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September 29, 2012

As part of our Virtual Open House, we offered an Online Question Forum with Machaelle answering your questions!

Okay folks, that's it for today. Let's meet back same place, same time, different date, for the next installment of the Perelandra Question Forum!

And for all of you people in the United States, you better get off your butts and vote November 6th!. — Machaelle

Rona's Question: I find it a challenge sometimes to stop from despair at all the destruction of the natural environment and am in outrage at GMOs. However I had a moment of excitement while doing the MBP programme and the genetic balancing... if nature can bring microbes back to their original genetic blueprint then why not plants? I guess this would be a co creative process. Do you think this is a process that may be in the pipeline for Perelandra, or perhaps those of us who are well aquainted with the processess could link with nature and try?

Machaelle's Answer: Oh Rona, I'm just going to annoy the hell out of you and tell you . . . Wait for the surprise. We're only talking about a few weeks. The surprise will help you! In the mean time, relax and read a good book while you wait.

Gary's Question: Hello from New Zealand. I have just purchased a block of land and a part share in an access road to it (shared with four other parties). When I am doing energy processes on the land, can/should I include my share of the road access, and do I just say ... "plus my share of the access road" or similar? Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: Hello back New Zealand! Yes, you can include your share of the access road. Word it like that and let nature figure out what that means. Have a good spring and summer!

Jerry's Question: I have been using both essences per The Perelandra Essences the book and the Microbial Balancing Program quite successfully for about 6 months but have some questions about their relationship. First, do the steps #7 and #8 of the MBP Troubleshooting list deal with conditions or symptoms that would be handled with straight essence testing (basic and TT)? Secondly, is it permissible or advisable to be doing solutions from both programs simultaneously?

Machaelle's Answer: 1) No, the essence testing that you do in the MBP Troubleshooting addresses your electric circuits as they relate to the MBP problem that is the focus of the troubleshooting chart. 2) Sure, you can take the solutions from both programs simultaneously, just make sure you focus on what each solution is for as you're taking it.

Susan's Question: from another oldtimer...loved the slide show...and I love it when there's a surprise right around the corner from your side of the street...thanks for the smile and looking forward to it!

Machaelle's Answer: Thanks for the kind words. I hope you're going to love the surprise as much as I do.

Louisa's Question: just another "THANK YOU!" for everything - what a difference it all makes. And yesterday I did the new post-death essences process using the ETS+ for my dear cousin Gracie - now that was easy - and it helped both of us so much. I am continually amazed by the power of the flower essences & delighted at the opportunity to personally express my gratitude. Continued blessings from me to you, your staff, nature, & the effective tools you've given us.

Machaelle's Answer: Well, Louisa, this is terrific. Thank you for the kind words. And I'm very pleased that the new Post Death Process helped you and Gracie.

Marilyn's Question: Thank you. We are in an exceptional drought this summer in Nebraska, along with a large area of the central U.S. I tried doing the atmospheric balancing process along with the other garden processes. I've had a few showers but nothing even near to what we need in this part of the country. I've started using EOP to help keep my pasture and cropland healthy but without water that's almost impossible. Any suggestions? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: Boy, you guys out there really are having terrible drought. My suggestion is that you not focus the processes on breaking a drought. Instead, focus the processes on preparing and working with your land in light of the drought. Be specific about your pasture use -- what's being used for agriculture, what's being used for pasture land, and prepare those areas according to nature's direction so that the land can move through a drought no matter how much rain you get.

Butler's Question: So, I just ran in from my garden. Exciting thought I wondered about. For awhile now I've been fantasizing about maybe, just maybe, I could contribute to the Earth and it healing. I love calling myself crazy, delusional, whatever-- I know/feel it's possible. So, back to my running in from the garden. A long time ago I had some "body work" done. Pain and discomfort were a part of my daily experience. The practitioner used a term called "midpoints". Midpoints are suppose to be very beneficial, powerful and can when used properly incredibly useful. So I routinely dream about the possibility that somehow my little space here on Earth could co-create somehow with this idea in mind. Please know I really wondered how relevant this would be sharing today and that's when I got so super excited. Because, maybe other people will think about that too and we could have even a larger network.

Machaelle's Answer: I'm glad you're excited about this, but I haven't a clue what you're talking about, and I encourage you to carry on!

Johny's Question: Thanks for your answer: "I think your DDP is just fine for that. But once you activate the DDP, be prepared for this to unfold in unexpected ways. Don't try to control it." Unexpected, its like life anyway, or do you mean in another way? It kind of scared me... And Don't try to control it. I understand that, but it seem that I am about to take the big jump... Is that what you mean?

Machaelle's Answer: I had a feeling from your question that you might have specific ideas of how you want your DDP to unfold. I was trying to alert you to let go of that and just let it unfold naturally. I'm not trying to scare you or warn you. Sorry for the confusion. I just wanted you to remain open to nature's creativity for addressing this kind of a DDP.

