MAP and Flower Essences

A couple of years ago I felt called to have a baby although I was 41 and a full-time professional. I prepared by doing MAP conings two or three times a week. They worked on my physical body first, then mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. After about a month, they said "all systems go." I hoped to be pregnant within a year (which is the average time for a forty-one-year-old). Three weeks later — bingo.

Initially on ultrasound the doctor could see only "debris" and told me I had lost the pregnancy. My MAP team assured me all was well. An ultrasound two weeks later showed a healthy pregnancy &#151 with two little babies! I continued doing MAP conings but I noticed I was not seeming to get much from them, and in fact afterwards usually had a hangover — I felt spacey, nauseated, exhausted, and had a headache. After a couple of months I remembered you had mentioned that sometimes the conings can deplete your protein levels — and I was supposed to be eating large amounts of protein. So I began to drink a protein shake before my conings and have a jar of peanut butter and a spoon by my side. Voila! Once again I had helpful MAP sessions with no side effects. I also used flower essences throughout the pregnancy and did kinesiology to take essences for my babies too. They rarely needed any after the first six weeks of pregnancy. A friend also gave me weekly Reiki treatments so these were lucky babies!

I envisioned a perfect labor and delivery, giving the babies flower essences all throughout, and all of us going home snug and happy together. What actually happened was a very sudden emergency C-section four weeks early (one of the babies was squashing his umbilical cord). Both (red-haired identical) boys developed severe respiratory distress syndrome and had to be transported by Medivac to a hospital 150 miles away. All my flower essences and homeopathic remedies were packed away at home, but I went up to stay with a relative nearby so I could visit the boys every day. They were critically ill and on respirators. I was doing MAP conings for me and trying to send them flower essences during my sessions (of course I couldn't actually give essences to them — they wouldn't even let me touch the boys for the first five days). I couldn't really see any benefit. Then I thought to initiate MAP conings for them — easily received the names of their MAP teams (neat names: Skyrocket and Sweetgrow). I did conings for them and sent flower essences to them that way. Maybe it was coincidence, but they really seemed to rally, and the next morning one of them could come off the respirator. His brother followed a day later and from then on they improved rapidly. We all went home after two weeks.

After that I lost the luxury of time to do MAP conings (or sleep or eat or shower). I did continue to use flower essences when I remembered. The boys have been remarkably healthy and have never lagged behind the way many premies do. They are very spirited, loving and intense, and seem to have a very special function in this world. I have just begun to have time and wits to do MAP sessions again (after about a year). When one had a sudden case of bronchitis, a MAP coning really seemed to help him turn the corner. I hope to be able to offer it to them regularly (and for me too!). They have not often tested positive for flower essences — in general they're pretty balanced. MAP and the essences really helped me through a difficult year.

My sons (Sean and Nathanael) are now over two-and-a-half years old and thriving. For the last month or so I have begun sitting down every Sunday night and doing kinesiology to set up weekly flower essence solutions for the family (human and animal). I also receive information about supplements, remedies, energy work, etc. that is needed. We all seem to be doing better since I've been doing that, despite recent calamitous events. It is interesting that our parakeets, even though I guess I wrote them off spiritually, have required only Soul Ray and Rose Essences. Hmm. More than meets the eye.

I have to be quite creative to find time for conings with two wild toddlers. I often initiate a coning when I go to bed at night. I tell my team I'll probably fall asleep and that I'll disconnect when I wake later in the night. My MAP team says that's okay.

After my pregnancy I was found to have a large uterine fibroid (benign growth). It gradually grew in size until it was about as big as a three-month pregnancy. I was uncomfortable most of the time with increasing pain, and it was even uncomfortable to walk. Standard medicine had very little to offer except cutting it or the uterus out. From nature I learned that the fibroid had to do with a miasm. I began a program of two flower essence solutions, herbal tea, supplements and three raw carrots a day for the first two weeks (don't ask how many yes/no questions that took). After a few weeks I felt more comfortable, and by six weeks I was completely symptom-free. I could no longer feel the fibroid in my abdomen. This is still true many months later.

Recently a very bad virus came through the community and made many people very ill — some strong young adults were hospitalized. And although I was exposed to it at work many times, our family got by with a few sniffles and coughs — almost nothing.

I remain deeply grateful for the Perelandra Essences, especially since my family is losing its health insurance.

E.W.R., Oregon