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Post: April 2020
Last Update: December 2022

Sudden Disease Outbreaks
Part 2: Expanded Tips for Exposure, Illness and Recovery

With so many folks ill right now, we thought it was time for a refresher on what to do if one of the many rapidly spreading pathogens finds its way to you.

In Part 1 of this series, we explained how to prepare for exposure to any outbreak.

Here we give you the tips you will need if you have been exposed, you are sick or recovering.

Don't faint at first glance! You do not have to do everything listed. Focus on what you already use from Perelandra, and consider your own comfort level. Also consider your condition and how much you can reasonably do with these tools at the stage of illness you are in. Is rest more important than forcing yourself to focus for a kinesiology test? You can layer your approach day by day. Do what you can for support as you progress through your illness. And don't stop taking the most important Solutions just because you are ill. They will continue to help you move through it. And they will not interfere with any necessary medications you might be taking.

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We cannot emphasize enough right now: Seek medical help when needed. The Perelandra products and processes are not a replacement for needed medical help, but to be used in conjunction.

Now is a time to be smart about your health. Use these tools wisely, and when you need to, call a doctor or emergency services. You can continue to use the Perelandra products and processes in conjunction with any medical treatment.

For Everyone

Don't dismiss the everyday strain of the long-running and now multiple health crises and how this daily strain impacts your health, whether or not you are sick. ETS Alert We are all a challenge to our circuits — mentally, emotionally and physically.

We strongly recommend, to continue to get through this time, that you take one dose (12 drops) of ETS for Humans two times a day, every day, even if you think all is well.

If something strikes you personally or if you find yourself freaked out, take one dose 3–5 times a day.

For Easy Support and Strengthening

Important Solutions

If you just want to stick with taking bottled Solutions, we still recommend the support of the four to six Most Important Daily Solutions right now (Virus, Immune, Lymphatic, Respiratory) — twice daily, morning and night. Add Bacteria and Nervous if you can.

If you are experiencing symptoms or are being treated, continue taking your twice-daily doses of these Solutions. Also increase to one dose of ETS for Humans 5 times daily.


Taking Your Drops

Make sure you're following the optimal timing and making the most of the Perelandra Solutions and Essences.

Quick Reference Dosage for Most Important Daily Solutions


If you've been hit hard and are unable to do any testing,
or if taking the above Solutions is more than you can do.


Throughout your illness, take ETS for Humans 5 times daily. Also take Essence of Perelandra (EoP) 5 times daily for maintaining strength.

They may be taken at the same time of day, waiting just 10 seconds between each dose. Either administer the needed drops directly from the bottle dropper or use a clean spoon for each Solution. Do not combine ETS and EoP into one spoon, keep them separate.

If you can add just one more twice daily, add the Virus Solution.

Then, when you are able, resume twice daily doses of the MBP Solutions listed above, and Bacteria Solution. You can build them back in gradually if necessary, starting with one dose daily. Again, do just as much as you are comfortable and able while sick.

How to work with your other Perelandra health tools when you have been exposed to the pathogen or if you are sick.

In addition to your daily Perelandra Solutions, choose from the options listed here and in the full article linked below. Remember, you do not have to do everything listed.

If you have none or just a few of the Solutions recommended — use them as instructed. And if you know MAP and are too sick to take Solutions or you are hospitalized — be sure to open Emergency MAP* right away.


Medical Assistance Program

If you work with MAP, as soon as you start experiencing symptoms (or think you are experiencing symptoms), open Emergency MAP, tell them what you're experiencing. Leave it open until you're well on the road to recovery and regaining your strength. After you close Emergency MAP, resume your regular pathogen MAP session rhythm.

* Read and learn the Emergency MAP instructions now. Don't wait until you are in an emergency or crisis. See MAP, 3rd edition, pages 141-144. We suggest you make a quick-reference card for yourself now, so you won't have to go hunting for your book or rely on your memory.

If you haven't been exposed and are not ill, see our Expanded Tips, Part 1.

If you know you have been exposed, open a session as usual and tell your team you would like the focus of your session to be only on the current infection "for moving ______ [name of pathogen] out of my system and shoring up my body and health from any adverse impact caused by the illness."

This is your focus for the entire 40-minute session. Do not add in other issues. At the end of the session, ask your team how often you need to have MAP sessions for this one issue. Those sessions will also need to be focused solely on this issue and not on anything else. (It's not likely you'll wish to do so at this time, but you may continue separate MAP sessions for other problems or concerns.)

All Essences Set

Perelandra Essences

If you work with the Perelandra Essences, do a Daily Basic Telegraph Test with the focus: "For moving ______ [name of pathogen] out of my system and for shoring up my body and health from any adverse impact caused by the illness." Test the number of times to take the combination for that day only. (Do not test how many drops, just take 1 drop of each needed essence.) Do a new test each day.

MBP Phase 1

Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program

If you work with the Microbial Balancing Program, do a Phase 1 General Balancing for Emergencies (p. 150) with the focus: "For moving ______ [name of pathogen] out of my system and for shoring up my body and health from any adverse impact caused by the illness." Do this daily if you can.

PIC Librarian

PIC List Testing

1. If you have a PIC Unit to "strengthen and prepare for possible exposure," stop taking those drops and test a new PIC List with the focus: "For moving _____ [name of pathogen] out of my system and for shoring up my body and health from any adverse impact caused by the illness." Take the needed drops twice daily and do all the retests until you move into Phase 3, the recuperation stage.

For additional information, including how to change your focus after recuperation, see the All-Purpose PIC Guidelines for Sudden Disease Outbreaks.

2. If you have any other PIC Units (such as for your "general daily health"), go ahead and continue those drops and your rechecks as usual. If you need to pause a PIC List temporarily, just tell PIC and stop taking the drops. When you're ready to start again, do a new test.

3. No matter how many PIC Units you have going, always remember to take the Most Important Daily Solutions (Virus, Bacteria, Immune, Lymphatic, Respiratory and Nervous) twice a day, over and above your PIC drops.


Again, do not hesitate to get needed medical help when you are sick.


We would like to extend our gratitude to all of you who are paying attention and caring for the well-being of others by staying home when you have symptoms, and when you may have been exposed to someone who has symptoms of any infectious illness — even if it means missing a party or gathering with loved ones. Especially then.