Catherine's Question: I take all the MBS solutions am & pm. If I want to more specifically address a chronic health issue, would that require taking some of them a 2nd time twice a day? (I've only done this a few times but it was really effective! I wonder about the difference between TT for MBPs and TT for essences)

Machaelle's Answer: If you wonder about the difference, read the information on telegraph testing for MBPs and the information for telegraph testing for the essences and that will give you the differences. And yes, if you are telgraph testing the MBP Balancing Solutions you are taking a second dose.

Helka's Question: Hello Machaelle, You said that the Calibration Process has been completely updated in The Perelandra Essences. I found the PKTT Calibration Process on p. 224. Is this the new Calibration Process you refer to? Helka from Finland

Machaelle's Answer: The update is on pp. 214-215, and it's now called the Basic Telegraph Test for Emotional and Mental Issues. Nice to hear from you Helka!

Catherine's Question: Every solstice/equinox I'm confused about who to include in the coning for participating in the solstice/equinox. I have SLGs, our property, my own personal cycle, etc. I'm confused what deva(s) to include and what WB connection(s) to include -- or do I need to open multiple conings? Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: Open one coning and include the devas for each of those things, and for the WB connection(s), just request that the relevant WB connections be made and they will automatically connect the pertinent members. Make sure you describe why you are opening this coning prior to actually opening it. For example, "I am opening the coning for this equinox."

aws's Question: I have been working with my MAP team for about a month now. I understand that my team can not work on anything with out my direction. What if I direct them to work on something that is tied to Karma? What happens then?

Machaelle's Answer: Then they work on something that's tied to karma according to how you describe it.

JB's Question: Just to thank you for all your work, and let you know that my SLG team went above and beyond in making a difficult international move go smoothly, found me a house that fit perfectly, (difficult as I have 9 dogs and renting), and even supplied me with a kitchen compost bin that I had promised to buy myself to replace smelly plastic bags! Detail! Amazing and wonderful. THank you!

Machaelle's Answer: Fantastic and congratulations! Bet your 9 dogs are happy too!

Winter's Question: Following up wwtw's question 29: Would it be a good idea to test for seven days after testing clear for an issue in the Organizing Process, as well?

Machaelle's Answer: When you're working with the Organizing Process, you clear out of testing according to how the individual tests are set up, and you don't need to do anything extra.

Crocus's Question: Is there a difference between an ETS plus bath and an essense of perelandra bath?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, they are each totally different solutions. ETS Plus addresses trauma caused by, among other things, stress and daily pressure. The Essence of Perelandra infuses a high quality of balance into the body.

Cat's Question: Hello again- As I just discovered you and Perelandra I am finding your work resonates strongly with me. 1)Are there Perelandra study groups, or something like that available? If not I will start one. 2) Do you have plans to teach &/or speak? Thank you for all you do and have done.

Machaelle's Answer: You may find a study group near you through our Facebook page, or you can get one started there. See my answer to question 56 about teaching/speaking. And congratulations again on discovering Perelandra!

chakrasong's Question: Hello, my question is about post nasal drip and the MBP solutions. I know you're not supposed to drink/take anything after the bedtime drops, but what if your body is committing mutiny down your own throat? Thanks for your time, and apologies if this has already been addressed somewhere where I haven't found it.

Machaelle's Answer: If you wake up in the middle of the night, you can get a glass of water and deal with your post-nasal drip as you like. The common way of dealing with this situation is to just put an extra pillow under you and elevate your head.

Flatrock's Question: Hi M, I am fairly new to MAP and all of your incredible work. Wow..! I would love to have you come visit us here in the far north of Alaska. Do you ever travel and hold any clinics? My house is your house, any day.. and thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: Dear Flatrock, As enticing as your invitation sounds, I have to respectfully decline. I'm pretty much a homebody stuck here at Perelandra doing the work that's needed here. But thanks anyway! (Luckily, all of the material is written so that you don't need a workshop from me!)

Giselam's Question: I just wanted to thank you, Machaelle. With the help of your books, the Deva of our property, the nature spirits and a lot of muscle testing I was able to co-create a vegetable garden for the first time in my life. It turned into an oasis, that I thoroughly enjoyed all summer and we live in a high desert climate above 8,ooo feet! (though I did add a lot of soil and water) Thanks again for all your work and your generous sharing. If you like I could email a few pictures of the garden.

Machaelle's Answer: Please feel free to email those pictures, that would be nice to see. I'm really glad to hear you're doing so well with this.

JHaynes's Question: Just to be clear (and sorry I am dense) part of the DDP for my job as manager is that the department be a pleasant place to work. My dept. has been physically moved many times, so before we "moved in" I would do the clearing and battle energy etc on the space, the furniture and equipment etc (after hours). I was always careful to only include the space I felt responsible for. I understand I can't interfere in people's space once they've moved in - but does this mean that my DDP is somehow wrong? I got the idea of clearing the departmental space from reading in Voices about a teacher clearing and balancing her classroom and thought that was a great idea. If I read your answer to my first question correctly, I shouldn't do any balancing work in the physical space where my department rests because I am not the owner. As a huge corporation, no one actually owns it. I am confused.

