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Perelandra Processes: Everyday Life With Nature

Recently I reread Machaelle's book Flower Essences. I don't know why, since I was sure I "knew it all." And I was stunned to realize I had completely forgotten about telegraph testing. I decided to try it out. I had a current flare-up of poison oak (I am highly sensitive to it, and my property is full of it). Usually when I am exposed to it, I have ten to fourteen days of misery. So I checked myself for essences, then did telegraph testing for the itching and rash. I went on to other things, and then suddenly realized 20 minutes later, no more itching and no more rash. Amazing! I had to repeat the process every 12 hours for three days (different remedies each times). This was like a miracle to me. Later I had a more severe case (I got a little cocky about avoiding exposure), and the essences didn't clear the rash, but it reduced the itching 90 percent. Usually when it's that bad I have to take steroids, which I hate, and can't take anything for itching because it makes me too sleepy at work. So this was definitely an improvement. Thank you.

My young dog developed a bladder infection, seemingly out of the blue. I tried MBP and homeopathic remedies with some mild improvement, but it would always return. I had decided it was time to go to the vet for antibiotics. Before I did that, as a last effort, I tested for flower essences with telegraph testing. The remedies had to do with fear and grief. And in a sudden aha moment, I knew that she had overheard my husband and me talking the week before. Someone had offered us another dog, and since he wasn't housebroken, we were talking about tying him out on the run outside. With a flash I knew that our dog had "seen" our mental pictures and assumed she was going to be tied up outside. I gave her the essences, reassured her that her place was in our house, and she was completely cured.

This year, I was inspired to give another try to co-creative gardening. I had tried it in the past with confusing and frustrating results. I think I had gone into it with too much ego or agenda. Last year (my first summer in a new climate), I just did what I wanted to, thank you very much, and the garden straggled along, finally succumbing after being eaten to the ground a fourth time by deer (despite Alcatraz-like defenses).

So this year, apparently humbled enough, I said, "Let's try. Here goes nothing." And without any particular expectations, I got the garden design and planting scenario from the deva. And now, I have to say, the garden is awesome. Lush and happy plants filling the area. Deer tracks outside the garden, but zero deer damage. When I was asking what to plant and explaining that this rural area had few choices, the deva said almost anything was okay, but don't plant potatoes. I thought maybe the potato energy was out of balance with the garden, until two weeks later when 20 volunteer potato plants came up.

At one point, a woman was staying with us for a couple of weeks as she was temporarily homeless. She had a dozen or so garden plants in pots that she put inside the garden fence. The next day — Yikes! — the garden was full of beetles, whiteflies, bugs of every description. I was told to do an energy cleansing, which I did. Two hours later, NO BUGS! I swear. Not one! This lady's energy was quite intense and chaotic, and her plants carried that energy with them and it unbalanced the garden. I was told to do an energy cleansing every three days while her plants were present, then for a week afterwards. The bugs never returned. It gives me such joy to see this beautiful flourishing garden, and it's special to have flowers in the garden from which I have made my own essences to help balance and comfort my family. My heart sings. This co-creative stuff works.

E.W-R., California