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Last Update: February 2021

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Virus & Bacteria Questions

We recommend the Virus Solution and the Bacteria Solution often, and with good reason. They are unlike any other Perelandra Solution.

They are so easy to use that folks have difficulty believing it can be so simple. Others who are just starting with one or both Solutions sometimes, understandably, miss a vital bit of instruction, or come up with a helpful question we never expected. Thankfully, we have these FAQs to help!

First, the answer to everyone's burning question.

The Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution do NOT need to be replaced annually.

What should I expect when I take them?

How each person will respond when taking the Virus and Bacteria Solutions will vary. Many of you will experience a mild response and some, no response. The Solutions are working in both cases. What you experience will be according to your own "inner microbial housing."

A few of us on staff experienced an initial "flare up" of old stuff, some just felt a little tired and others moved differently through an issue that was already present when starting the Solutions. Some of us had a faster, smoother recovery from problems that were in progress. And one of us experienced a significant reduction in the usual problems caused by a necessary medication. Customer feedback so far has been very similar to what we experienced. All who have responded, expressed that their experience clearly indicated to them a change was occurring as a result of taking the new Solutions.

Depending on a person's health and their microbial situation, the initial response may last from one to nine days, give or take. The length of time depends on what and how much is being stirred up, reorganized, ousted, etc. Just continue as you are, taking the two Solutions daily. Your body's response is an indication something is happening, "the pot is being stirred." Don't back away.

We encourage you to keep up with your daily doses. It's best not to stop taking the Solutions once you've started. If you do stop midstream, then later start up again, you'll find yourself going through the same response and it may be more pronounced having stirred things up previously.

If you become uncomfortable with your body's response while taking the Solutions twice daily, reduce to a once-daily dose of both Solutions. This will extend your adjustment period, but will be gentler.

"Should I keep taking Virus, Bacteria and my MBP Solutions if I get a vaccination?"

Yes. Take all of your recommended twice-daily Perelandra Solutions, even after vaccination. As the situation has evolved, our knowledge about the challenges we face has expanded. (Learn More)

Which Solution replaces the old, annual Seasonal Balancing Solution?

Ideally, both Virus and Bacteria. Together they offer broad support for health in this new, climate-change-challenged world, including increased out-of-control microbial activity and a range of issues science is only beginning to attribute to microbes.

"Microbial activity" does not just mean certain types of seasonal issues. But if replacing your old Seasonal Balancing Solution is your primary concern and you choose to take only one Solution at this time, make it the Virus Solution. (Learn More)

How long will a 2-oz. bottle last?

Virus and Bacteria 2oz Solutions

We dutifully counted it out and found there are around 1200 drops in a 2-oz. bottle. A single adult dose of Virus Solution or Bacteria Solution is 10 drops, which means there are roughly 120 doses per bottle. Following the math, that comes to:

  • A 2-oz. bottle will last one adult about 4 months when taking one dose daily.

  • Taken twice daily, a 2-oz. bottle will last an adult about 2 months.

  • If either Solution is also part of a PIC Unit, you'll finish the bottle sooner. (And you may wish to economize with 8-oz. refills.)

Can a dose be diluted?

If you are an adult or teenager (13 years old and up):

  • No, you cannot dilute either of these Solutions.

For children 12 years and younger:

  • Each child's dose can be diluted and administered separately.

  • Add 15 drops of Virus or Bacteria Solution into 2 ounces (or less) of tepid water.

  • The child must drink all of the water.

Can I take Virus and Bacteria at the same time I take my MBP Solutions or other Perelandra Solutions like Internal Parasites and Joint Health?

Building on the understanding that these two aren't like any other Perelandra Solutions — Bacteria and Virus cannot be taken along with your MBPs, other Solutions for Humans, Perelandra Essences or literally anything else.

Your Virus and Bacteria doses can be taken one right after the other, as long as you're sure to follow these rules:

  • Do not eat, drink or put anything in your mouth 10 minutes before you take them.

  • Wait 10 seconds between taking each dose. Don't mix them together.

  • Don't eat, drink or put anything in your mouth 10 minutes after you take them.

Is there any overlap between the Nature Program V1, V2, B1 and B2 Essences and the Virus Solution or Bacteria Solution?

No. The Solutions address the body's circuits and microbes in a completely new and different way than the Perelandra Essences (or even the Microbial Balancing Program).

Bacteria and Virus don't replace these and other Perelandra options. For a nagging, recurring, chronic or persistent issue, try these two Solutions first. If you need additional support, consider PIC List testing, Essences telegraph testing or the Microbial Balancing Program troubleshooting.

If I'm taking an antibiotic, can I still take the Bacteria Solution?

Yes. The Solution will continue to support you and do what it is designed to do, and can be of help while taking medications.

Would the Virus Solution help with ______?

Yes. If you're considering this question, give the Solution a try.

Would the Bacteria Solution help with ______?

Yes. If you're considering this question, give the Solution a try.

What do I say when I'm explaining Bacteria or Virus to a friend?

Take it first before you try explaining it to others. And when you recommend it, share your experiences along with the Virus and Bacteria Brochure.

Can I give the Virus Solution to my dog?

No. The Virus Solution and the Bacteria Solution are for humans only. They are not to be given to animals or plants.


Will these Solutions kill virus or bacteria that are causing me problems?

No. These two Solutions are focused on the job of addressing where things first go off the rails. They provide a targeted monitoring to disrupt and eliminate "microbial misbehavior." They are not an anti-viral or anti-bacterial treatment.

If you, too, are friends with your microbes and protective of the little buggers, you'll be happy to know: No virus or bacteria were harmed in the making of these Solutions!

Bonus Knowledge


Here are a couple of new "Did You Know?!"  articles to help you understand that balancing your microbes is not just about dealing with "seasonal stuff."