Flower Essences
by Alaine and Art Gaines

On Saturday, January 15th, we assisted our beloved cat Checkers of eighteen and a half years to die. As you know, this is a very difficult decision to make, but with guidance from Flower Essences, and with Checkers' approval, our experience was heart-centered and complete.

Once I was aware that she was ready to leave, she peed on the opened dram box of flower essences that I was about to test her for. I turned to the chapter on animal death and began to ask the right questions. She told me she was ready, despite our vet's wishes to attempt IV therapy for her at home. She had renal failure and her lab tests showed severe toxicity. She told me she wanted to leave Saturday, the next day. She needed no flower essences until after she left her body. Then she tested positive for the Royal Highness Essence.

This was not an easy experience. I tested six times to be certain I was getting clear information. It was, however, comforting to know that we were doing what Checkers wanted and was best for her. I held her as our vet gave her the sodium pentothal injection, and felt her effortlessly leave her body. At that moment, I knew we had been given a gift, and we had given her our final gift of love in letting her go on her terms. Thank you all for your gift to us.