August 2023

A Message for Caregivers
and Anyone Needing a Quiet Moment

We hear from many caregivers on a regular basis and wanted to lend a different kind of support for those who are feeling the strain of caring for others on a daily basis.

If you:

  • are caring for an ailing or disabled loved one at home,
  • are a first responder,
  • are a nurse, hospital technician, home health worker,
  • provide counseling services,
  • are a social worker,
  • volunteer at a homeless shelter, a women’s shelter,
  • care for children or adults in a group home,
  • work in psychiatric care,
  • teach in a detention center or prison,
  • run after-school programs for at-risk kids,
  • volunteer or work for a disaster relief organization . . .

Your days are challenging on many levels with added overwhelm, stress and exhaustion and we know it’s hard to fit in some time for yourself. So we wanted to give you a simple daily boost that would encourage you to stop and breathe (deeply and slowly) while you step away for a moment.

Enjoy a daily break in the Perelandra Garden with one of our many slide shows. No thinking, no action beyond a click is required of you.

Here's one for today:

You can watch it full screen on YouTube here.


spring image

Bookmark our Slide Shows and Videos page. Open it daily to step into the Perelandra garden and find your balance.

And before you leave the garden, remember to take a dose of ETS for Humans and check that your EoP Infusion Pump is in your pocket.

If you would like to see more of Perelandra, dive into our our many Photo Galleries.