Soil-less Gardens

One of the recent virtual Open House forums had me giggling at Machaelle's response to the wide-sweeping purpose statement I had shared from my DDP. I had naively declared my purpose to be "as much evolution as possible in the time I have left." I have had that purpose statement since 2003, and man, have things changed for me — at times moving very, very fast on all fronts. Machaelle's reaction was humorous, but she said she might not want to go at that pace herself. I listened to her and adjusted my purpose statement with great results: I revised my intention to "evolution at the right pace for this lifetime, and I have all the time I need."

I'm an older person with a great deal to do in my fourth profession, which is health practitioner. I had been feeling the press of time but had wanted to be joyful in my new endeavors, not worried about how much time I had left to do fulfilling work and evolve and grow personally.

The combination of personal MAP, Machaelle's dry humor, the flower essences, constant ETS in some recent difficult times, my own new wonderful work — all these have been delightful additions to my life and PEMS development. I could list the very substantial and concrete results in all that development, and with my academic background I could be concise and precise, footnoting every example (yawn), it would fill too many pages to interest anyone but me and mine. So I'll just say, again, thank you, Machaelle, for all of your work and caring but mostly thank you for the effectiveness of your work and caring.

— V.B., Encinitas, CA