Machaelle's Answer: If "DDP" means your job description as defined by your corporation, then you can do the Energy Cleansing after everyone has left work. If your "DDP" is the soil-less garden definition and is separate from your job description, then you must be careful not to over-step and just use it for your personal space. Having a pleasant place to work in this case doesn't necessarily mean providing Energy Cleansings only. Nature will give you other options for achieving a pleasant place to work that will not violate the rights of others.

Katherine's Question: Machaelle you have been talking to us about voting for a while now and it has stayed in my mind. So when I was at the Farmer's Market last week and invited by people at a booth to sign up for a reminder for early voting I did. In my state of Ohio I can vote I think it is next week, and I signed up for a reminder email. That way I will be sure to do it!

Machaelle's Answer: I'm really glad to hear this. And you're in a critical state. So picture me on the sideline with pom-poms cheering you on and saying, "Go for it Katherine!"

Cat's Question: Hi Machaelle- I'm new to Arlington, VA and happily just discovered you, your books, etc. Can you speak about how nature deals with being bombarded/controlled by things such as HAARP, Chemtrails, and GMO crops, etc.?! What is the degree of harm in these?

Machaelle's Answer: Welcome to Virginia! This must be GMO / chemical day. I've had 3 other questions along these lines (see answers 39, 40 and 41). The focus of my work is to connect you with nature so that you can address these issues as they apply to you, your environment and your life. I don't get generalized information about these things. In some cases, they speak rather strongly for themselves and don't need anything other than the awareness that this is the wrong direction to go in. I think it's interesting that there have been a number of articles in the press about the 60th anniversary of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring these last few days. I think Rachel would agree that the degree of harm in all of these things is significant. And I feel certain nature would agree as well.

Michelle's Question: Dear Machaelle I am deeply grateful for your work - thank you! My question: I will be staying in a hotel for one week at a time for 5 separate weeks over the course of this academic year. Can I do energy processes for GB for my hotel room when I arrive at the hotel (I will probably be assigned a different room each stay.) Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, as long as you do this just for your room.

Totalunschool's Question: Best answer ever!!!!! :) [Question #12] Thank you, and thanks for all you do. Looking forward to it. Just checking, have you looked into iodine as a flower essence preservative? Have you gotten a definite answer from nature that there's no other preservative that could possibly be used? and if there is some alternatives and if your customers would get funds to cover the costs of start-up, would that be a viable on your end? Thx.

Machaelle's Answer: Over the near 40 years that I've been producing essences, I've gotten all kinds of suggestions on what people think I should be preserving them with. the bottom line is that here at Perelandra, I preserve them according to what nature says I should preserve them with. I don't entertain anyone else's suggestion.

columbipaws's Question: A thanks for your encouragement to vote. I would vote anyway - but my cynicism about the system has strongly diluted (if not demolished) my faith in the voting process anymore. Your words challenge - with much thanks - that cynicism. And motivates me to get back to encouraging others. With much thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: Oh good. This is good to hear. I understand the cynicism, but I think it's important that we remember that the reasons underlying or causing the cynicism are valid. The most obvious thing we can do about that is get angry, get motivated and dedicate ourselves to hiring the level of people who are qualified to run this country well. If we acquiesce to the cynicism and choose not to vote, we are then actively participating in allowing morons and idiots to continue running the country according to their own self-interest. The thing that I really want to emphasize is the choice to not vote still has an active impact on the voting. It's just that instead of voting for the qualified person, to not vote you allow for the unqualified person to take office.

Moonspun's Question: What specifically is the White Brotherhood doing to help with government on this planet?

April's Question: Thank you for your Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program solutions which I have been using for a number of years (ie: respiratory, lymphatic, etc.). I feel that they have improved my health immensely. On the other hand, many years ago (perhaps 15?, 20? plus and I hope that you have a record, sorry), I purchased Perelandra Rose and Garden Essences (around 27 essences.) I also purchased Rose II, Nature Program and Soul Ray (box has also around 27 bottles). Both boxes are still completely sealed and neither has been opened. Should I keep these items for possible future use or discard them? Thank you for your time and for your amazing contribution to this Earth.

Machaelle's Answer: You've had the essences for over 20 years just sitting there unopened and you haven't used them?! I'm flummoxed. You might try reading the book, The Perelandra Essences. It may inspire you to start using the essences you have. The only issue you're going to have is replacing the droppers (here) that can deteriorate over that length of time. There may be a rubber taste, but if you don't mind that, you can still use those essences.

jmpuder's Question: I have had chronic insomnia for more than 2 years. I have all your books and use essences, ETS, Balancing solutions, EoP, and have regular MAP sessions. I have begun going to a Chinese acupuncturist to treat insomnia also. The Perelandra hotline has given me good advice along the way, but I am still experiencing insomnia and now, the resulting physical fallout. Do you have any ideas for me? Thank you for all the wonderful products and the support you offer.

