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Eye Love the Organizing Process

by Reba Hatfield

To show how complete the Perelandra Organizing Process is, I will share my personal experience with it. First, you must know that I had been working on issues of eyesight via the Organizing Process for some time. I began working on a particular issue concerning visual response that has been with me all my life, but for which several eye specialists could find no biological cause. It's a problem with the muscles of the eye called Nastagmus that makes it difficult to focus.

One day this past June while sitting at a traffic light, I stretched my neck and looked up. There on the side of a building was an eyeball logo that seemed to get bigger and bigger and even come toward me. The light changed and while driving away I wondered, "What in the world was that all about?!" I had scheduled an Organizing Process session for myself that evening. At the appointed time, I got out my organizing chart and proceeded to check the eyesight issue in question, and what should come up? You've probably guessed it: That I should go to a mainstream ophthalmologist at the clinic whose logo I had noticed earlier that day! Now I never would have considered this because I have a wonderful eye doctor at another clinic. But I heeded this insight, got a list of the clinic's doctors and, using kinesiology, checked to find the one I should see.

The day of the appointment, I checked again to see if there was anything I needed to do in preparation. The answer was "yes," and I immediately saw, in my mind's eye, an anatomy book I own, which is filled with detailed drawings of the eye. I understood that I was to take it with me so that the ophthalmologist could use it to explain things.

The doctor was very nice and explained my vision situation with great clarity. It turned out that he was leaving soon to teach at a medical university but he referred me to another physician at the clinic who happened to be the only ophthalmologist in town who specialized in fixing the particular eye function I was working with. This new specialist told me that my "problem" was electrical and that he would be willing to work with me every three months to check my progress. The results I achieved using the Organizing Process on this particular issue have given me great confidence in the program itself. None of the things I was led to do along the way made any sense to me at all at the time, but in the end they made perfect sense.

The Organizing Process can be used to address any physical or emotional issue. Following are a few experiences I've had using it with other people. A woman I worked with was having knee problems, which we found to be aggravated by caffeine. Another client experienced sluggish digestion that improved when he did as the Organizing Process suggested and started getting a good night's sleep. Yet another client's found that his liver was helped when he reduced his coffee intake to only twice a week and gave up skim milk, as indicated by the Organizing Process.

From my experience, I firmly believe that the Organizing Process will give you insight and guidance and lead you to a healthier balance. Some symptoms take a very short time to resolve, especially if they are new, while those that have been around awhile take more time. And it takes time and concentration to understand and effectively practice the Organizing Process, but in my experience it is well worth it. I would sorely miss this resource in my life.