Microbial Balancing Program
by Marilyn Wienand

On October 21 of this year, my husband got his foot sliced by our bush hog. He was (stupidly) loading some block on the back of it while it was running. The bush hog cut the big toe on his right foot in half, laterally, from above the big joint to the end.

I wasn't home at the time. He got himself to the house and called 911. I came home to bloody towels by the phone and a note from him.

My husband is diabetic. The wound had grass, shoe, sock and dirt in it. He went through two surgeries to clean and repair it. The prognosis for infection leading to gangrene was very real. I did Microbial Balancing on him and his foot the first night, and about every third day at first, then once a week for a few weeks, then once a month for three months. He never had any infection. None! He healed slowly but thoroughly. He is now wearing normal shoes and walks normally.

Thank you so much for being the pioneer you are, but especially for giving me these tools — they have made such a difference.