Machaelle's Answer: The only thing that comes to mind that you haven't listed is the suggestion to exercise, and exercise a lot. Make yourself tired. With this, you're killing two birds with one stone. You're improving your health while you are tiring yourself out. So I'm not suggesting a casual or short amount of exercise, I am suggesting doing it for a good length of time and making it strenuous enough to make you tired. Combine this with everything else you're doing, you're probably going to go to sleep very soon.

Ulrey's Question: Have you considered producing or providing Genesa crystals as part of your product line?

Machaelle's Answer: We don't have to, they're already being made elsewhere. We suggest Young Design.

Laighne's Question: Dear Machaelle and all at Perelandra, Thank you so very much for all your dedication and focus with Nature. My Health and my life has been greatly enhanced by all your many systems and products. Also, I so look forward to this forum as I learn A LOT for others questions and your answers. THANK YOU!!!

Machaelle's Answer: Hey, thanks for the kind words. I'm really glad you join us on these forums.

Moonspun's Question: Dear Machaelle, My senate race has come down to a contest between a candidate spending eight times as much money -- all her own -- against an average good guy who has no money. Soiless garden? This problem is systemic. Corporations and billionaires are buying elections across the country. They blow up our mountains, they frack poisons into our aquifers, they poison people with GMOs and have secret meetings about TPPA. How can we compete against corporations and billionaires that buy political favors? I want to get money out of politics. Is that soilless garden DDP? Nobody listens to me.

Machaelle's Answer: Listen Moonspun, I've given you my comments and if you think you have problems, let me tell you that my representative is Eric Cantor and we're trying to get him and his millions out. So please, don't try to impress me with the depths of your problems. I've got corporations and billionaires and whackos all my own that I'm trying to get out of office. But here's the difference between you and me. I think somebody's listening. And I believe nature can help.

Shakti's Question: Hello Machaelle and everyone at Perelandra! Big thanks and love to you all for the awesome work. Here's my question, one which I've been tossing back and forth for a while. How does 'God' fit into this Nature business? Is Nature the 'working arm' of God/dess? When people pray to God and have their prayers answered, are they actually communicating with Nature? Thanks :)

Machaelle's Answer: I've addressed this question in a Perelandra Voices article that you can read here.

Abergmann's Question: What will happen if genetically modified (GM) pollen pollinate some plants in your garden? Are the seeds of this pollinate plants also genetically modified? If yes. Is there a way to protect your garden from GM impact?

Machaelle's Answer: These are questions you're going to have to address with nature in your garden. And the first question you're going to have to ask is, "Is genetically modified pollination in YOUR garden an issue that needs to be addressed?" If yes, then work with nature to determine what's needed to address the problem. These kinds of questions need to be location specific and not generalized.

Lila's Question: Dear Machelle, When my grandparents were wheat farmers there were over 20 varieties of wheat, now I believe there are four with far higher gluten content and more and more people being diagnosed with celiac disease. GMO is tainting much of our food, most horrifically our seeds and our well-being. There is big money behind it (including but not limited to Bill Gates who I read has a financial interest in Monsanto imagine that). There is heavy lobbying to defeat the GMO labeling proposition in California. I even recently heard that the drug companies want to create a new drug to help the people "obsessed" with healthy eating (ie avoiding GMO products). The term "organic" is becoming meaningless. There are new vaccines for everything under the sun and grumblings of making certain vaccines mandatory. The FDA is not there for us.. One thing that has kept me sane were your sage words that "Nature will always win." This is a serious question even though it may not seem like it. Will nature win before I implode? PS We are of the same generation and I have never missed voting in a National Election and few local elections and will be there on this election day (if I don't implode first). Lila

Machaelle's Answer: Okay Lila! I honestly cannot guarantee that you won't implode before nature wins. It all depends on how fast we dedicate ourselves to sanity again. But I think you will make it to election day before you implode. I feel certain about that one! I think the whole GMO issue is going to continue rising as a controversy. It sounds like you folks in California are paving the way for the rest of the country to look at.

M's Question: Here in California we have a Proposition on our November ballot to require that food labels indicate if there are genetically modified ingredients in the product. Consequently there has been much discussion about possible harmful effects of GMO foods. It seems to me that when a GMO is created by the current techniques, it is an attempt to alter the archetype of the plant without the cooperation of Nature. Which is why the resulting plants have low life force and can't bring vitality to the body. Can you comment on GMOs and correct my thinking if it's off? Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: I think your thinking is probably quite accurate. So good luck with that proposition in November!

Deborah's Question: This may sound silly....I started observing the solsistice and equinox ala Perelandra and with candle lighting observation. I wrote down the words two days before, but then on September 22th on the exact moment to read it I couldn't read some part of my own writing and fumbled a little with the words. (I did worry about committing to my own next evolutionary step but at the same time I was really excited about it) Did I goof up my year? thanks

Machaelle's Answer: Actually, you probably helped your year. You go into the equinox not defining what your next cycle is but just activating the next cycle. So I think your "goof" is a positive.

