Flower Essences
by Carol Hillegas

I continue to work co-creatively with Nature in more and more areas. The applications truly are unlimited. I’d like to share an animal story that was a particularly poignant experience.

A friend called me to see if I could possibly help her cherished pet dachshund, age 13, make his transition with greater ease. Her vet, who was open to alternative care, was standing by in support. First, I got a flower essence solution for my friend who was obviously distraught. Then I placed “Meister” in a Nature Healing Coning for Animals. Through testing I learned that the dog wanted flower essences. I was able to determine that the dog was ready to go, was not in pain, did not wish to be put to sleep artificially and that he preferred to remain with his mistress at home. Though very difficult, my friend wanted to stay with Meister and help him through. She felt he had an important lesson to teach her.

We checked for essences for my friend and for Meister each day. The dog remained in the coning throughout. Connecting to the coning I was able to receive reassuring messages from the dog each day that he was comfortable and content. This was of great comfort to my friend. We kept in contact with the vet as well.

As my friend administered the essences to Meister she could witness their calming effect on him. This added to her sense of correctness in her decision to keep him at home, hopefully throughout his transition. In preparation, we got a solution for after death to further assist him.

On the fifth day, as my friend held him, Meister “let go.” She administered the final essences. As she sat with him, she “felt” his soul leave a half-hour after death. My friend said to me “I could not handle death well before, and I was able to assist, and experience the bittersweet beauty of death through Meister. This was his gift to me.”

She found an inner strength and courage she had not known. I was grateful to Nature for the opportunity to participate in helping my friend and her beloved dog.