Processes & Nature
Triangulation Process: Fleas Flee

by Carolyn Plummer

I live with two miniature schnauzers and three domestic short-haired cats, all of whom spend their time both indoors and outside. Consequently, fleas have been a frequent problem for me. In addition to traditional veterinary products (which I resist using because they are pesticides), I have tried brewer's yeast (with no success) and flower essence solutions (with limited success).

During the summer/fall 1992 season, we had such a problem with flea infestation that I grew concerned for the well-being of one dog and one cat who are both allergic to flea bites. It was painful for me to watch them pitifully scratching themselves and not be able to help. Even when winter came and cold weather eliminated the outside fleas, I just couldn't control the problem inside the house. And, to compound the matter, my husband is very sensitive to flea bites. In March 1993, I began to suspect that there was some factor I had overlooked.

Using a modified version of the troubleshooting chart in the Perelandra Garden Workbook II, I asked nature for help. The only item I needed to do was the Insect Triangulation Process (I already do the energy cleansing and soil balancing process for our property on a regular basis). I did this process, using the Deva of Fleas, the Deva of the House/Property on which each animal lives, and the higher self of each animal. Interestingly enough, my higher self was not needed in this process. I did the Triangulation Process with each animal individually (not as a group) and received very interesting feedback--each triangle had some imbalance, but none were the same. At the end of the process, I tested to see what each animal needed as a flower essence solution for "flea balance" for the season.

It is now September, and no animal has had any flea infestation problem so far for this season. A few times I have found a flea or two on an animal, but never more than two. The cat with the flea bite allergy has a beautiful, thick, shiny coat this year—no bald spots, no hair balls from swallowing hair while biting, and only a few scratching scabs. The dog with the flea bite allergy still has a dermatitis problem (which we are working on with nature in animal healing conings), but I no longer am aggravating the problem with flea itch remedies. And to top it off, my husband's legs and arms are clear of flea bites. This stuff is amazing!