Girija's Question: A friend had suggested starting a SLG covering self care - to help me fit in and balance all of the actions I know I need to engage in to have a smooth life flow - encompassing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals and daily actions. At first I thought she was crazy - that it was too much to tackle, but after 6+ months of working with SLG on my business I decided to try it (she's doing it for her life and loves it). I notice however, that I now get confused about whether to go to SLG or MAP when I notice I'm off track re doing the actions I know will help me be more balanced. In your opinion, is that too broad of a topic for one SLG? And do you have any pointers re how I can discern when to go to SLG vs MAP when I notice I'm avoiding what I know will help my life flow more smoothly? I've been using the strategy of opening the SLG and asking, as I figure they know which will help me most at that time. The impression I have from reading your books is that these beings are very 'busy,' so I don't want to 'pull' on them too much, yet I imagine I feel a very happy sensation from each group as I open the SLG conings, which makes me think they're not minding at all....Thanks for any input you care to share on this! And thank you for your courage both in your life's journey and in sharing what you've been through! I'm so loving the SLG and MAP experiences. :)

Machaelle's Answer: My answer to you is very simple. I would address everything you're talking about regarding your "life flow" in MAP. That way you can receive the personal support needed as you move forward.

Otis's Question: I'm thinking about how MAP may be used in a worst case scenario in which distribution systems have broken down so that people can no longer get ETS+. To what degree could MAP be effective without ETS? Are there any work arounds?

Machaelle's Answer: Otis! Is that you?! Where have you been? I miss you! In worst case scenario, just go ahead and do the MAP session without the ETS Plus. Tell the MAP team up front ETS Plus will not be available. The seating of the MAP team work into the body will be a little delayed, but it'll still happen. Great hearing from you.

Barbara's Question: I often cannot stay focused on my MAP question. I start then I find myself on other topics, I apologise then try again any suggestions?

Machaelle's Answer: If you find yourself losing your focus during a MAP session, that's exactly what you do — apologize and get back to the matter at hand.

Catherine's Question: In one place I read to take ETS+ 3 times after MAP (5 min apart, presumably lying there an additional 10 mins). In another place it said just one dose of ETS+. Can you please clarify? Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: The real answer to this question is to take 3 doses of ETS Plus 5 minutes apart after you finish your MAP session. You don't have to be lying down either. You can be walking around, just keep to the timing on the 3 doses of ETS Plus.

startrails's Question: If I've ignored a Soil-Less Garden for over a year, is it all "still there"? Can I begin working with it again and is there anything special I would need to do?

Machaelle's Answer: A soil-less garden remains active until you go through the process to dismantle it. I recommend you review the DDP and if there are any changes, you're going to have to activate that soil-less garden with the new DDP. And that's about all you need to do.

columbipaws's Question: I'd like to re-use the empty ETS, EoP, MBP, and essence bottles for making new solutions of homeopathics or solution bottles for flower essences. Will washing the bottles in boiling water remove all traces of the ETS, EOP, MBP and flower essences - or do I need new, fresh bottles to use for new homeopathic or essence solutions? (Homeopathic remedies are destroyed in temps. above 110 degrees but I understand the Perelandra products are very different.)

Machaelle's Answer: We don't know if this will be effective for homeopathic remedies, but in general if you boil the bottles or wash the bottles in boiling water for 10 minutes, then wash them in soapy water and then rinse them well, they should be fine for whatever use you need.

dags's Question: Hello! To begin with, I want to thank you for being the vehicle for bringing MAP & Calibration sessions to us. These sessions have helped me tremendously in my health challenges and when I'm needing emotional support. Although it's my understanding that the best way to do a Calibration Process is within a MAP session in addition to the full MAP, is it ok to just open the coning, call Pan forward, do the Calibration, release Pan and close the session? Is there another way to access the Calibration without going thru these steps? I love my team and am so grateful for this knowledge. Thank you again.

Machaelle's Answer: The Calibration Process has been completely updated in The Perelandra Essences book. It's a more efficient and effective setup now. And it allows you to get this help without combining it with a MAP session.

Summer's Question: Hello Machaelle, I recently watched your PKTT demo and realized my problem when testing. I hear a yes or no in my head as I test and that is the answer that tests through, however often it isn't the correct answer. I now try not to hear/have an answer first, and just let my fingers answer. Is this the correct approach? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: Hi back Summer! It's not unusual to sense an answer before you test, but generally it's helpful to just let your fingers answer. You avoid confusion and you also avoid throwing the test. If you have any more questions on this, call the Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679).

wwtw's Question: In a telegraph test for emotional/mental issues or a miasm, when a symptom has tested that it needs essences for X doses, we need to test again when that dosage is complete until the symptom tests clear for seven days. My question is: if a symptom tests the first time round that no essences are needed, is it done? Or do I need to keep testing it for seven days?

Machaelle's Answer: Okay, you get extra points for asking such a detailed question about a process. Excellent work! You need to keep testing it for seven days just to be sure. You only kick clear after the seven days.

