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March 3, 2021

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We're here because of you — all of you around the world who are applying these materials, working with nature, taking your drops, including Perelandra in your life.

Thank you.

A Useful Reminder and Ongoing Offer

We know you don't need us to remind you it's a stressful time. But it is. And it's normal to need reminders to do certain things. Like take your ETS every day, for instance!

Acknowledge and address the stress brought on by localized disasters, national events and global cluster... events. Take ETS during stressful times.

dinosaur cookin

ETS for Humans isn't just for emergencies and sudden "unplanned" events. It's also beneficial when you're bracing for whatever the next unexpected event might be, or when you just have too many pots cookin'. ETS will help you regain your balance and keep your wits about you while figuring out how to move forward.

Also, don't dismiss the strain of this year of major changes and this kind of worry on your health.

We strongly recommend that you take one dose (10-12 drops) of ETS for Humans twice a day, every day, even if you think all is well.

If you find yourself overwhelmed or freaked-out, or if something strikes you personally, take one dose of ETS 3–5 times a day.

ETS Humans 2oz 8oz

Free ETS for Humans

During this remarkably challenging point in human and environmental history, we have implemented the "shitty times" policy:

  • For every 8-oz. refill bottle of ETS for Humans you buy, you will get a free 2-oz. bottle.

  • For every 2-oz. bottle of ETS for Humans you buy, we'll send a free 1/2-oz. bottle with it.

We want to help those who wish to support themselves and/or their families with daily doses of ETS. This policy will be in place until further notice, or as long as we can sustain the offer. When we collectively start building momentum out of this mess, we'll evaluate and adjust the offer accordingly.

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