UPDATED: June 22, 2011

About the Essences Restabilizing Process

In the “old days,” every time you took the Perelandra Essences through airport security, the electrical patterns were impacted by the X-ray and you needed to restabilize them with this process. Well, no more! I’ve made the patterns airport and security proof. Your Essences are now safe from any security, military, X-ray or communication checks. This pattern protection covers all Essence sets, old and new. Okay, here’s where I have to confess something: I added this protection to the Essence patterns about ten years ago and forgot to say anything to anyone, including my staff. I just want to point out that, even though I was extraordinarily forgetful back then, I’m being exceptionally courageous now. I’m admitting my forgetfulness at the risk of inciting a mob of angry Essence users who have diligently done the Restabilizing Process every time they went through airport security. I beg you to smile about the retirement of the Restabilizing Process and not come after me!

— Machaelle Wright