Jennifer's Question: Hi Machaelle, I am an avid reader of your processes and wondered if after all these years you have come across information of nature's viewpoint of hydroponic gardening. I'm not personally attracted to it, but thought nature may have a viewpoint that would expand my awareness. Thank you for your amazing work. Jennifer

Machaelle's Answer: You can ask nature this question. But before you do, ask yourself, "Does the answer to this question have any relevance to my life?" If the answer is no, then ask yourself, "Why am I wasting my time asking this question?"

Alteredfold's Question: Thank you for your service to the planet. What tools are best when wanting to start with the Soil-less Garden? And I live in the desert, I only have potted succulents, do they have nature spirits as well?

Machaelle's Answer: In the order of your post:
1. Thank you for the kind words.
2. Start with the Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion. Also, you may find this page helpful. 3. All elements and aspects of nature have intelligence. That includes the nature spirit level. Since a succulent is a plant, it is part of the nature kindom and it has an intelligence that includes the nature spirit level. That's not soil-less gardening, that's just gardening.

Caprea's Question: Good afternoon, Machaelle. Thank you for wonderful information and systems you provide us with! A friend has Shingles and I am wondering what I can suggest from Perelandra that will assist her in getting through this. Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: Any or all of the human health options can be used. But if this is all new to her, we suggest starting simply with the MBP Balancing Solutions (start with Immune & Lymphatic first), and the ETS Plus baths.

Mark's Question: Hi Machaelle, my question is about children / grandchildren and MAP. Is there an appropriate age for administering balancers or should you use Pan to shift the essences to the child ? Thanks Mark

Machaelle's Answer: We have the guidelines for administering essences to children that vary according to age ranges in the book, The Perelandra Essences and the basic guidelines are listed in the Perelandra Essences brochure. If this doesn't clear up your questions, call our Question Line (1-540-937-3679) for more clarity either today or Wednesday. You sound like a terrific grandfather!

elifair's Question: Not a question, but a response. I totally support your answer. We have to vote and and work to get decent people in government just as we have to do our own work with nature, which for me means working with soiless gardens. I'm not looking for magic. I have an expanded view of reality compared to my friends, but I do believe it's up to me to do the work and I'm not looking for a savior. I like your honesty. Again, thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: Excellent. Thank you for your comment.

yantism's Question: RE: Question Forum will the running list of questions be available for a period of time on the website? will the list of questions be accessible back to number 1? Thanks for all of your work on behalf of all the kingdoms.

Machaelle's Answer: Yes — all you need to do is scroll down!

Ghislaine's Question: Bonjour again, I have been with you and Nature for about 6 months now, and everything goes fine with MAP and the EOP and ETS PLUS but when it gets to SOIL-LESS GARDENS I just don't get it. I have the brohure, the book the ETS PLUS FOR SOIL LESS GARDEN and I think I understand the DDP, but it's the testing (I can't do kin...) is there an easier way to do it, I've been asking for help and here are the possibility to contact you. I'm highly impress by you. please understand that I'm French and sometimes I might not understand right. Gi!

Machaelle's Answer: I think the best thing for you to do is to call the Question Line either today or wednesday (1-540-937-3679) and talk this through with either Jeannette or Beth. There's not a clear way I can address your questions on this forum. It's going to need more of a discussion, so I encourage you to call.

Gagne's Question: Hello, I have a quick question... I will be having a root canal done Oct. 1. For a week now I have been taking Mouth Balancing Solutions as prescribed. In preparation for the root canal what would be best to add to what I'm already taking? I did my first purchase awhile ago and have essences. Thank you so much for all that you do. I have read just about all the books and keep referring to them. It's a lot but am drawn to them and enjoying them. And I love your sense of humor.

Machaelle's Answer: Between now and tomorrow, every time you get hit with a wave of fear or panic, take one dose of ETS Plus for Humans. Monday, immediately after the procedure is completed, take the full regimin of ETS Plus, which is 3 to 4 doses, 5 minutes apart. Later that day or the next, do a Basic Essence Test and test for dosage. This should stabilize you and move you through the healing process very quickly. Good luck with that root canal!

Karen's Question: Machaelle, I am late doing my homework .. I am just now beginning rereading (actually 3/4"s the way through) Behaving. ..and then will read the other two books again. This is the third or fourth time I have read your three books. At this time especially, I am finding your writing even more helpful. Thank you with all my heart for your honesty, your forthrightness and generous sharing of all you have learned. And yes, all of us here will VOTE!! karen

Machaelle's Answer: Oh Karen, thank you for your comments. This was great. And I'm going to hold you to that last comment about everyone voting. So you're going to have to make sure they all vote! You may want to start your phonebank now. Pay attention to the elderly around you and make sure that they have everything they need in order to vote. If they don't, help them get what they need. In some areas, the elderly are feeling particularly overwhelmed, especially if they are faced with getting new voter ID. So offering them a helping hand I'm sure would be appreciated. And again, thanks for your kind words.

lavendarose's Question: Do you still have tours of the grounds?

Machaelle's Answer: No, but we offer these great Virtual Open House days and we open Perelandra to you virtually!

MB's Question: I and others are having a challenging time taking the essences & BS [MBP Balancing Solutions] internally in both the vinegar & brandy. Mouth balancing hasn't worked. Is there any other way to use them, such as on the skin (& where?) or shifting it in on an energy level?

