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Update: May 17, 2022

Your Most-Asked Questions About Perelandra Essences

We encourage everyone using the Perelandra Essences to keep up with your Daily Basic Essences Test for general balance. A few minutes each day will allow you to monitor your electric circuits, maintain balance and keep ahead of the domino effect that can occur when we start to feel "off." It's a valuable part of your health regimen.

The other brilliant thing about regular Basic Essences Testing is that with each passing day, with every test you do, you're going to improve your Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique or PKTT (pronounced "pick it"). Developing this skill will make all the difference when you're working with nature in your garden and soil-less garden!


I've been using Machaelle's book, Flower Essences for decades. Do I really need The Perelandra Essences book?

The Perelandra Essences isn't just an update of the Flower Essences book. It totally replaces the old book! This book is essential for you to have on hand because it will completely revamp and improve your approach to using the Essences.

To get a clear picture of how much this information has changed, take a look at the Table of Contents and Introduction in this excerpt.

I have a Perelandra Essences Set from the late 90s. Will the essences still work or does the potency diminish over time?

The Perelandra Essences have an indefinite shelf life, so you will not have to replace your set.

However, the preservative (brandy or vinegar) can interact with and break down the rubber dropper over time. The rubber does not impact the efficacy, it's just unpleasant to taste. If you don't mind the taste and want to continue using your essences, we offer replacement droppers so that rubber flavor won't get any stronger!

There are certain essences that always test positive for me, no matter if I do a Basic Essences Test or a Telegraph Test for a specific issue. What does it mean if I always need the same essence(s)? Is there any significance to that particular essence?

This is something to ask the PIC Classroom. It's the best way to get insight about how the Perelandra Essences you often need specifically address what you're testing or why they repeat. Many of us tend to have certain patterns of testing for particular issues.

essences testing Is it important to test all of the essences in one sitting? Or could I test a few boxes in the morning and a few in the afternoon?

If you want the most comprehensive results, you need to test all of the essences you have in one sitting. When you are comfortable with PKTT, this only takes a few minutes.

But when this is all new to you, it can be overwhelming right off the bat. So, start by testing from just one set, adding sets as your comfort level improves. After a few weeks or months, you will be well practiced and it will take less time.

If you are testing from just one or two sets, when you sit down to test, say, "I am only testing from this/these set(s): ______________ [name the set(s)]." You will get the best combination available to you from the set or sets you are testing.

If I take the MBP Balancing Solutions nightly, should I still do a daily Basic Essences Test?

The Perelandra Essences and the MBP Balancing Solutions are addressing your body in two completely different ways. Continue to take your MBP Solutions nightly, even when you are also testing essences daily or throughout the day. When you test essences, you get a very specific, individualized readout of your circuits' needs. The MBP Solutions apply a broader, universal pattern to address a body system, all of it's parts and microbes.

I've tested to take several drops of each essence. Then I noticed the word "concentrate" on the label. Do I really only need to take just one drop of each essence that tests positive? That doesn't seem like enough. Can we over-do?

When taking your Perelandra Essences directly from the bottle, you only need one drop for each dosage because it is a concentrate. This really is enough. If you're making a solution bottle (used when you test to take a combination of essences over a period of time), follow the instructions in The Perelandra Essences book, beginning on page 63.

Why are my test results saying to take more drops?
If you strongly believe you need more than one drop, that can influence your testing. But one of the nice things about essences is that you can't "overdose." And now that you better understand how the Perelandra Essences work, you won't waste your drops!

I'm having a heck of a time muscle-testing. When I check and recheck my test, I always get different answers. Any suggestions?

First, stop rechecking your test! When you double-check or triple-check, you introduce more and more doubt into the test, and that doubt confuses you and your electric circuits. You're just going to send yourself down an endless spiral.

PKTT isn't a magic trick. It is a tool to read the status of your electric circuits. And it can be easy to influence a test — your thoughts impact your circuits. So you want to stay as objective and neutral as possible. Remember, the point is to simply find out which essences are needed to repair and strengthen your circuits.

The best way to hold your clarity and neutrality is to just relax and go with your first test. Take the essences. And do it again the next day. Soon you'll start noticing the benefits of the essences and that will give you confidence in your testing. (This is working, so I must be doing something right!)

You won't do any harm if you make a mistake and take an essence you didn't need. And if you miss an essence you did need, it will come up in the next test.

Essence testing daily is a great way of learning to test using PKTT, plus you get the health benefit of taking the essences. Only repetition, practice and experience will build a foundation of confidence. So don't give up on it.

For a good visual instruction of PKTT and helpful tips, watch Machaelle give a 5-minute demo here.

For more tips and an alternative way to test if you have any muscular trouble with your hands, see our series of PKTT articles.


The Perelandra Essences book

The Perelandra Essences Brochure includes a short description of the five Perelandra Essences Sets, instructions for the Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique, the Basic Essences Testing steps and guidelines for daily testing, plus additional tips on dosages and dropper hygiene.

If you're intrigued and would like to learn how to use the Perelandra Essences effectively for yourself, your animals and more, get the The Perelandra Essences: A Revolution in Our Understanding and Approach to Illness and Health by Machaelle Wright.