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Update: June 2023

Have you been feeling like this?

Luna and Scout

Or this?

Peg Leg Pete

Or maybe this?

Blue Foot


Then it's a good time for a MAP session!

MAP Medical Assistance Program

We often hear (or say to ourselves) — "I know it would help, but I just don't have 40 minutes to spare for a MAP session!"

And we always find that if we just make it happen, just hit the pause button on all that "activity" and do the session, we then function so much better that we quickly recover more than 40 minutes worth of productive, quality time in our day. But if we keep putting it off, we just feel worse and function worse.

Figure out a way to fit a MAP session in your day. How about this weekend?

Remember these tips for getting the most from your time with your team:

Working Better with Your MAP Team

Wondering what the heck "MAP" is? Read this.


moose bath

Don't work with MAP yet?

This will help! Take a 20 minute ETS for Humans or Essence of Perelandra (EoP) bath today. Don't have a bathtub or just not a fan of baths? Try the spray!

Learn about ETS and EoP baths and spritzes here.



Looking for a 1-minute, 2-step way to get relief?

taking drops

Take two doses of Essence of Perelandra (EoP), ten seconds apart. Note: One dose of EoP is always 10 drops.

1. Say aloud and focus on this when you take your first dose: "This is for my general health and well-being in light of the way I feel right now." Then wait 10 seconds.

2. Then say aloud and focus on this when you take your second dose: "This is to help me function well while addressing my underlying _____________ [fill in the blank]."

Some examples for that blank are anxiety, depression, anger, fears, worries, grief, headache, exhaustion, foot pain . . .

Important: Address one issue at a time. Do not list all of those examples in one dose.

You can address multiple issues, but you need separate two-dose rounds of EoP for each issue. Repeat these two steps daily for each issue until you are back on track.