Machaelle's Answer: I'm afraid the nature of the beast is that they need to be preserved in either vinegar or brandy. There are guidelines for diluting the Balancing Solutions if you must. And the Essences can be diluted if you follow the guidelines for making a solution for the essence you need and rather than adding preservative you store the solution in the refridgerator. If you need to dilute the Mouth Balancing solution, put a small amount of water in a glass and test how many drops of Mouth Balancing solution you are to add to that water in order to maintain its effectiveness.

avebury's Question: Are there any MBPs that, by the nature of the system they cover, may take longer to assist in achieving balance (in apparent ways) than others? For example, might the Integumentary MBP take longer to make noticeable changes than, say, the Digestive MBP? Or does it only depend on each individual and their current state of health? Or none of the above, and I'm totally on the wrong track here?

Machaelle's Answer: Actually, it depends on the current state of health and balance in the system you're addressing. So you're on the right track.

Dana's Question: Dear Machaelle, I love the MAP book and concept. And your co creation garden books!!! And would love to know how to maximize the info here. And Since I really only used MAP a couple of times many years ago. I did not give it my full atention beause Doubt crept in about the team. And heard other people say they stopped using it as well. A part of me knows it is Awesome and my other part does not. What do you suggest? Much Love and aprechiatio for your work!!! Thank you Thank you thank you!!! Dana

Machaelle's Answer: I can't suggest anything to you. This is a quandry you're going to have to work through on your own. One of the reasons I don't advertise my products is because I feel it's important that every person on their own decide if they want to incorporate what I have to offer in their own timing. So good luck!

earthlifejoy's Question: In what relation to the Spiritual Hierarchy is the Overlighting Deva of Healing and the White Brotherhood Medical Helpers? Angelic? Archangelic? Archai?

Machaelle's Answer: At the risk of insulting you, which I feel pretty certain I'm going to be doing, not only is this the kind of question I don't ask, it is information I honestly don't give a damn about. If this is very important to you, I suggest that you direct your question to the Overlighting Deva of Healing and/or your White Brotherhood MAP team.

RoseNajia's Question: I wonder what you think, what you have learned in your communication with the plants, about the future (say the coming 50 years) on earth and what part the plant world sees itself playing in the transformations of the earth and its human and more than human populations in these coming decades. Also how the plants would like to see us relating to them to co-create the future.

Machaelle's Answer: This is an area that just never crosses my work with nature or with plants. It's just up to individuals to figure this out on their own.

JHaynes's Question: Thank you Machaelle for you dedication and courage. You have helped us change the world. My question: I manage a department within a corporation, and have a clearly defined physcial location. When I do the energy work, I have been including everyone's cubicles - which is in fact each employee's personal work space. Should I be "carving" out those spaces to be exempt, or can I simply qualify the work by saying "what is appropriate for me as the manager"? Or does it matter? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: You have to stay out of their personal spaces unless you get their conscious permission to do an Energy Cleansing in their space. Without the conscious permission, you have to stay out even though you are the manager. Unless it specifically says in your job description as manager that you are responsible for maintaining the balance of everybody's workspace, and unless each person has agree to this consciously, you cannot impose this work on the other employees. The owner of the business can do an over-all Energy Cleansing for the business without the employee permission if it's after hours and nobody else is present.

Totalunschool's Question: What's the most pleasurable moment you've had with nature this past quarter?

Machaelle's Answer: Actually the most pleasurable moment I've had with nature this quarter I can't talk to you about today, but you'll hear about it in a couple of weeks.

Moonspun's Question: Dear Machaelle, I am overwhelmed at the corporate corruption of our government. I write and call representative, my senators, and even the President about numerous issues that concern me and nobody seems to listen. I've occupied Wall St., I've signed petitions. It seems that America's government has sold out to corporations and no longer represents the people. Can we get some help from the White Brotherhood to take our country back?

Machaelle's Answer: Actually, I'm afraid it's going to boil down to you. You might consider activating a soil-less garden for making sure you're directing your energy in ways that are most helpful to these goals. You're so active that you may be dispersing your energy in areas that are just not going to help the situation. Your goals that you've stated in your question would be the DDP for your soil-less garden. The White Brotherhood is part of the soil-less garden coning, so you would be working in cooperation.

CB's Question: Hi Machaelle, I've been having numerous chronic aches & pains in different places. I take the all the microbials, daily essence test, telegraph test, take EOP daily for general health and some of the affected areas. I'm an old timer and recall using the Organizing Process in the past. In light of the updated procedures in Perelandra Essences, and those that have been put to pasture, is this still a valid program (as written in Paper #10)? It is time to hunker down and get to the bottom of these issues. Hello and thanks to all the folks at Perelandra…and at the Cottage! I really enjoyed rereading all the books this summer (yea Mighty-Duo!). They gave me a refreshed perspective of how these wonderful processes came about and helped me get recommitted to working with Nature, SLG's and the Perelandra processes/essences. Thank you Machaelle…for all you share…you are pretty darn awesome (and your personality—always puts a smile on my face)!

