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April 2022

One or Two Doses of EoP? That is the question . . .

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Answers to oft-asked questions about Essence of Perelandra.

We offer loads of tips about using Essence of Perelandra for your goals and your personal environment, including:

Here, we're going to answer two oft-asked questions about when and how to use EoP for your personal health and balance.


When I'm taking EoP for myself, do I take one dose or two?

Machaelle gives the instructions for this on page 5 of the Essence of Perelandra (EoP) Brochure:

Essence of Perelandra may be used by humans and animals for providing balanced strength, stability and support. It may also be taken for specific human issues. In this situation, take EoP twice: once for strength, stability and support, and again while focusing on the specific issue. Repeat this (taking EoP twice) for each issue you address.

When facing a special challenge or difficult meeting, take a dose of EoP orally for balanced support and strength as you address that challenge. In this situation, you only need to take one dose of EoP.

There are two ways to approach taking the drops.

The easy directions: Take 10 drops orally any time you feel that Essence of Perelandra could be helpful. While taking the drops, focus your attention or state aloud what you want the Essence of Perelandra to address. Take the two doses as described above when taking EoP for a specific issue.

If you know PKTT (Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique) and want to conserve your EoP drops, see the EoP Brochure, page 5, for the directions here.


How do I know whether it's a "challenge" I'm facing or a health issue?

The best way to answer this one is to give you a some examples.

  • Your head is throbbing and you need some relief. Two doses.

  • You're about to have a difficult, important conversation. One dose.

  • You're freaking out about having that difficult, important conversation and you can't stop bouncing off the walls. Two doses.

  • Your "tennis elbow" is acting up. Two doses.

  • You are preparing to give a presentation. One dose.

That should get your mental wheels turning!

If you are unsure and go with the two-dose approach even though one dose would do, you will not do any harm. Your body will use what was needed and simply cast off the extra dose.

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