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May 11, 2022

Sewage Sludge Update

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Sewage sludge — which is so much more than just poo — was rebranded as "biosolids" back in the early 90s. Slick marketing, repackaging and lobbying has enabled the spread of toxic sewage sludge onto tens of millions of acres of U.S farmland for decades. That low estimate doesn't include sludge spread on forests, public parks, ballfields or home gardens and yards.

Recent important research is bringing to light a more alarming, long-lasting, poisonous impact that Machaelle warned us about twenty years ago, when we first learned of this "fertilizing" practice.

‘Forever chemicals’ may have polluted 20m acres of US cropland, study says
[The Guardian, May 8, 2022]

Maine is now leading the way toward a better approach and regulation. They are trying to stop further poisoning of their land, animals and people.

MOFGA applauds Legislative action to address PFAS contamination
[Morning AG Clips, April 20, 2022]

Maine is one of the few states where PFAS contamination is being reported because it's one of the few states with land that is being tested.

And they're facing a crisis from PFAS-contaminated produce because they are doing that testing. Armed with the knowledge of contamination, responsible farmers are choosing not to sell food with PFAS. It's causing farms to close, impacting the health of the farmers, ruining their livelihoods and devastating their land.

It is important that this article, with personal stories from Maine farmers affected by sludge contamination, reach other farmers.

The Farmers Facing Ruin in Main's 'Forever Chemicals' Crisis
[The Guardian, March 22, 2022]

Though we just recently sent a message to you about sludge, this new information has given us good reason to once again encourage you to:

Please share this information with your friends and neighbors —
especially your farmer friends.


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When Machaelle Wright published The Perelandra Garden Workbook, she included an important update and reminder: Do not use sewage sludge in your garden or on your land. It summarizes her original detailed article and is a short, easy read you can share with others.

Read the excerpt free online here:

What Never to Include on Your Fertilizer Options List: Land Applied Sewage Sludge a.k.a. "Biosolids"


What Can I Do About It?

Forward this message to others. Download and forward the article from Machaelle to any of your farmer friends. Share it with those in your community who make decisions about public lands and parks. Print paper copies to give to others. Get the word out. This issue has been glossed over and ignored by the EPA. Talk about it. Share the facts.

Sludge Talk

It was twenty years ago when Machaelle first sounded the alarm to our Perelandra customers about "biosolids." After extensive research, she put the pieces together for all of us in a detailed article. It's still available here if you'd like to learn more about why this matters so much. A recording of Machaelle's original presentation is available as well. The download is free here. (Or you can purchase a CD for $5.) All of what she said is bearing out in the research being done now.


When You Want to Do More for the Environment

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We're going to quote Hannah Gadsby's grandmother now:

It's not the garden. It's the gardening that counts.

Here are links to numerous opportunities for you to expand your understanding of nature and the world around you, partner with nature to address the balance of your environment and perhaps partner with nature to advocate for our shared environment (aka planet Earth).