Machaelle's Answer: The short answer to this is, Yes, the Organizing Process is still valid. However, Jeannette's on the Question Hot Line today (1-540-937-3679) and I think it would be good if you bounced this off her and together you came up with an approach through this. Don't forget the Essence Telegraph Testing for Chronic Illness. Because you've used the word "chronic" to describe your situation, you may be able to put all of the symptoms at once into this more extensive process. Thank you for your kind words. I'm always glad to hear from an old-timer!

Niseema's Question: Do you think the term "Electrical Medicine" is appropriate to use for what the essences/MBPs do? Is it misleading in any way? I know they stabalize, support and balance the electrical system, and I am looking for a succinct way to describe their effect.

Machaelle's Answer: "Electrical medicine" is appropriate for the Perelandra Essences. The MBP Solutions also address electric systems, but it's a more diverse range of electric systems in one pattern. For example, you may also be addressing the electric systems of the microbes connected with the digestive system as well as the digestive system's electric circuits.

Shirley's Question: Is there any Basic Essence testing before using the 3 rounds of ETS+ and essence testing after a MAP session? I feel like I should be clearing myself somehow before doing that follow-up testing, but not sure how to do that.

Machaelle's Answer: The ETS Plus for Humans is clearing you, and it's all you need to follow up your MAP session. If you'd like to do any additional essence testing after your MAP session, use the guidelines in The Perelandra Essences book.

Ghislaine's Question: Bonjour Machaelle, may I ask if you are still going to the cottage and if so, are you working on the coming events, that St Germain as been prepared us for. THANK YOU :)

Machaelle's Answer: I answered that in Question 2! And bonjour!

aws's Question: I am a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator. I am educating parents on how to have a sacred & soft birth for their baby by being conscious parents in the decisions they make. As well as teaching mom's about their body's intelligence they have to give birth naturally. My intention when teaching my classes is to help the parents get the most understanding from the info given that will encourage them to practice & prepare for birth.What is the best tool for me to use? Do I use the Professional Map Team or the Soil Less garden?

Machaelle's Answer: You can do both. The soil-less garden would be for the structure and operation of your service as a teacher. The Professional MAP would be for the quality and depth of the information you are imparting.

Johny's Question: I am up to set up an SLG for my own path forward. I would like to have any comments about the DDP from You Machaelle. Here is the DDP: I want to fully embody my part of the divine plan in balance, right timing and with dignity, in order to do my job here on planet Earth All the best wishes, Johny Alm Gothenburg Sweden

Machaelle's Answer: I think your DDP is just fine for that. But once you activate the DDP, be prepared for this to unfold in unexpected ways. Don't try to control it.

oakwell's Question: Is there a way we can help the bee population that Bayer is killing with chemicals?

Machaelle's Answer: The bee population is already making a comeback in a number of areas on its own. If you're concerned about the Bayer chemicals, then you might consider doing an "Erin Brochovich" for the sake of humanity.

Rahima's Question: Hello Machaelle. thanks so much for all the valuable work and essences. Do the microbial balancing essences [MBP Solutions] address all the present viruses and deficient immune system [problems? Also are tehy compatible for all parts of the world? best wishes Rahima, Ireland

Machaelle's Answer: The MBP Balancing Solutions address the individual systems of the body, and they address the individual microbial population within each system. And yes, they are compatible with all parts of world.

Elizabeth's Question: Are you still participating in the Cottage and do you have another book on this subject coming out? 2012 is getting a lot of attention and I wondered if this is anything you want to talk about. If not, I certainly understand. Thank you for all your work with nature. I'm doing some of my own thanks to you and finding it makes a lot of sense. Thanks, Elizabeth

Machaelle's Answer: It's been 30 years and I'm still doing this Cottage work. The thing that is important now for everybody in the United States is to make sure to vote no matter how many obstacles you're going to have to climb across on November 6th. And to recognize that if you don't like how the government is operating, then we as citizens have to start giving a damn and voting qualified people into office. We are the ones who create bad government — or good government. It's in our hands. I realize people want me to just send them a magic wand that they can flick around and make things perfect. The bottom line is there's no magic wand — we're all just going to have to start giving a damn and conducting ourselves as intelligent citizens. The Cottage would be very happy if we made this leap and not force them to try to operate through a veil of ignorance, laziness, stupidity and apathy. I bet you didn't expect that answer!

evetei's Question: I like telling people about Perelandra products and the great help they have given me. I was telling a friend about EoP and the SLG program to help her find the house she wants and support her business. Every time I suggest the processes she says she has no need for them because her own manifesting powers are strong enough and her personal guides are helping her already, so I just let it go. So far she has not had any luck finding her house and now her business is folding. I wonder how I can word my suggestions better in regards to the partnertship with nature.

Machaelle's Answer: In this kind of situation, don't say anything. Let her come back to you and ask you questions in her own timing. But I'd like to thank you for letting people know about us. We rely on word of mouth.
PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels