October 7, 2018

For the Environment. For Our Health.

Those who know us know we pay close attention to what's happening in our world, particularly decisions and laws that impact the environment and health. When it comes to choices made by those who govern us, we have experienced just about every emotion imaginable. No matter how appalled, disgusted, disappointed, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious or angry you may be about the current state of the U.S. government, there is one thing you can do about it. Vote.

And help everyone you know to vote. (That makes two things you can do.)

Nothing helps pull you out of a funk faster than taking action related to that funked-up thing.

To vote, you have to be registered. Do not wait. Voter registration deadlines are fast approaching, in some states deadlines are this week.

Are you registered to vote?
These are the easiest resources we've found to check your deadlines, get registered, verify your registration:

Know someone who has moved in the last two years? Remind them to change their voter registration address now, even if they just changed apartments in the same building, moved across the street or back home from school.

And if someone you know has moved to an assisted living or nursing facility, offer to help them change their registration, help them with submitting their absentee ballot or get them to the polls on November 6th.

Know kids away at college? Help them register at the correct address and find out if they will need an absentee ballot and how to get one.

Will you be travelling? Have friends or family who travel a lot? Ask them if they have planned how to cast their vote in light of travel plans.

The mission is simply this: Vote.

We know most folks are fed up, feeling like their choices are sometimes just "bad" or "worse." But when you choose not to vote in order to make a statement, the only statement you've made is that you don't care. You don't care how your government's decisions affect your life, your loved ones lives, your community, your country and how we affect the world.

If you care, you vote. And you make the best choices you can make with the options you have. There is no perfect candidate that any one of us will agree with 100% of the time. Let's get real. Think about the people you love and respect most in your life. Do you agree with any of them 100 % of the time?

Your vote is a declaration of what matters most to you. Find your best choice in light of that.

Need help?
VoteSmart.org has an easy way to, as they put it, "find your political soulmate."

Our choices reflect our concerns about our environment and health, and how we treat one another. You chose to receive email from Perelandra, so it stands to reason that like us, you care about health issues, climate change, pollution, human rights, endangered wildlife . . . and like us, it probably matters to you that our collective choices demonstrate respect for nature and respect for all life.

If you are preparing to vote now, here are some helpful resources for researching your candidates on these issues:

Wondering what's on your ballot?
Go to Ballotpedia and put in your address. You'll find everything listed with links to additional information.

Just coming out of the "non-voter" closet?
First of all: Way to go! We're glad you're stepping up. Now, have a laugh and get some often asked non-voter ideas out of your head.

We could all use something to smile about. Check this out, and share it with all of the young voters in your life, or with anyone you know who needs encouragement to vote this November 6th. Have some non-partisan fun and win prizes too!

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