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Last Updates: September 2019, July 2021

ETS: The Emergency Solution

Use ETS to support you, your family and animals
during severe weather and disasters.

Extreme heat, fire, flood, hurricane, tornado . . . those are just the top five recent weather-related disasters. Sometimes other disasters hit closer to home, and force you to turn on a dime. And sometimes they require you to move quickly. Have ETS at hand so you can grab it right away.

  • Do you know where your Disaster Go Bag is?
  • Does it still have enough ETS in it for you and your family?
  • (And enough ETS for Animals for your pets?)

Even if you aren't in the path of a storm or extreme weather event, read and print this information now. Keep it with your Disaster Bag. When you're in the midst of an emergency or disaster — environmental or personal — you won't have time to search for this information.

Take ETS for Humans 3 to 5 times a day if you:

ETS for Humans and EoP Infusion Pump
  • have been affected by fire, severe storms, flooding, tornadoes and other disasters.

  • receive news of an impending severe event in your area.

  • have been ordered to evacuate your home.

  • have loved ones with homes in areas affected by the disaster.

  • are a first responder preparing for or already working in service, rescue and recovery efforts.

And, keep your EoP Infusion Pump in your pocket!

As soon as possible before, during and after a disaster:
Take one dropperful of ETS for Humans, and then give a dropperful to anyone else who is with you, adult or child. (Give one dropperful of ETS for Animals to your pets.)

Disaster Bag If you may have to relocate / evacuate:
Gather your bottles of ETS for Humans (and ETS for Animals for your pets) right now, put them in a bag and hang the bag on the knob of your front door. That way, you will remember to take this vital support for you and your family with you when you go.

If you are sheltering in place:
Take one dropperful of ETS for Humans right away. Keep your ETS with you as you ride out the storm.

During disaster aftermath and clean-up:
Take ETS for Humans 5 times daily. One time first thing in the morning, once in the evening before going to sleep, and three more times throughout the day.

Don't forget your animals:
Give them ETS for Animals 3 times daily (one dropperful per dose) until their lives settle down.

If you're a first responder working in areas impacted by a disaster:
If you need more ETS before you leave, either for yourself or to have available for the people you're helping, let us know right away. We may be able to assist with our Crisis ETS Service. Call our Order Line at 1-800-960-8806.

And remember, all military and emergency personnel including police, fire and rescue, EMT and emergency medical staff qualify for 25% off Perelandra Solutions and Essences for personal use.

If you have friends or family in the affected areas:
Remind your loved ones to take their ETS for Humans if they have it.

A note from Machaelle:
You cannot underestimate the effects of a disaster on you mentally and emotionally, even when you're not in the middle of it. Your concern for others whether they're family or not, your worries while keeping up with what's happening . . . All of these types of things weigh you down. I am not saying that you shouldn't do these things. I'm saying that ETS allows you to do them without becoming dysfunctional at the same time.