I have always done it this way, or I was told by some authority to do it this way' when I use EoP — the Essence gets me out of the limited box-like thinking and opens up a lot of other actions, ways to do the "thing" — which actions are a very good fit to the situation/circumstance that I am working with. I like using Essence of Perelandra because it gets me being a robot or on autopilot on how I do things, and the Essence brings a fresh practically, simplicity and usually saves me time.

— S.L., Toronto, ON
Posted: 12/31/09

My current job is the most difficult one I've ever had, made more stressful because of a ruthless boss. Two days ago while struggling together with him to submit a report, using the phone, the computer, and the fax, (seemingly all at once!), I took EoP prior to leaving home knowing from experience it would be my biggest support. I experienced and what otherwise would have been unbearable. THANK YOU!!!

— S.G, Baltimore, MD
Posted: 12/31/09

I have a teenage daughter and sometimes we argue. OK you can all laugh now!! Well I don't like to interact with her like this — I prefer pleasant interactions with my teenager. So I have started shifting EoP to ease the battle energy between my teenage daughter and myself. The effect is nothing short of miraculous. It feels as if there is a softening that takes place in our interactions. I find myself wording things differently. My daughter surprises me by doing things like offering to clean the dishes. We laugh a lot more. Wow is all I can say!

Another way that I have used EoP was when my car broke down. I shifted EoP for easy, successful and very affordable solution to this problem of my car not starting. I called my husband after shifting EoP. He arrived shortly and brought with him the extended warranty on our Sears battery purchase — I had forgotten all about this. However we were not sure if it was the battery. My husband jump started my car, and we limped over to Sears. When we arrived there was no line. The attendant checked the battery and told me it was bad and he would replace it at no charge as it was covered under the extended warranty. Less than half an hour later, I left Sears with a new battery.

Another way I have used EoP is when I am nervous about a meeting (either with a group or with a single person). I take EoP to support me in the meeting so that I can interact with ease, wisdom, clarity and overall balance/groundedness. It is amazing how much support I feel. I find myself saying things that matter, that are well, wise. I also speak with great clarity. (Being menopausal I have occasionally had difficulty finding the word I need to express myself. When I shift EoP as stated above, I find myself thinking and speaking and acting with clarity. It truly feels like I am a new person! No more foggy thinking). My participation in meetings feels so effortless — whereas before I would feel shy and would lose my focus. With the EoP shift, I find myself participating more and focusing on the matter at hand and adding a lot to the meetings!

Another way I have used EoP is for physical ailments. IF I feel like I am coming down with something and don't have time for MBP or MAP or even to check myself for essences, I take two doses of EoP as described in the EoP brochure (one for overall health and well being in light of current health condition and the second dose for current health condition). I find that I am able to move through my day without feeling that awful feeling of coming down with something. It has also been very useful for my young son if he is feeling under the weather. Over Thanksgiving he looked like he was coming down with something and [we had] guests. He moved through those days with ease. When everyone left, he was back to himself.

I have incorporated EoP into my life and find that now I can't live without it! Thanks so much Machaelle for this wonderful tool!

— M.G., Charlottesville, VA
Posted: 12/31/09

This product is awesome!!! I am a custodian (for the art department) at a high school. (1500 students in this school.) Sometimes the students become unmanageable, rowdy and well you know what I mean.... So I send a dose of EoP to the floor where I work and voila it's magical ... it's not difficult to clean ... the students behave better ... I could go on. This is really cool!!!

— C.C., Hyde Park, UT
Posted: 12/31/09

I take EoP before going to bed to ensure a more restful sleep. Last night I awakened in the wee hours and heard a neighborhood dog barking frantically, non-stop. I knew however, that this dog does this regularly over apparently nothing, though you would think his/her home was being attacked. And I know from experience he continues this often all night long. In the winter with windows closed and heat running, it doesn't awaken me any more — I've become used to it, but this time, I was lying awake, and the agitated energy that I could feel from this dog was getting to me. I have not previously tried using EoP for "things" outside myself, but having just been reading these posts and deciding I would use it next time I had a problem with something, I got out of bed, got the EoP which I keep close by, and with a feeling of love for the dog, asked Nature to shift 10 drops to this agitated dog. In about 5 minutes time, he stopped and I never heard him again. Rather than think of this as "magic" or as "me" trying to control things, I could feel how the dog and I are not truly separate — that his agitation and the agitation he seemed to be causing in me, were actually one and the same and that I, in cooperation with Nature, had helped us both to calm down and get some sleep. This EoP is a very beautiful thing, as are all the Perelandra products that have aided and supported the quality of my life for 15 years. Thank you Machaelle and Nature!

