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July 13, 2019

Ongoing Free ETS for Humans Offer

The “$&!##%” times policy. Funny name. Serious reasons.


After listening to this week's "news round up" — evacuations and anticipated flooding in Louisiana, the threat and planning of targeted raids on immigrant families, litigation that may impact whether millions of people can continue to afford health care coverage, the aftershocks and repair efforts in Southern California, the massive recovery efforts on farms in the midwest after flooding this spring (and that's just U.S.news!) — we felt compelled to remind all of you:

Take one dose of ETS for Humans every day.

If something strikes you personally, take 3–5 doses daily.

ETS for Humans

And when you need more, take advantage of our ongoing offers:

  • Buy an ETS for Humans 2-oz. bottle, get a free 1/2-oz bottle.

  • Buy an ETS for Humans 8-oz. refill, get a free 2-oz. dropper bottle.

To help keep our sense of humor, and take the edge off the strain of enumerating the reasons why we should all be taking ETS daily, we call this the "$&!##%" times policy.

About the New Policy

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Learn more about ETS for Humans (and ETS for Animals), and apply these guidelines to help you prepare for and get through challenging times:

Use ETS to support you, your family and animals during severe weather and disasters.

Have your ETS Disaster Bag ready to go.

Ways ETS can support you, your animals and plants in the sun and heat.