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Update: July 5, 2020

Ongoing Free ETS for Humans Offer

The “$&!##%” times policy. Funny name. Serious reasons.

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We continue to recommend that everyone take ETS for Humans twice daily, or more often as needed. It will help you to continue thinking clearly and moving forward, through days when just taking the next step can be difficult.

As you pay attention to what's happening in the world around you, if something strikes you personally: Take ETS more often, 3-5 times daily.

ETS for Humans

If you wake up tomorrow morning and realize you're almost out of ETS for Humans, remember you can take advantage of our ongoing offers:

        • Buy an ETS for Humans 2-oz. bottle, get a free 1/2-oz bottle.

        • Buy an ETS for Humans 8-oz. refill, get a free 2-oz. dropper bottle.

To help keep our sense of humor, and take the edge off the strain of enumerating the reasons why we should all be taking ETS daily, we call this the "$&!##%" times policy.

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Taking ETS doesn't make the crisis go away. It provides balancing support to your system as you address the crisis and resulting stress.

Learn more about ETS and apply these guidelines to prepare for and get through challenging times:

Ways ETS can support you, your animals and plants in the sun and heat.

Use ETS to support you, your family and animals during severe weather and disasters.

Have your ETS Disaster Bag ready to go.

The Crisis ETS Service enables us to provide ETS for Humans to anyone who needs it but may not be able to afford it right now. If you're in an environmental, health, family or economic crisis and feel stuck at the idea of putting out money for ETS, just ask us for a bottle of Crisis ETS to help you through the tight spot.