— M.W., Lucerne, CA
Posted: 12/31/09

Whenever I lose something, after I have asked the Universe and the item itself, "Where ARE you?!" with no success, I turn to EoP. This week, I needed a 2"x2" passport photo for an application to take National Board exams next March. I had searched high and low for the 2nd picture of the pair I bought several months ago. No luck. Finally, I decided getting another was easier than continuing to search, and got a new set of pictures. When I was sending off the application, reading the checklist, I noticed a paragraph I missed before, "All pictures must look like the applicant at the time the exams will be taken. Hairstyles must be the same as in the picture." Wouldn't you know, the older pictures have me in long hair and it's now bobbed.

I also do alot of printing for my classes. After reading about the Perelandra copier and EoP, I tried it on mine, too. My little All-in-One HP has gotten quite a workout in its 3 years of life. Sometimes it has mysterious brain problems that I suspect come from age and long use. EoP has fixed every one of them. After a set of 2-3 brain-dead sessions requiring EoP, it then runs better than ever for several months. I'm looking forward to eventually owning the oldest still-running HP home printer in Los Angeles!

Maybe everyone does this, but whenever I have a particularly difficult thing coming up, I try to do a three-step EoP process, 1. general health and well-being as it relates to the issue, orally, 2. the issue itself, orally, and 3. a NS application to the PROCESS of my succeeding at whatever the thing is. I figured, if a NS application could fix my printer, it could "fix" my process as well. Sometimes I really feel it kick in; a lovely feeling. Like playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey blindfolded and feeling those gentle hands turning your shoulders to face the right direction (and then, in this case, they guide your hands to the tail spot, too!)

— M.N., North Hollywood, CA
Posted: 12/31/09

With a difficult plateful right now I often awake in the mornings with my nervous system on red alert. All circuits on overdrive. A couple doses of EoP and there is a smoothing out and the beginnings of relaxation and the ability to be more present.

— C.C., Montrose, AL
Posted: 12/31/09

I've been using EoP for about a year and a half and think it works like a miracle with all of my intentions. Initially I used it to balance my PEMS levels and use EoP for the garden and my house plants. When I use EoP as a spray on the plants or ask Nature to transfer EoP the difference is immediate. Everything looks like a magic wand was waved and all was transformed. My husband couldn't get over the change so it's not just me seeing this. I developed a serious case of contact dermatitis in late summer and sprayed my arms with EoP and got more relief than the meds the dermatologist prescribed. My granddaughter uses it for her eczema to help with the itching. EoP helps me manage my weight and plan my food for the day. I also use EoP before attending social functions that require a lot of interaction. I feel more centered and calm as a result. When I need insight and organization with projects such as financial matters, investing, painting, or sewing, EoP is invaluable. This past year and a half my life is without struggle or drama because of using EoP and other essences to help me go very deep with my spiritual work. I am grateful everyday to the person that introduced me to EoP. I am more confident relaxed and joyful on the journey.

— Anonymous, NC
Posted: 12/31/09

I have an 8-yr-old Westie who was having difficulty at the groomers — didn't like [having to] struggle that the groomer said she couldn't handle him. I opened an animal coning and asked for help. I was given a protocol that included EoP for my dog, for the whole grooming experience, and a dose for me (seems my anxiety was part of the problem!). Just before leaving for the groomers, I was also to give him a dose of ETS Plus for animals. I dropped him off and kept my fingers crossed. When I picked him up four hours later, the groomer was amazed. She said he was so calm and mellow that she had no problems at all. I use EoP in all kinds of situations and am continually amazed at the results. Thank you Nature, and thank you Perelandra.

— M.F., Bellevue, WA
Posted: 12/31/09

I'm a pianist, accompanist for singers, and there is a biennial national competition which I play for, and really hate (it's nerve wracking!!). Except that this year it was easy and enjoyable, although I played for twice as many candidates as usual. But then I took EoP daily, with the intent to do a crackerjack job, joyfully. MANY THANKS!!!

— P.T., Munich, Germany
Posted: 12/31/09